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FijiFirst to protect 2013 Constitution


8:07 TodayTaken from/By: Report by: Akosita Talei

The FijiFirst Movement says it will continue to protect and defend the 2013 constitution. Despite other political parties rallying to remove it if elected into the next government, Movement Leader Voreqe Bainimarama says the constitution is for Fijians and will remain. He adds they will uphold the constitution because it has the voice of the people and submissions have been made from all Fijians to compile it. The constitution is one of the best we’ve ever had besides the bill of rights mentioned in the constitution is very important and it also talks about equal citizenry and that’s what i want to talk about, about the new Fiji that’s mentioned in the constitution. The 1997 constitution i don’t know how many of you put iin your submissions for the 1997 constitution. Any of you put your submissions for the 1997 constitution? I don’t think so…but you were asked to put your submissions for this constitution. Fiji First have revealed that their manifesto will be launched in a few weeks time and it will be no different from what they’re campaigning now. However, Bainimarama says some areas will need to be emphasised on. Maybe sharpen a few edges improve on a couple more policies but it will do more with development especially in land leases, crown lease, sugar cane… getting rid of the constitution, that’s the last thing we will do. Fiji First will continue holding meetings in Lautoka today before they move to Ba, Tavua and Rakiraki till Tuesday next week

. – See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/21501/fijifirst-to-protect-2013-constitution#sthash.mHkfioR7.dpuf


2 thoughts on “FijiFirst to protect 2013 Constitution

  1. This is utter garbage! What we can draw from this statement is the desparation to protect the constitution that no one made submission to but the regime itself. Protection of the self-imposed 2013 constitution is fundamental to what the Bainikayum govt is and will be all about because that is simply where their life is! They cannot do without the immunity they have given themselves and which they have forced the nation to accept. It was not even agreed to by the majority yet they work so hard trying to convince the people that it was allowed. Its clear sign of desparation! Throwing in promises of a better Fiji under current the order makes it more humorous. One thing is certain, the mob leading government right now will not get away with the abuse , theft and outright criminal acts they have committed. Justice awaits……..tik..tok…tik…tok!!

  2. Indeed Kainoqu. They are simply and always protecting themselves. Everyone and everything else is a corollary to that.

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