Fiji’s Sodelpa would revive Qoliqoli Bill

Updated 4 minutes ago

Fiji’s Sodelpa Party plans to revive a controversial indigenous rights bill if it gets into power after the September election.

The Qoliqoli Bill was drafted by Sodelpa’s predecessor, the SDL Party, in 2006 and it sought to restore the ownership of the coastal areas known as the qoliqoli to their traditional owners.

The Bainimarama-led regime’s opposition to the plan led in part to the 2006 coup.

Sodelpa’s leader Ro Teimumu Kepa has dismissed concern that reviving the bill could give rise to another coup.

“I think what we have to do here is to advise people correctly and this will be done mostly through the media and I believe that the 2006 coup took place because the media themselves were not well-informed as to what the Qoliqoli Bill actually meant.”

Ro Teimumu says not returning the coastal areas to their traditional owners was a major shortcoming of Fiji’s independence from Britain in 1970.


2 thoughts on “

  1. There you go …natives can’t even toil the land and you think fishing rights will make things right, fucken native shit brain . Go repair what you have damaged first

  2. @ Fiji Born Who the f@?% are You

    What is wrong with allowing the indigenous community of any nation redress to any resources that is theirs? The world has moved on and recognised the plight of indigenous communities throughout the globe regarding their marginlisation and reduced wellbeing from the exploitation of their land, mineral, forest and sea resources etc. The whole move towards the adoption of the UN Convention of the Rights of Indigenous People had taken years and finally culminated in the acceptance and ratification of that international convention in 2007 by the world’s leading democracies. Fiji I suppose may have also ratified the same convention and the whole rationale of the said qoliqoli bill would be consistent with the spirit and letter of this UN Convention. So what is really bugging you about indigenous Fijians effort to get the rights acknowledged and avoid the exploitation of their sea territories and its resources??

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