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Don’t vote for any other Party

Old politicians promoted racial disunity: PM Bainimarama


SUVA, Fiji —The FijiFirst Party came out strong Tuesday on the issue of race politics.

In a rally organised in Rakiraki , Party Leader Rear Admiral (retired) Voreqe Bainimarama argued that past politicians have often promoted racial disunity.

“Don’t vote for any other Party that will remove this constitution or will amend it especially those parties that don’t have an agenda like SODELPA. I am talking about PDP and Labour and NFP, they really don’t have any reason why we should bring back the GCC, unless of course they are sucking up to the SODELPA people,”

Bainimarama told the masses, that making Fiji a Christian state and the return of the Great Council of Chiefs, which has been a leading campaign message of rival political Parties will only promote racial disharmony for Fiji in the future.

He said the 2013 Constitution protects the rights of all Fijian citizens .

“When i came into power, I said that 2006 will be the end of all this racial disunity because I was looking forward to this , the constitution, that will bring about equal citizenry. A few people will not like it lets force it down their throat to like equal citizenry, Bainimarama argued.”

“Lets not be faint hearted and stand strong .Lets tell those who are promoting racial disunity to move aside if they will not tolerate racial harmony. It all boils down to Love and that is what our constitution is promoting.”

Bainimarama argued that Parties like SODELPA had a chance to lead Fiji into a united nation following the events of 2000 but failed to do so when they got into power in 2001.

“We all know what happened then when they were in power, they became divisive in their policies with regards to race.”

“ They started to churn the racist mill among the I-taukei community up until i started to speak up against it. I had been speaking to them about it then. I told them to take away those policies. The 2000 upheaval was still fresh in the minds of many. My soldiers died, their deaths are not in vain , their deaths were not to promote racial disunity in Fiji.”


12 thoughts on “Don’t vote for any other Party

  1. Well the GCC was a breeding ground for dipsomaniac’s, illiterates, ineptness,philanderer’s and sodomiser’s.

    Not forgetting the blatant and common thievery of grass roots people allotments.

    Frank should go step further and vacate all title bearing men and women, for these people are a scourge on society.

  2. Sobo sa sega tale ni dua na ka vou e tukuna rawa mai o Bai kei Kai??? Sa vakaloloma dina!

  3. Bai your soldiers died because of your bad and poor leadership. Also you are a real racist trying to use the racist card to win the hearts of the Indian community. Remember what you stated in the Fiji Times in 2000 when the then PM Chaudary was trying to investigate the FMF Regiment Fund. You stated, ” what the hell they think this (FMF) is a soccer field where they can come in at any time,” This is a racist remark as Indians are normally associated with soccer in the country. Bai you are a real pretender when trying to win the minds and hearts of the people.

  4. Look at democracy sites , looks at this site , look at sodelpa site , anything to do with land , it’s all racial , look at the request from sodelpa spokeswomen not condone racial .. But you think Dicks like from this blog ever give up …there is only one race the human race ..if you are not thinking like a human being …you are still the monkey that you suppose to have been ..you call your self people of god …shame on all of you , your mouth stinks but you tell other people they stink …what a bunch of shit brain…you will never progress , see the other races ..progressing because they are smart work hard save money ..sini kerekere everyday.. So shallow this miller ..nothing upstairs . Kai loma Kai viti rowing Same boat ..one digging holes one sitting on the fence like vultures waiting for the right time.

  5. @ True Fijian

    Calm down! You appear very hurt when truths about Bainimarama is shared on this blogsite. It is always natural of a coward to blast out when truthful things are revealed. We are merely talking about Bainimarama’s behaviour here whcih to most is vey deceptive and dishonest. If he simply said that voters should not vote for any other party that might change his consitution because the consitution is really what his immunity rests on, than people might believe him because he at least is telling the truth. But to say that the consitution should not be changed and use the racial division as an excuse is outright fraud! The people of Fiji are better informed and much more wiser than what you and Bainimarama’s lot thinks. They’ve had enough of your antics and will not tolerate any more garbage like this!

  6. Vinaka Kainoqu and friends. Well said. Voreqe and his close confidants must be very anxious and absolutely under pressure, now that the public spotlight is being focussed on him and his naked band. In the darkness of media ban and news blackouts, thieves, murderers and criminals have little to worry about. They say, NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW.

    Now that the light of truth is finally shining on them, they are realising and sayIng to themselves, MORE PEOPLE WILL KNOW WHAT WE DID. What really eats at their hearts is the question: WHAT WILL THE PEOPLE DO TO US?

    If only they had been wise enough to know that ” whatever is hidden shall be exposed from the rooftops” And they should have also learnt what most of us already believe: WHATEVER A MAN SOWS, THAT HE SHALL ALSO REAP.

    So an advice to people like True Fijian and the false Rt Sai, stop your vain attempts to lie and distort the truth and cover up the wrongs of Voreqe and his illegal regime. The truth is such that it eventually comes out, no matter what people do to hide it forever. But you can do us and our nation a favour. Please direct your attention to Voreqe /Aiyaz/Shameem/Gates, and persuade them to admit their wrongs and beg the people for their forgiveness. That is the most positive contribution you can make to these discussions and to our national dilemma.

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