FiJILEAKS has been passed the following: “AG became very sick while on campaign trip which included Ba, Tavua and Ra. He was not present at Ra meeting on Tuesday. After Ba and Tavua meet, he became very sick and stayed back for two days at a Rakiraki resort. On Tuesday afternoon he was transported to Suva and around 11 pm admitted to Suva Private Hospital. Still admitted at Suva Private intensive care unit. Only close family members allowed.”

4 thoughts on “

  1. EyeArase is collapsing PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY under the heavy weight of the public niggling and chipping away at his manipulative decrees, mis management of portfolios illegally bestowed by Bhai on him and, dishonesty in his statements and actions which we see through as highly suppressive of Taukei rights on our native land.

    God is looking at EyeArse and his evil ways and he will surely protect his followers no matter how much other people cynically comment on peoples’ faith in a God. EyeArse is responsible of Antl- Christian decrees against worship od mighty God in schools and his God-neutral prayers he demands on schools….what a farce..we the people who were not consulted want these devrees abolished when our choice become Govt.

    I also believe in our Taukei mana..which will eat EyeArse’s heart out. His sickness he kissed while on a political job campaigning will undoubtedly be billed to public national coffer to pay..at our expenses…his FFP and himself only should shoulder the bills…..his condition sounds serious,,,,,i do not wish him evel but he should mend his ways and anti-Taukei stance quickly and soonest.


  2. Kaiyum should have been careful in Ra Province because that is where Lutunasobasoba and the Kalou Ni Draki resides………
    He shouldn’t have drank yaqona freely cause those mixing and saying vinaka vinaka also can put the Kalou Ni Draki in your bowl…
    Too Late Kaiyum …Moce Mada
    Next – Frank

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