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Proposed One Fiji Party anticipates registration

Proposed One Fiji Party anticipates registration

17:29 Thu Jul 24, 2014Taken from/By: FBC News – fileReport by: Rita Narayan

The proposed One Fiji Party is awaiting the official registration of the party by the Supervisor of Elections. Proposed Chairman and party leader, Filimoni Vosarogo said they are looking forward to introducing themselves and what the proposed party stands for. Vosarogo said Section 23 of the proposed party’s Constitution has been attracting attention from the public. This relates to party leadership and it states’ the democratically elected Leader of One Fiji Party shall be determined according to the party candidate who receives the highest number of votes compared to the other party candidates after the 17th September 2014 general election.’Vosarogo explained this section was birthed out of their desire to fully respect the true meaning of democracy by taking heed of the leadership choice of the majority voters. He added it also takes care of the very real possibility where announced party leaders can end up having less number of voters as compared to one or more members of their own party. Vosarogo said the proposed party’s Constitution creates an incentive and a fair platform for other aspiring candidates of the party who wish to take up the leadership role to work hard for it and earn it by appealing to the most number of voters as possible in the upcoming election. The Suva lawyer said the proposed party’s Board and founding members chose him after he qualified as the cohort leader who collected the most number of signatures to support the registration process that required at least 5000 signatures.

– See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/21632/proposed-one-fiji-party-anticipates-registration-#sthash.6TNbn04n.dpuf


One thought on “Proposed One Fiji Party anticipates registration

  1. The architect and brain in the monstrous evil reeked criminality rooted political cult party the Fiji First Party is very ill right now. This is the physical and mental damage sustained by storms received from lies, suppression of citizens and especially stripping of Taukei land rights and Christian faith.


    We can confirm that FijiFirst general secretary Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum is still in the intensive care unit at the top-class Suva Private Hospital. As revealed by Fijileaks, Khaiyum was taken ill in the western division. He was kept at the Golden Point Resort for two days. The resort’s owner is a supporter and financier of FijiFirst party. A tourist at the resort said Khaiyum was “shivering like a Fijian banana leaf from high fever”. Dr Mon Maung Moon from Tavua Hospital attended to Khaiyum and after two days at the resort he was transferred to the Suva Private Hospital. Sources inside FijiFirst said they were all kept in the dark and no communication is allowed with Khaiyum. The party sources say they are very nervous about his health and the ‘health’ of the party which Khaiyum had secretly registered as far as 2009 in preparation for the
    Read more:

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