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Ro Teimumu says the commission would also carry out a comprehensive review of the military’s operations and role, and consult its leadership on the terms of reference

SODELPA wants reconciliation between army and people1

8:43 Sat Jul 19, 2014Taken from/By: FBC News Report by: Shanal Sivan

The leader of the Social Democratic Liberal Party, Ro Teimumu Kepa, says it’s time for reconciliation between the army and the people. Ro Teimumu Kepa made the statements while launching the party’s manifesto yesterday. Our first step in the healing is a truth and reconciliation commission headed by an independent international jurist, it will give the people and the army an opportunity to say what went wrong, it will help to find answers, that to this day, still remain very illusive, we need to listen to each other, and decide together how coups can be stopped. Ro Teimumu says the commission would also carry out a comprehensive review of the military’s operations and role, and consult its leadership on the terms of reference.

– See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/21494/sodelpa-wants-reconciliation-between-army-and-people#sthash.Gc2eIXwS.dpuf


26 thoughts on “Ro Teimumu says the commission would also carry out a comprehensive review of the military’s operations and role, and consult its leadership on the terms of reference

  1. Reconciliation is good but first a judicial process must be allowed to take place to find those responsible and be tried in a court of law. Those guilty of crimes against the people of Fiji and treasons must be sentenced accordingly.

    There is no dought that the Military must be brought under firm control under whatever Government is in power. The Fiji Military must be downsized and perhaps tied to the NZ or Austr military to prevent any rogue element ever conducting any more coup.. Better still we should abolish the Fiji Military because it has been the source of greatest upheavals in our modern history. The advantages have far outweighed its disadvantages .

    There is nothing to gain from beating around the bush….we no longer can afford to have a Fiji Military if it keeps throwing up more Bainimarama and Rabuka we will continue to suffer and self annihilate.

  2. Yes the military has been the cause of all of Fiji’s miseries and downfall since 1987 and there is no hope of any difference on the horizon. Blaming politicians is just an excuse since there are processes and check and balance systems in place to highlight or correct any fault that existed. Ideally a reduced military would augur well but how is this to be achieved with the current crop of rouges running the army. If we can find a solution to this question then the nation is destined for a much brighter future.

  3. Ro Teimumu – don’t bring the military into this .tukuna vaka dodonu na nomudou vakayagataka na military . The military was our savior when the likes of you walked in to join Speights group . You were Hungry for power then . You don’t have the quality to lead . Your ideas are shallow . The problem is that you have tasted power and you will deny any misdemeanor to get back into power . Sa rauta mada . Using a con man like Qarase won’t people .i taukei nowadays are not like the past . They are more advanced and more educated . You bring in Satala , a form three student from Tilak high school . Cava Qo na Rakavi laki Caka e loma . Your line up has a lot of corrupt people and bankrupt . Vakaloloma na kawa I taukei . You will loose baaaaaaadly . FF will will win all the 50 seats . The FF movement has started and it will be hard to douse it off .

  4. @ Anon

    “The military was our savior” Mate you must be living on another planet. The military has been the cause of instability in Fiji since 1987. You point fingers and belittle those willing to take on the political challenge while you sit on the sideline under the cocoon of your anonymous cover.

  5. It is not the military that is the problem, it is the poor and unprofessional leadership. The current khaiyum puppet military leader is the worst in the nation’s history.

  6. Nonsense @ Anasa Roko

    Reconciliation is not only good… its needed but more importantly to bear in mind is that you can’t hoodwink Fijians flying reconciliation flags whilst smartly trying to hide your corruption. The world just doesn’t work that way as your hero Qarase eventually realised. But bèing made to realise that and learning his lesson are two different things. No one is also impressed by his YouTube speech since he’s not saying anything new that the itaukei do not already know. Waste of our time. But what’s shocking is RoTeimumu, whose entire speech was about defending Qarase.W h a t e v e r for?? She sounded like a puppet, his puppet.. and sadly, is unworthy of my vote as a leader, along with her party – SDL who had lost my sympathy vote way back…

  7. I am still waiting for a charge to be made about Qarase’s conduct in government and still waiting…and still waiting….and still waiting….and perhaps I may never see any charges in my lifetime! The lies about Qarase and his corruption is again surfacing without any substantive evidence to back it and this was the same old kind of rhetoric thas was spun at the time Bai, thugs and cronies hoodwinked Fiji into believing they were taking over government to save the country. And all that followed from their deception, lies and wicked ploys is now memorable history in Fiji peoples minds! The same tactics of lies and deception continue but its not working as easily as it did previously because they have been found to be plain garbage. All they are doing now is buying time and making sure they are not removed, but that is a tough call because everything will most certainly catch up……no two way about this!

  8. The sad clowns just don’t get it – Qarase is a proven corrupt, he’s a liability to Ro Teimumu and has zilch credibility which is so obvious in how she makes another youtube on the heels of his, just to defend him. Unbelievable!

    Come on you sad jokers, let’s vote NFP!

  9. Gee, come to think it I was actually shocked that the itaukei did not so much as bat their eyelids when Qarase was ousted… but surely, 8 years later?? Well, perhaps there was something there after all.. one can’t simply discount their collective intelligence in CHOOSING not to defend him. Sad to say but they knew better.

  10. @ not fooled

    I’m sure you can do better then this! Focussing on Qarase and the things he allegedly did will not get Fiji anywhere as the thugs in government have been doing. They tried all they could to get him out of public life but he still walks with stronger resolve to turn events around. That to many is sign of one who belives in what he is doing to be the right thing for his people. Compare that with criminals who hold their nation hostage to immunity demand for treasonous crime and you will realise that Fiji is heading for the rocks under them! We are now in the 8th of an illegal coup and things have gotten worse and still the regime thinks Fiji is safe under their rule. It doesnt take rocket science to work out the fall in living standards, fall in moral standards, fall in leadership standards and fall in development standards. Every thing is a farce and continues to be so under this lot who have made themselves rich at the cost of many! They grabbed power, grabbed state monies, grabbed jobs and even grabbed people who opposed them and tortured them. What kind of leadership is that? What kind of government and rule is that? You will realise this is far beyond what Qarase and other political parties might have even imagined doing to the nation. Frank and his cronies’ rule is the worst Fiji has ever experienced. People may have been deceived by their rhetoric but time has caught up! Again you are towing their line and blaming Qarase as the only corrupt man Fiji has ever had. The country has never gained anything from that ploy and it intrigues us why the anti Qarase rhetoric has picked up again after all the politically driven cases against him have been resolved. He is just one individual of the hundreds of thousands of Fiji citizens who decry what Frank and his thugs have done to the country. The mood has swung. The criminals who illegally took power have been weighed and found wanting. The people have had enough!

  11. They tried to kick Qarase out of politics but he is still kicking. Even if he is not going to be a candidate in the elections, Qarase is still a power behind the party he supports. It is because he explains best the meanings (revealed and hidden) of the clauses in the 2013 Binimarama and Khaiyum constitution and reveals the loopholes in them and how “dangerous” they are to the indigenous Fijians. Even “The FIji Sun” admits that Qarase is “enlightening” voters.

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