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Convicted Criminals now allowed as civil servants

Kean was brought back under the yellow ribbon campaign – Bainimarama

Thursday, 17/07/2014

Voreqe Banimarama speaking at the Fiji First campaign meeting in Kalabu

FijiFirst leader, Voreqe Banimarama has made it clear that he had nothing to do in bringing back Francis Kean as a civil servant.

Bainimarama made this statement at the Fiji First campaign meeting in Kalabu.

The issue was brought up when Bainimarama was asked a question by a member of the community on how it is possible for a person who was charged and convicted to work in the civil service.

Bainimarama then replied that he knows that the question was being asked because Kean is his brother-in-law.

However the FijiFirst Leader said that he was not involved in anything concerning Kean’s appointment and he came back because of the Yellow Ribbon Project.

Bainimarama then shared his experience of being given a chance to join the Navy in 1975.

He said a lot of inmates are in need of a second chance to succeed in life.

Meanwhile, Bainimarama has also revealed that the FijiFirst Party will announce its first list of proposed candidates in the next few days.

Story by Aliki Bia

11 thoughts on “Convicted Criminals now allowed as civil servants

  1. What a lair this man is! Frank must accept the fact that he got him released from the prison and into civil servants. Otherwise Mary would have kicked him out of the house. This is nepotism.

  2. Bainimarama is in contempt.
    You can be in contempt of court, which will see you in prison.

    Bainimarama is Minister of Finance, a position he is being paid to do by the people ofFiji.

    The BK Charter ( supposed Constitution) requires him to table the Auditor Generals report to Parliment, the peoples representatives. Because there is no Parliment does not mean that he does not report to the people, in fact more reason he must report to the people.

    Bainimarama is in complete CONTEMPT of the people of Fiji, and we all know what that means. a prison sentence.

    Remember the PEOPLES CHARTER!!!!!!!! When it suites the twin pot dictators they use the people, but when it does not suit, they treat us with CONTEMPT.

    Not only can’t they talk straight, they can’t follow their own decrees.

  3. Well there is no difference considering Chaudhry was convicted for manslaughter in 1978 sentenced to nine months imprisonment but served 3 days the with remainder of his sentence was on Compulsory Supervision Order.

    However that didn’t stop the public from supporting him now is there?

  4. I want to add two things to the discussion: First;y, the decision not to incarcerate Kean is part of a wider non-discrimination policy this government and the Fiji First Party stands for. This government clearly is an equal opportunity employer where nobody is discriminated against. In our new Fiji a mumbling idiot (Ambassador Dinger called him a nut case the shrinks would have a field day with) can become PM and minister for almost everything that is not handled by Khaiyum. A convicted murderer surly can become the CEO of a ministry, we have to give a second chance to inmates. don’t we? And best of all, a corrupt criminal who has stolen millions from the peasants in Fiji can become AG and minister for everything that is not handled by the idiot.

    With regard to the guy who asked the question, we have taken his coordinates and he will soon regret having embarrassed the idiot in public.

  5. Ni taroga vinaka sara. when this regime falls apart, Frank’s cici is going to be torn apart in jail by Speight and Silatolu and the max gang.

  6. Bainimarama the cassava patch sprinter – bullets yes, the truth – no, you can’t flee nor hide from the truth. Vinaka Kalabu for asking these pertinent questions, others should follow suit when the Bainimarama circus comes to your neighbourhood. Only the truth will set us free.

  7. Bai,bai,bai,you lied about everything you showed that your salary is not even a million dollars per year and your fat wife has got 2 million dollars in the bank,pliz Sa rauta mada na lasu,you luveni veicai.

  8. And another convict Qarase is going out preaching people what is good or evil. Let’s lump in as well.

  9. When the then Vice President, Rt Jope was sentenced to prison he continued to receive his pay until his appeal was dismissed. Papa Pig jumped up and down shouting corruption, accusing the Qarase government for all kinds of evil.

    Alas when his brother in law was convicted of manslaughter he continued to receive full pay until he was released and given back his old job. Before Papa Pig decided to promote him to PS.

    The excuse of yellow ribbon is cheap, an an abomination to the people of Fiji.

  10. “I think it is really the opposite. of what the paper reported. The truth is that the yellow ribbon campaign was conceived and implemented to get Tavale Kean out of gaol. That is only right and proper according to our tradition in Kiuva.. But I want people to know that I was not involved in it in anyway. But I thank my men for being so kind to me” JV Bainimarama.

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