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Has Dr Luveni actually read the Land Use decree?

July 16, 2014


Does Dr Luveni think free sewing machines from China are enough to convince iTaukei voters to hand total control over their land to Bainimarama and Khaiyum?

Fiji First Family Minister Jiko Luveni told landowners that the Land Use Decree requires 60% approval by landowners before land can be handed out by Bainimarama. What Dr Luveni did not say is that landowners have NO RIGHT to appeal to the court if they believe the Land Use Unit has not followed the correct procedure in getting landowner approval. If the Land Use Unit says the landowners approve handing the land to the state, the landowners cannot dispute this in court. Bainimarama’s word on what landowners approve is law. What’s worse, the Land Use Decree actually makes no mention of landowner approval. The 60% approval rule is in the Land Use Regulations which can be changed overnight by the PM without the approval of Parliament. Dr Luveni either doesn’t know what she’s talking about or she’s lying. All of this was explained on Fiji Today by Navosavakadua. All people who want to know the facts should click on the link below and see the facts for themselves. At all future campaign meetings Dr Luveni should be asked to give landowners a copy of both the Land Use Decree and the Land Use Regulations.


Navosavakadua Lies versus facts on land

Fiji Sun 15, July 2014 CAMPAIGN TRAIL – Land Use Tops Agenda for Dr Luveni


33 thoughts on “Ex FDN

  1. “” All of this was explained on Fiji Today by Navosavakadua “”

    And there lies the problem, that was from just another nobody giving their interpretation.

  2. This lady if was working as a dentist in government would not have earned more than $25,000. Now she is earning $135,00 in salary forgot about other benefits.She was distributing wood stove mostly to Indians in Nausori few days ago. She distributed sewing machine , wood stove etc. Isn’t this vote buying scam?

  3. No, it’s trying to help people but sad individuals like yourself will always try and look for fault. Envy and jealousy are inbred in some.

  4. Former Prime Minister and Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry says the 2013 constitution is not legal although the party will contest the election under the constitution.

    Chaudhry was responding to a question on why the government has been saying that people should uphold the constitution.

    Speaking to about 50 people in Qauia at the FLP campaign meeting last night, Chaudhry said the current constitution was imposed on the people as any constitution has to be approved in parliament.

  5. So why is choro fighting case after case with stolen money just to fight for election under the same constitution.

    This man choro is trying hard but his lies and ills have finally caught up with him.

    On the issue of indo fijian votes, they are smart enough not to vote for FLP and NFP this time. The attendance at NFP rallies of less than 35 and FLP of 50 or less is the sign.

    In fact, soledpa should be concerned that the itaukei votes will be split 50 50 with FF.

    Places like Kadavu, the maritime area except lau, ba, tavua, rakiraki, the highlights, much of macuata will vote for FF.

  6. Sai Lealea
    Watch Out NZ! Dictator Bainimarama must Not be given a Visa to travel to NZ.

    The man is a national and regional disgrace and still unapologetic about his illegal takeover of a democratic government. His visit cannot be in the best interest of NZ.

    Write now to your Member of Parliament MP, and you don’t need a stamp, just his/her name with “MP” beside it like so:

    Name? MP
    Parliament Buildings
    New Zealand.

    Be prepared also to protest if he ever comes! From the Auckland airport to wherever he goes!

    He must be told in no uncertain terms he is a pariah and a disgraceful unelected leader of a wonderful nation.

    Fiji’s military strongman Frank Bainimarama wants to come to Auckland but is waiting to find out whether he can get a visa.

