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Bainimarama admits he has no backbone…… I was pressured to lie… and he caved in and lied.

I was pressured to announce elections in 2009 – Bainimarama1

3:08 Mon Jul 21, 2014Taken from/By: FBC NewsReport by: Edwin Nand

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has revealed he was pressured to announce an election date for March 2009 by the Prime Ministers of Papua New Guinea and Tonga. Speaking on FBC talk-back show – 4 The Record – Bainimarama confirmed it was never his intention to hold elections until Fiji was ready.“When I said we were going to have elections in 2009, I said ‘If we’re ready by then’. That was the pressure put on me by the Tongan Prime minister and the Papua New Guinea Prime Minister then – to make a comment and say we will have elections in 2009.

I told them I can’t make that promise because we are not ready, and they said ‘just make it’ – (the announcement).

”Bainimarama says he is confident Fiji is ready for elections now because the 2013 Constitution is in place and the new electoral system ensures equality and fairness. In early 2007, a few months after the military Clean Up Campaign began, Bainimarama’s administration was facing international pressure, sanctions and isolation from many neighbouring countries. It was in the middle of all this, when the March 2009 date was announced.

– See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/21535/i-was-pressured-to-announce-elections-in-2009-–-bainimarama#sthash.Pr88KI43.dpuf


6 thoughts on “Bainimarama admits he has no backbone…… I was pressured to lie… and he caved in and lied.

  1. Who’s going to believe him now? Why didn’t he give this excuse (which I think is lame) way back in 2009. This is a show of his weakness when he is backed into a corner.

  2. yes he is turning against the very two people who saved him from his very own unforced commitment to the 2009 elections. the man is a compulsive liar and true to form the biggest liumuri ever.

    let the truth be known that bainimarama asked these two gentlemen to save him from his earlier commitment to the other pacific island leaders that fiji would go to elections in 2009. but before the matter was taken back to the forum leaders for more discussion, the dictator went to the press and squealed foul play. what a liar.

  3. Yes for the record Papa Frank was indeed pressured into announcing that failed date in 2009.

    Pressured by various governments.

    You detractors must believe him for he was telling the truth back than and again now.

    So do your selves a great deed and vote Fiji First.

    The only party with credibility and very high integrity unlike the others.

  4. “The constitution is now in place that povides for my immunity. Fiji is now more unequal and I have divided the races. Many indigenous Fijians and indo Fijians feel marginalised now because of what I have done but that is their problem, not mine because I did not takeover government for them but for me and my friends. We have achieved what we wanted, that is to have the power and wealth for us and our families. We are now ready for election because we made sure that the election iself including the rules and those enforcing it work to no other outcome but the goal of putting us back to power.”

    This is what Bainimarama means by what he said!

  5. @ Rt Sai, (as in the ONLY Rt Sai we know around here), its ‘conscience’, not ‘conscious’. Fool.

    @ kainoqu, careful now that you don’t wade too deep into his sick mind lest you become him.

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