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“The RFMF is there to defend the Constitution and its role is provided for in the Constitution.”

Cokanasiga to politicians: Leave RFMF out

maika bolatiki
The Minister for Defence, Joketani Cokanasiga, said the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) should not be used by politicians and political parties during their campaign.
Mr Cokanasiga said the RFMF had a role to play and politicians should talk of other things that would benefit the nation.
“Leave the RFMF alone,” he said.
Mr Cokanasiga said: “The RFMF is there to defend the Constitution and its role is provided for in the Constitution.”
Section 131 (2) of the Constitution says – “It shall be the overall responsibility of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces to ensure at all times the security, defence and well-being of Fiji and all Fijians.”
According to the Minister, that is the role of the RFMF.
In an earlier interview with the RFMF Commander, Brigadier-General Mosese Tikoitoga, he said whatever the result of the elections, their role will be to support the government of the day and whatever government the people chose.
The Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) leader, Ro Teimumnu Kepa, during the launch of the party manifesto said this to the RFMF:
“We are all of this country. You are our brothers and sisters, our relatives; our family. It is time to bring the family together. There is much to be proud of in your record of helping to keep peace in the world. But here in Fiji we need peace too; peace in its fullness. There must be reconciliation between the army and the people. You are here to serve them through their elected representatives in Parliament. That is where the national sovereignty lies.”
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6 thoughts on ““The RFMF is there to defend the Constitution and its role is provided for in the Constitution.”

  1. Thats not the case anymore.because now it has been engraved in the constitution and it will be law if they come in now for that matter

  2. The role of the Fiji Military, no matter what role it has, must be based on its being subservient to the Government of the day…not the other way around where it pursues its role outside of the Govt from which it takes orders from.

    We have suffered horribly in all spheres on national life due to Military coups and if we can either abolish the cause of this cancer…coups, we would have gone a long way to have the Military under the peoples’ control through their elected democratic Govt,

    If it means abolishing the Military, so must be it,,,we will, all of us will benefit in the long run

    Cokanasiga I suppose is justifying and supporting his Military as he is responsible for its daily welfare,,,but the military right now is the biggest threat to our livelihood, welfare interests and future. They have suppressed, tortured, murdered and spent our public coffer willy nilly….we now have record public debt levels

    We are fed up with the Military right now as they are responsible for all the evils we are facing over the last 8 years. So naturally Mr Cokanasiga it is only proper and right that aspiring politicians must bring in the Military in public debate as a priority issue in the political discourse now ,,,what is the place of the Military now and in the future Fiji and from now till the illegal Govt is booted out with its coterie of illegal politicians and hangers on

  3. This minister is passed his user time and is trying to cling on to his current post with this type of stupid comment. The military was the final guarantor of law and order in the country as defined in previous constitutions but it failed because of corrupted leadership. The problem is its leadership. Full stop.

  4. This Cokanasiga thinks that Fiji people are lunatics like him! Reality is that RFMF has been the vehicle of Fiji’s problem from the start of coups in the country. Comments like his are irrelevant to Fiji’s future as people have already made up their minds that the RFMF as an institution will have to be reviewed once and for all if the future of the country is to be stable. It doesnt take rocket science to work out what issues many people find problematic with the RFMF. From its poor leadership to abuse of tax payers fund, to abuse of people rights, to abuse of democracy and forever fault of committing treason, the RFMF cannot just revert to normal role after yet again another coup and running the country to the sewer! It has to be sorted out once and for all for the sake of Fiji’s progress and stability. The fact it has assumed the role of gaurdian of Fiji’s democracy in Bainimarama’s constitution just proves the extent to which the RFMF has deteriorated. All right thinking nations that understand the importance of serving the interest of citizens first, will never give such powers to the very institution that continually commits treason! Democracy is best in the custody of people so that it serves the interest of people first and foremost. Fiji has gone the opposite way, giving democracy to the custodian of goons who time and again have brandished guns at elected governments and taken power illegally. With this same crime repeated over and over again, costing misery to people, death to citizens and loss to government finance and development, how then can this nuthead believe that RFMF should be left aside and not be dealt with. The arrogance of suggesting such thing speaks volume of Cokanasiga’s brain state where he still believes that the military has a special place in Fiji’s future. He should wisen up to learn quickly that the mood of citizens about the military has grossly changed over the years and he might be still living in his past. The tide has swung and people are now more informed and capable of judging what a militaryestablishment in a small island state like Fiji is simply about and whether its justifiable having one at government expense, let alone its non engagment in active combat nor protect the very citizens it often abuses! The Fiji military can no longer be left aside. People have the right to demand its reformation, downsizing or even its complete abolishment. This must be sorted out if Fiji is to have a stable future.

  5. Why didn’t Joke Andacocksucka defend the last constitution. I guess some constitutions are more equal than others.

    The sad thing is that if FF win the election the current decrees including the constitution will stand. So will government appointments and members of the incompetent and corrupt judiciary.

    Once a military leader with integrity stands up, who is willing to put things right, only then can Fiji move on to the path of democracy.

    What time is it? It is almost coup o’çlock.

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