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A good question from FDN

Land Use Decree versus NLTA

July 18, 2014

Bainimarama is banking on most people not understanding what the Land Use Decree does. He has been careful to keep the huge powers it gives him up his sleeve, but the difference is really very simple. The NLTA established by Ratu Sukuna says native land leased under the NLTA “shall be administered by the Board for the benefit of the Fijian owners“. End of story. The interests of the owners is the only thing that matters. The LUD says: “All leases issued or renewed under this Decree shall take into consideration at all times the best interest of the land owners and the overall wellbeing of the economy.” That ‘and’ is important. The interests of the landowners have to be balanced with the “well being of the economy”, which can be whatever Bainimarama says it is, because his decision cannot be taken to court. Does any of Bainimarama or Khaiyum’s property have this applying to it? This is a simple question which Bainimarama must be made to answer.



One thought on “A good question from FDN

  1. “………and the overall wellbeing of the economy.” Its nothing short of astutely instituting land grab! Marrying the best interest of the land owners and the overall wellbeing of the economy is tricky and no right thinking person would want Bainiamarama, Kaiyum or their cronies in this illegitimate government deciding where the balance is!! They are all thieves and outright law breakers so there is no gaurantee they will do things for the land owners let alone the national economy. See for youselves how much they have enriched themselves after taking over and you will realise who they really are! They have led the charge on power grab, on grab of state monies, and on jobs grab and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is setting them up to lead the charge on land grab!

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