Land in Mind of Voters


Opposition parties appear to have the upper hand in the debate on land according to the latest Razor Research/Fiji Sun weekly poll.
In the 21st weekly poll, people were asked: Are opposition parties telling the truth about land?
Fifty-one per cent said yes, 16 per cent said no and 33 per cent were not sure. The poll shows that land is still one of the issues for the September 17 general election.
In the popularity stakes, Prime Minister and FijiFirst leader Rear Admiral (Retired) Voreqe Bainimarama and his party have hit the 80s as they cap off another good week of campaign. Mr Bainimarama has jumped from 79 per cent the previous week to 84 as Preferred Prime Minister. FijiFirst gained two per cent to sit on 80.
There is little movement with the other parties in the “pack of four”. SODELPA and its leader Ro Teimumu Kepa are running neck and neck with the National Federation Party and its leader Dr Biman Prasad on six per cent.
Fiji Labour Party and its leader Mahendra Chaudhry are tied with People’s Democratic Party and its leader Felix Anthony on one per cent.



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  1. I really cant figure how sodelpa is talking about land when in fact during their term as Govt there were a lot of land moving out of the hands of the fijian people.Taveuni is left with 25% native land while 75% is Freehold

  2. The role of the Fiji Military, no matter what role it has, must be based on its being subservient to the Government of the day…not the other way around where it pursues its role outside of the Govt from which it takes orders from.

    We have suffered horribly in all spheres on national life due to Military coups and if we can either abolish the cause of this cancer…coups, we would have gone a long way to have the Military under the peoples’ control through their elected democratic Govt,

    If it means abolishing the Military, so must be it,,,we will, all of us will benefit in the long run

    Cokanasiga I suppose is justifying and supporting his Military as he is responsible for its daily welfare,,,but the military right now is the biggest threat to our livelihood, welfare interests and future. They have suppressed, tortured, murdered and spent our public coffer willy nilly….we now have record public debt levels

    We are fed up with the Military right now as they are responsible for all the evils we are facing over the last 8 years. So naturally Mr Cokanasiga it is only proper and right that aspiring politicians must bring in the Military in public debate as a priority issue in the political discourse now ,,,what is the place of the Military now and in the future Fiji and from now till the illegal Govt is booted out with its coterie of illegal politicians and hangers on

  3. The dug fly from the NZ farm with the Fiji First hair do should concentrate on his goats.

  4. Nemani Delaibatiki, caita ga nomudou survey qori. Can you prove to us the 80% popularity polls and how it was arrived at? Dou veivutusona ga o iko Leone kei Maika. Me qai maliwai kemudou tale ga o Peter Lomas mo qai veivutusona sara vakukauwa. Oti dou lako sara dou lai soli cici sara vei Aiyaz.

  5. Rabuka
    Luveni ulukau cava mada na lasu……sa da oca mai ,,,,,,,,,,Taveuni estates were confirmed by Land Claims Commission to be freehold in late 1800s…..Luveni Boci

  6. See how fools speculate and lie or make up stories with fucken facts Taveuni is not freehold sona Levu , only certain parts like sogulu , catholic mission , mtc and where carpenters owned properties stop rucken creating bullshit stories ..kaiviti sa ulucakau me enia .bullshit now you can point a finger at the Catholic Church for stealing your land too ??? Fuck your land ..useless export Mada na paragrass to Hamas ..look at your own house before you look outside ..Sivia lasa tuba

  7. True fijian some parts of Taveuni were diverted to freehold by sdl and the chiefs in 1998 check that out and come back to me please

  8. Under LQ, the debt of the fiji Government rose by $1.5b.

    Under FB, debt only rose by $0.9b.

    Under LQ, they spent $1.4b in capital works.

    Under FB, they spent $2.8b in capital works.

    If FB spent the same amount as LQ, debt would have fallen by $500 million.

    Pls ask Ratu jone Kubuabola a man who will not lie. He will say that FB did better on the debt front than LQ.

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