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Legal position unclear…….

SODELPA to check the legal position of 1997 constitution

Friday, 18/07/2014

The Social Democratic Liberal Party stressed that it will check the legal position of the 1997 constitution from the Supreme Court if they form the next government.

In an interview with Fijivillage, SODELPA’s Doctor Tupeni Baba said this is an important step to take if they go into parliament.

Meanwhile SODELPA will release their manifesto today.

Story by Vijay Narayan


30 thoughts on “Legal position unclear…….

  1. Vinaka Sodelpa.
    However the Fiji Court Appeal is very clear that the 1997 constitution still remains.
    For this reason Khayium by any means would like to go in the parliament in formalise his constitution that was thrust on the people.

  2. If this all the soli-sona party is concerned about than they need help from the convict.

    You don’t have to be a legal expert to understand the validity of the 1997 constitution only remains relevant as long as its not abrogated, it does not make a rats arse of difference what the court of appeal adjudged.

    This new constitution among other decrees are a death knell for eejits and convicts among other irrelevant people.

    The Labour Party is good as assassinated itself given their association with a known convict.

  3. Vote Fiji First for a stable government and a growing economy.

    Fiji ought to blessed to have a great leader like Frank.

    Vote Fiji First.

    Do away with convicts and their broods.

  4. Jese Sikivou‎Sai Lealea
    1 hr •
    The Truth About Native Fijian Land Rights and Indigenous Rights.
    1. On Saturday, 12th July 2014, at page 15 of the Fiji Sun, the Fiji First Political Party (FFP) issued a paid advertisement titled, “Get the Facts on LAND”. In it, FFP accused SODELPA and other political parties of spreading factually and legally incorrect information about the protection of land rights under the 2013 Bainimarama/Khaiyum Constitution. The FFP advertisement further accused SODELPA and other political parties of claiming that:
    a. iTaukei land is not safe under the 2013 Constitution, that the Land Use Decree violates landowner rights,
    b. that the land bank erodes the power of the iTaukei Land Trust Board and that SODELPA will scrap the Land Use Decree and Land Bank.
    c. The FFP advertisement also stated that the fact is that, under the 2013 Fiji Constitution, the protection and ownership of iTaukei Land has never been more secure
    Read More:

  5. Anasa can you read? If you can read provision 15 of the land use decree and think – just for a little moment. Why would the PM decide alone what is of economic benefit for the country if it comes to giving away 99 year leases of indigenous land? More importantly why would his decision be final with no option to challenge it in a court of law. Sounds like a true Banana Republic to me.

  6. Ratu Sai is one who is filling his pocket under the regime.
    Ratu Sai does not understand that if someone has carried out a coup this is treason.

  7. The 1997 constitution is very much present legally. A constitution can only be changed by parliament and not Bainimarma or Khayium.. The 2013 constitution and decrees are illegal.

  8. So why is sodelpa standing for elections under the 2013 constitution?

    They should not stand or they would give legitamacy to it.

  9. FUK RO TEIMUMU Magaitinamu Kepa and her whole tongan families/CLAN.

    These tongans bastards are trying to rule all kaisi kaivitis….hahahaa

    Since independence days?

  10. Signs of the death of the 2013 constitution coming out here! Days of this constitution has already been numbered and so is the days of this useless crooks running government.

  11. The court will ask why did you accept the constitution by running for election. You can’t have your cake and eat it.

  12. 2 in 100 indo fijians will vote for NFP.
    3 in 100 indo fijians will vote for FLP.

    40 in 100 itaukei will vote for Sodelpa.

    There will be a clear majority and only 2 parties in parliament.

  13. Prof Narsey and prof Biman, the 2 not so smart academics ruined NFP as they supported the 1997 constitution without suggesting a proportionate voting system. Hence, NFP is not in parliament since 1999. They were tasked to review it by NFP leader Jai Ram Reddy.

    They have caused the death of NFP.

  14. Why did so many people attend the sodelpa rally in lautoka? A freiend told me that apart from meeting Tuqiri, there was free chow and grog. Which person will not take the free lunch.

  15. How many people attend the FLP rally on Thursday?

    Only 20. And that included children below the age of 18.

    This is a clear sign that indo fijians will all swing to FF. The saviour of the country and out with race based politics.

  16. Did I see Rt Timoci Vesikula at the Sodelpa Manifesto launch?

    Indeed. No wonder this racist bugger was out of line to PM.

    And we call ourselves christains.

  17. NFP will get 10,000 votes all over Fiji. Tupou, attar, prem singh and Eci will get more votes than Biman.

    Biman is panicking and knows that the thunder is gone. His followers have deserted him.

    FLP will get more votes than NFP.

    Mahend is our man.

  18. Reinstate the 1997 Constitution, demobilise Fiji’s military forces, conduct a truth telling & reconciliation process that goes back to Rabuka’s 1987 coup (& those who refuse to divulge the truth – sent them to prison & throw away the keys). Our people have already lost so much time (and suffered much pain) and politicians and political parties should stop dithering and should make their intentions crystal clear to the people and stop saying ‘ oh we’ll check, review, reconsider etc the constitution when we get into power etc’! Stop wasting time guys – just do it!

  19. Biman is the one who breathed life back in NFP with the best manifesto. he is the only man who can bring NFP back.

  20. So why only handful of people at all NFP rallies? breath of fresh air or puff of hot air?

  21. Biman will hoodwink people that they can buy 2 chicken instead of 1.

    People are not stupid or agree with him as his students (otherwise they would get an F).

    FLP all the way

  22. NFP will spring a surprise in the election so do not be deceived by numbers at the rally. Biman is a very able leader with integrity. Do not write off NFP?

  23. FLP has now become a party of chor and corrupt thugs. Those standing for the party in the 2014 elections are doomed to lose all their money.

    Its a an INJURED horse trying to run in a race against more powerful horses.

    Its demise is well forecast-ed under the BIGGEST THIEf FIJI HAS SEEN – Millionaire M P Maichod Chor Chaudhary.

    NFP under professor Biman Prasad is the only way to go in this election. It is a party of integrity, honesty and it has good values to take the nation forward.

    Bravo Professor B C Prasad and Long LIVE NFP.

  24. Sdomy party – bring back the 1997 constitution so that you can continue to convert I taukei land . Sa rauta mada dou yavu butabutako kana loto . Sa Oti na gauna ni kana loto . The best thing for Fiji is let PM and his well educated people rule . SDL line up – loosers , corrupt , ex cons , rugby player and all full of ship like there leader .

  25. Biman and integrity.

    How about the issue of their female student. Maybe USP’s Sunil can tell the truth.

    And where was he as Dean when Wadan got kicked out.

    And how about promoting his Kai from Vanua levu. Will not name the person.

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