SODELPA says does not condone racial talk on FB

farisha ahmed

SODELPA does not condone derogatory racial comments on social media, its media manager Sainiana Radrodro says.
Mrs Radrodro was commenting on exchanges on the SODELPA (Social Democratic Liberal Party) Facebook page involving SODELPA supporters and those of other parties.
She said what was posted on social media sites by their supporters was beyond their control.
Mrs Radrodro said, “our officials do not condone racial derogatory comments.
“Facebook … people go there to express their frustration, so we cannot control what they say.”
She said the comments might have been made by SODELPA supporters, but in general, no one could control what was on Facebook because it was a free site and did not get edited as in mainstream media.
“We respect what other races have contributed,” Mrs Radrodro said.
“We all have equal rights and they have a right to call Fiji their home.”
She said people were still frightened to speak out in the media so they went to Facebook and other social media sites to take out their frustration.
She said it was something no one could control since everyone had a freedom to speak and “we have to accept it”.
“We are trying to bring a common understanding between our supporters to respect other races and see how much they have contributed and as well as suffered because of all the coups.”
“All we are asking is respect and recognition for indigenous people for what belongs to us, but we would not ask for what is not ours.”
She said it was unfortunate that such remarks were being made.
“But we have to see that Fiji is big enough for everyone and we wish to make this understandable to our supporters to respect everyone,” Mrs Radrodro said.


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