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Ex Coup 4.5

PictureGolden Point Resort in Ra where Khaiyum was kept for two nights


We can confirm that FijiFirst general secretary Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum is still in the intensive care unit at the top-class Suva Private Hospital. As revealed by Fijileaks, Khaiyum was taken ill in the western division. He was kept at the Golden Point Resort for two days. The resort’s owner is a supporter and financier of FijiFirst party. A tourist at the resort said Khaiyum was “shivering like a Fijian banana leaf from high fever”. Dr Mon Maung Moon from Tavua Hospital attended to Khaiyum and after two days at the resort he was transferred to the Suva Private Hospital. Sources inside FijiFirst said they were all kept in the dark and no communication is allowed with Khaiyum. The party sources say they are very nervous about his health and the ‘health’ of the party which Khaiyum had secretly registered as far as 2009 in preparation for the forthcoming September election.

BAG OF SURPRISES? FijiFirst Party President Dr Jiko Luveni has stated that she has encouraged several women to join the party and people will be surprised when they announce their candidates.
Luveni said women should not be intimidated if they want to run for parliament. She said the country has a constitution that encourages equality and a no discrimination policy.The FijiFirst Party is expected to announce 19 proposed candidates tomorrow: SourceFijivillage, 24/7/2014

Fijileaks Editor: While Aiyaz Khaiyum is being treated at the Suva Private Hospital, billed as Fiji’s finest private medical facility, his fellow-citizens are languishing in regime hospitals with not enough medicines, and told to even bring their own bed sheets and cutlery. We wish Khaiyum a speedy recovery, for his fate and that of his party must be decided at the September polls. The voters can’t wait to give him a dose of his own medicine at the polls.

Meanwhile, neither the regime’s propaganda rag sheet Fiji Sun nor its western correspondent Jyoti Pratibha nor the paper’s ‘Coconut Wireless’ reported that Khaiyum had fallen ill during FijiFirst’s campaign in the western division. Typically, it ‘fed’ the readers with regime propaganda while Pratibha and other Sun free chows were seen ‘feeding’ themselves with food supplied by FijiFirst party.


11 thoughts on “Ex Coup 4.5

  1. Why is he not in the CWM Hospital since he had bragged so much about the improvement of Health Services during his reign?

  2. Big deal AG got sick and was down with fever. Victor never gets sick. Even I have been shivering as it has been really cold last few days.

    Victor’s sources has not always been correct. Victor once reported a head of one institution remmitted $800k before devalution. This was not true.

    Anyway, victor, coup 4.5 and others will all one day also go to the creater just like AG. However, unlike AG and the rest of us, victor will not get sick or has never been sick.

    And by the way, can victor do a check on qarase who told a rally he never borrowed US$150 million. A simple check on google will show that the great Qarase lied 150 million times.

  3. Exposing Corruption inside Fiji Government 25Jul2014

    Varinava Tiko
    Published on Jul 24, 2014
    Varinava Tiko (M.D. Access United (Fiji) Ltd) exposing Fiji Government, Ministry of Labour corruption 2011 – 2014. Access Fiji is a locally owned company that began operations in August 2011 and have already remitted FJD12M into the Fiji economy to date. Despite government reassurance at top level, officers of the Ministry of Labour allegedly deceive P.S. to victimise Mr. Tiko – a personal touch.

  4. Salen

    Its not about Aiyaz has the right to get sick or Victor doesnt get sick at all

    What is the issue in the story is that it is wrong to hide from the name and the media that Fiji’s most powerful man – Dada Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum was in hospital -for whatever reason

    Why was the regime so scared of issuing a press release – was it fearing that someone would go into the hospital and turn off Khaiyum’s drip?

    Sto defending the indefensible and we must get real!

  5. Doctor Babu

    Did the Government make a statement he is not sick. Did past governments made headlines because the minister had fever. People are just paranoid with AG. If you see him, you make noise and if you don’t see him, you make noise. Goodness, aren’t you happy that he is not on the front page for a few days.

    Victor lal to me is a “sick man”.

  6. The Ministry of Labor workers who deceived their PS are sodelpa supporters. It was all a planned job by sodelpa. Fijians liumuri fijians. That’s what we do best.

  7. Salend, the day Victor Lal meets his maker we will mourn for him; for the last thirty years or so he has held a mirror for us to see our own evil corrupt ways, whether it was SVT, short-lived FLP, SDL and for the last eight years he has kept us awake about the present regime.

    The whereabouts and the health of Khaiyum must be of importance – for the BIG DADA Idi Amin of Fiji has to answer for various crimes.

    What have you done for Fiji, Salend – is it your real name – be man enough or woman enough (who knows you are one) to tell us.

    Keep it coming, Victor!

    God bless you and our Fiji!

    I am an FFP supporter, and even some of the candidates told us he is in hospital but they were told not to discuss it – why NOT!

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