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The reason for the coup…… Frank was facing prosecution for his crimes.


Qarase was plotting to remove Ratu Josefa Iloilo and investigate me – Bainimarama

Tuesday, 22/07/2014

Former Prime Minister and FijiFirst leader Voreqe Bainimarama

FijiFirst leader Voreqe Bainimarama said he took over the Laisenia Qarase led government in 2006 because of the racial differences being promoted by the government.

Speaking to about 800 people at the Ra Provincial ground earlier today, Bainimarama recalled the day he appointed the caretaker government in 2000 which later won the election in 2001 led by Qarase.

Bainimarama said he thought that the former SDL led government would move away from creating racial differences which led to the events of 2000 but that did not happen.

He added that he did advise the former SDL government to take away the racial differences and he told them that his soldiers sacrificed their lives during the events of 2000 in trying to take away racial divide.

Bainimarama said after his advice to the government, Qarase decided to conduct an investigation on Bainimarama for speaking against the government.

They were then called in by the late former President Tui Vuda, Ratu Josefa Iloilo for a meeting.

Bainimarama said in that meeting he then revealed to the late former President that Qarase was plotting to remove Ratu Josefa Iloilo just after two weeks of becoming the President of Fiji.

Bainimarama then stressed that for the country to move forward Fiji must move away from racial discrimination that has prevented the growth of our country.

When contacted by Fijivillage on this issue, Qarase refused to comment.

Story by Aliki Bia



9 thoughts on “The reason for the coup…… Frank was facing prosecution for his crimes.

  1. Sa rauta na lasu bai,era sa kidavi iko na lewei Viti,about time face the music,if you are a real man.

  2. If these two were the ONLY TWO standing for elections which is free and fair, I would vote for the lesser evil as abstaining might ensure the bigger evil remains.

  3. Qarase con man simple , he can’t even look in the eye and talk straight ..qaralevu

  4. True Fijian
    Ulukau – sa da oca mai na rogoca na 2000, 2006 etc etc……..sivia na con ni F First vesu mona taki na lewenivanua ena loli…………….vakaloloma

  5. Why does Fiji Village contact Qarase for a comment and not question Bainimarama on his comments? He says his soldiers sacrificed their lives in trying to take away the racial divide, didn’t they die during a mutiny which was an internal struggle? How was it the prerogative of the Prime Minister to sack the President? Was it with this lie that Bainimarama pressured Ratu Iloilo to abrogate the constitution? These are the questions that should be asked by Fiji Village, the story without a balanced approach is further proof of the erosion of media freedom under self-censorship.

  6. People have to be pressured to keep their loud mouth shut , why can you see the old politicians made people of this country suffer , stole from the taxpayers for their own benefit. How Qarase created the scams for vote buying , why blame bai , only the military could control the threats by people wanting something the riches of the government paid by taxpayers of this country ..Ulukau na sona …Ulukau na uneducated educated …Look at the whole picture , the only true politician was Bavandra , unfortunately he wasn’t given the chance to run , because of the greed of na vanua . Greed for free stuff from the government. Look at all the assistance given by the government to the vanua … Where is the success story.. No free lunch ..sonalevu. Job Mada Buno Mada Qai vosa donu. Tubu Mada , Sa rauta Mada na kerekere va vanua. Ulucakau

  7. You want sensible reading , understand finance first , every govern including current is blowing their trumpets , true financial and economics go read pro w narsey blog , truth hurts when sense makes sense , questions should be asked , not bloody from doce people who think they know everything. Read and understand true story before opening loud mouths and empty drums

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