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FijiFirst (supporters) vehicles vandalised

FijiFirst vehicles vandalised

13:05 Mon Jul 21, 2014Taken from/By: FBC NewsReport by: Shanal Sivan

Vehicles belonging to supporters of FijiFirst have been vandalized. Supporters who carry the FijiFirst banner or logo on their vehicle have been targets of stone-throwing culprits. FBC NEWS spoke to one of the victims who wished to remain anonymous.“I took a passenger to Vuci Nausori and after dropping the passenger – when I was returning to Suva – a group of i-taukei boys approached my vehicle and damaged the back screen – because I have the FijiFirst party logo there. I did not stop the vehicle because I was alone and it was night time.”FijiFirst General Secretary Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says people should not be intimidated and report such matters to the authorities.“A couple of people have told us that they were threatened, couple of cars had stones thrown at – obviously this is the kind of thuggery that the other political parties and their supporters engage in.”Assistant Police Commissioner Operations, Rusiate Tudravu says it can’t take any action because there hasn’t been any complaint lodged.“Yeah, there should be an official complaint lodged at our various Police Stations or written to us through any correspondence in regards to such incidents that have happened or in the presence of any police officer – any breach of the law that is done he can defiantly take actions.”The Party also alleges, it’s members have been physically intimidated and threatened. –

See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/21534/fijifirst-vehicles-vandalised#sthash.jClfAlwo.dpuf


13 thoughts on “FijiFirst (supporters) vehicles vandalised

  1. As disparaging as the act may be, I can’t help note that such activities used to be carried out by Papa Pig’s security forces on ordinary citizens. The hallmark of his dictatorial rule.

  2. We appeal to all supporters of political parties to make this election period a time to show that we really do need fair and clean campaigns and exchanges of views and the pros and cons of each party’s manifesto and elections.
    We do not need to be deprived of the freedom to choose our leaders for a few more years after having been without an elected government for the past eight years.

  3. Sai Babakau..

    Gee the lies you spew must leave you with a dry throat.

    Come this way for some much need quenching.

  4. Very strange.

    According to the Sun, FijiFraud has the overwhelming support of 99.9% of the voters?!? These guys must be the missing 0.1%?

    Not good. Funny though that this is the exact thuggish behavior the regime has been doing for the entire time they have been ruling the nation. Maleka.

  5. Radio Kuka.

    Frank and his party have an overwhelming support of 98.6% of the people as I have said all those months ago.

    Where does your support lay?

    Frank is your Man of Year dont forget that.

  6. Our great leader will have to respond to these provocations. Thugs from the racist and corrupt opposition have damaged Fiji First property. This is a good opportunity to prosecute these parties and exclude them fem participating in the election.

  7. @ Lamusona

    “This is a good opportunity to prosecute these parties and exclude them fem participating in the election.”

    So does that mean that the Rear Admirer will have to ban the 99.9% from voting?

  8. I pass a taxis ride when I see the advert on the taxis. I certainly do not want to be associated with Regime Criminals

  9. Every person in fiji has the right to choose , who the fuck are these thugs who damage properties , typical native cowards thuggery . And you say the regime doing the same. Look at your self first before pointing a finger , there are 3 pointing at you. This is what fiji is trying to get away from ..thugs , this thugs have to be treated like thugs ..aye

  10. From racist comments at sodelpa rallies, to Facebook posts to vandalism, it can be only the supporters of one party. Those that supported the 87 and 2000 coup.

    Makes me wonder why we still call ourselves christains?

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