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Torture condoned by Police by their inaction.

Video brutality case closed

Friday, 18/07/2014

Chief of Operations of the Fiji Police Force, ACP Rusiate Tudravu

The case in relation to the circumstances surrounding the video recording of some Fijian security personnel and recaptured prison escapees has been closed.

Chief of Operations of the Fiji Police Force, ACP Rusiate Tudravu has confirmed that the case is closed and he cannot make any further comments.

When asked on the reason for closing the case, ACP Tudravu maintained that he will not comment.

He had earlier said that investigations were ongoing and he cannot reveal any other information.

The investigation involved a video recording of some recaptured prison escapees being beaten up by Fijian security personnel.

Police spokesperson, Atunaisa Sokomuri said Police Commissioner, Ben Groenewald will not comment on individual cases and referred all queries to ACP Tudravu.


9 thoughts on “Torture condoned by Police by their inaction.

  1. Rusi common where is your integrity? Be a man and resign if you cannot disclose the truth of the matter.

  2. This is good news, the issue has been lingering around for too long. And one thing we can learn from this: If the PM makes a promise (like that he would stand by his man) we can bank on it, he will deliver.

  3. And so it should be closed. It’s one of the good things this government has done and that’s to put some fear into those that want to act like animals.

    For far too long the culture of Fijians has allowed these animals to get away with their violent thuggery and thieving as all they have had to do is say sorry, they are a christian and will not do it again. Now there’s a deterrent to help control them, great.

  4. This guy is a total fuckwit,if you can’t do your job,walk,you are a disgrace to society

  5. Tudravu is scared he might be “taken to task” at the camp the lose his comfortable job. Those police and prison officers who beat up the poor escaped inmate, might just beat him up as well.

  6. This simply confirms that Commissioner ‘Yes Man’ groenewild is a regime lackey and a coward.

  7. It will open again once the Bainikaiyum party is returned to where it came from! There are so many items adding to the list of things that will have to be opened up either through judicial or public inquiry when this lot have gone form the office they illegally hold at the moment. It just adds to the judgement awaiting them and the certainty of their destiny!

  8. Letting off the torturers is tainted with same reasons that justified murderer Kean to be set free thence to top Civil Service job////and Bhai from prosecution for tortures and coup crimes…yes they should be all put on the table then taken to tasks after FFP has lost next election

  9. It all goes back to Voreqe’s treasonous action in Dec 2006. It all started as a lie. The lie gave birth to more lies. Evil words and and evil thoughts produce evil actions. Over time, these evil lies, thoughts and actions multiply and consolidate as evil habits. These evil habits translate into an evil character. Over the last 7 years, we have allowed a group of evil characters to rule our nation with absolute impunity. Others join the group because there was no effective deterrent not to do so.

    And so it is today, that evil man has influenced like minded men and women to join him. Such has their confidence grown and their power and influence so pervasive, that much of our society has been affected by this cancer. The military turned a blind eye and joined him. the police was so intimidated and they remained silent and paralysed because it became somewhat militarised. Our so called security forces have been reduced to a group of security and body guards for the dictator from Kiuva and his brain and mouth from Yavulo. This cancer is both so deadly and pervasive that it has poisoned and paralysed much of the life in Fiji.

    The only hope for a better future for Fiji is to terminate this cancer once and for all or it will decimate the whole population. We therefore must make it our primary goal to stop Voreqe and his evil band from ruling over us. Once out of Parliament, it is our second most vital goal to bring them all to justice. We must never allow them and any other such evil character to ever take over our Government again. We must be establish a most effective deterrent for treason. Some have suggested we bring back the hangman and his tools. The French had the guillotine.

    Someone has suggested an innovative and fitting punishment; to put Voreqe and his brain on a boat, take them out of Fiji and make them swim for their lives, to the nearest island nation or patch of sand. Let the Admiral Rear practise his naval skills to save both him and his brain. If they reach the safety of an island in Tonga or Samoa, their combined skills should come in handy- lying, cheating, decreeing, robbing, stealing, etc. But should it be an empty island, so much the better. They can build their own kingdom of Fijislam. There they can repopulate their patch of sand, write their own constifusion, pass their own decrees and make wreaths and garland themselves everyday.

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