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Amnesty still wants Fiji abuse probe

Updated at 6:15 pm on 19 July 2014

Amnesty International has expressed concern about the lack of accountability for serious human rights abuses in Fiji.

This comes after Fiji police closed an investigation into a video released last year which showed the torture and beating of two prison escapees by Fiji security personnel.

Apparently shot with a mobile phone, the video shows one handcuffed man being savagely beaten with batons and metal bars, and another being set upon by a dog as the animal’s handler urges it on.

Police say they will make no further statement about the matter, which Amnesty New Zealand’s Grant Bayldon says is of concern.

“Well if closing the investigation means that no-one has been held to account, then I think that’s really another black mark in terms of accountability and the rule of law in Fiji.”

Grant Bayldon of Amnesty International.

Last year, Fiji’s foreign minister, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola rejected criticism by the New Zealand parliament, saying Fiji would deal with its internal and domestic challenges as and when it deems necessary.

The Fiji regime leader, Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama, has not condemned the violence, but instead defended the work of security personnel to protect citizens from hardened criminals.


One thought on “Ex RNZI

  1. That is what it really adds to. By closing investigation into the matter and not adding further statement to it, the new commissioner of police has just signed himself onto the register of abusers who are a law unto themselves and who don’t respect accountability and rule of law that we have in normal democracies. The commissioner has willingly contracted his service to a pariah sate, earning money to uphold the rule of a dictator who is running away from justice! It will be interesting to see how the police commissioner puts this down in his CV and how it will suface in his memoire if he will have one and whether it will be interesting enough to read!

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