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Does this mean the government now seeking election condones violence? It can have no other meaning.


DATE ISSUED: July 20 2014

SDL Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa said today that the decision to halt investigations into the horrific beating and torture of two men last year is a massive blow to the rule of law.

The new Police Commissioner owes the people of Fiji an explanation? Does this mean the government now seeking election condones violence? It can have no other meaning.

In the absence of a satisfactory explanation from the Commissioner, the police force, under its new commissioner, is compromised.

The government and the police had promised the nation there would be a full investigation into this serious crime.

It involved a prolonged attack by members of the security forces on an escaped prisoner and the man who reportedly harbored him. The assault was seen worldwide on You Tube. Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama said he stood by his men who were doing their duty.

And now, 16 months later, without any charges being laid or an explanation the police chief of operations, ACP Rusiate Tudravu, announces (Fiji village 18/07/2014) the investigation has been closed and there will be no further comment. This is not ‘good enough’ we demand an explanation from the Police Commissioner.

Ro Teimumu said a SODELPA government will reopen the investigation and ensure the culprits are brought to justice. We want to know what kind of inquiry was conducted and how many people were interviewed?

As elections draw near the rule of law is an issue in the election campaign and it is a keystone for Fiji’s progress.

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama will have to explain the policy of his Fiji First Party on the application of the law. He must explain this in view of the closing down of investigations into the savagery of the attack on the two men last year without a conclusive outcome and due process fully applied.

Authorized By: SODELPA


2 thoughts on “Does this mean the government now seeking election condones violence? It can have no other meaning.

  1. This is a serious matter that will certainly come home to roost! No word from the dictaor and no word from the illegal AG. Good sign though that SODELPA has promised to open this up if it does come to power. The Bainimarama regime has landed itself in a very awkward place on this and whoever advised them to close investigation on the matter has a very short sight and perspective of this where abuse of human rights in any shape or form is denounced! Fiji has no right to be treated differently and Bainikaiyum will most certainly be made to acount for this later. It just adds to the long list of charges waiting to be served on them.

  2. This is not a question anymore. It is the truth. Vorere condones torture. Vorere’s illegal regime condones violence. The Police under this regime has very little it can do other than bark like a guard dog because a dog is supposed to bark at intruders. It must bark so that its owner is pleased. It must bark in order to remain useful, or it won’t be washed and fed. Get the picture folks? What a shame? What a let down? What a false expectation?

    Many thought much of the appointment and arrival of the Chief smart dog of South Africa. But yes, he has barked. And he continues to bark faithfully. Not at intruders, but at his team members. Of course, that is only what he can do now if it want to please its keeper. We the real owners must remind this Chief Guard Dog (Com Pol ) that if he continues to ACT FUNNY and bark in the wrong direction, then we will send him back to where he came from. But then again, he can be more smart than we realise. He might be suffering some degree of disorientation. he is still trying to get his bearing. Let’s give him another month. When and if a new legal Government comes to power, then he will smarten up and get his sense of orientation and bearing and COURAGE and INTEGRITY.

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