  7. Loruama Tawawili ‎Fiji pre election

    July 15 at 2:56pm ·

    On the Fiji Sun today the well known Child Molester Bolatiki tried to show Bainimarama’s weak spot for Children by writing a story about the fact that Bainimarama is the first illegal PM of Fiji to ever sit down with school children.Bolatiki then goes on to say that in his speech to the people of Nuku in the highlands of Fiji Bainimarama then told the people assembled that ” Politicians and their Political Parties are cowards because their messages are based on distortion and lies”.Bainimarama goes on to say that His 2013 illegal Constitution is ” inclusive”.
    This was more pathetic than funny when we come to think of it.For Bainimarama to brand other politicians and other political parties as cowards for distorting the truth Bainimarama has only to look at himself and see how he was talking about himself.Speech does not constitute a coward but deed does. Running away from his Command in the heat of battle is cowardice and Bainimarama did that.
    To say that the illegal Constitution is inclusive is another lie that Bainimarama knows full well he is saying to the people. The only thing that is inclusive about this illegal Constitution is the destruction of all the I Taukei Institutions except the Military.Bainimarama is not saying that the only thing that is making him push for this constitution as inclusive is the immunity clause that he hopes will protect him from being prosecuted as a murderer, Traitor, abuser of human rights and torturer. When Bainimarama says that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land he has forgotten that he just abrogated one and now he is trying to impose this illegal one. Who is the coward now Bainimarama and Fiji First?

  8. The people are concerned at the use of state resources by FF in it’s election campaign.

  9. People must send a message to Bai and Khayium that anyone that grabs power illegally must never be supported. People will make the biggest mistake by voting FF.
    A vote to FF is a vote for support of coup.
    If people will vote for FF then the coup culture will NEVER stop.
    This will legitimse coup.
    Vote for any party but not to FF.
    Say NO TO COUP.

  10. I only wish the itaukei people would have stood up and condemned the coup of 87 and 2000.

    LQ was the one who incited the 2000 coup with his racist comments.

    LQ is the one who abused the itaukei people by his invesments in FHL

    LQ is a convicted criminal

  11. There is no need for anyone to read Khaiyum’s decrees. They are all perfect, flawless, fair and balanced. The land decree for instance makes sure that lazy Taukies can no longer block access to their land and they cannot make frivolous claims in court once Khaiyum has made a decision to hand out 99 year leases to investors who are willing to pay modest facilitation fees. So there is absolutely nothing to worry about. And Jiko’s sewing machines and wood stoves are good things too. Uneducated voters need something tangible to associate with Fiji First.

  12. He went of his way this Bainiwomen to condemn and Australia in everyway in the most undiplomatic terms unlike a worthy leade…but we did not elect the bugger.

    Even before election he is applying to visit NZ to BS the lesders.

    Winston Peter will shoot straight at him….so MP Winston Peters, the Minister of Immigration and PM Keys should be informed and lobbied to cacell Bhai’s the quickest while Bainiwomen’s VISA application is being processed

  13. Indians are voting for NFP, labour and FF.
    NFP will get majority South Indian votes.
    North Indians are voting Labour but with the sewing machine and wood stove distributed in Raralevu in Nausori such Indians will be vote with FF.
    Muslims 99% are voting FF. This is what one can call Muslim brotherhood.Muslim will always support their own that is Khayium despite him being illegal A.G for 8 years.
    i taukei will turn out be the most clever in the sense that they will take what is given but 90% will vote SODELPA. This will happen if SODELPA creates good awareness of the state of economy, land decree, GCC, national debt, unemployment, poverty, illegal P.M. and illegal A.G.’S SALARY( 500% increase ) etc.

  14. Well well N.Z should not allow a dictator who has ensured that their is no freedom of speech for the entire population. for last 8 and half years. The constution and decrees have been thrust on the people.
    We have so many Fiji citizens like Dr. Brij Lal and others who are banned from entering there country of birth whilst chinese influx continues.

  15. @ Anon 1:17pm

    FB is the man who betrayed his oath.

    FB is the man who murdered the soldiers.

    FB is the man who committed treason.

    FB is the man who assaults pregnant women.

    FB is the man who lies and steals from the nation.

    FB is the man, destined for prison.

    Vote for Fiji Fraud if you want more of their corruption, control and lies.

  16. 90% of indo fijians will vote for fiji first.
    99% of other races will vote for FF
    A 10% of itaukei will vote fF will ensure they win the elections.

    40% intaukei vote will give them almost 70% of the seats.

    In this election, itaukei will betray sodelpa.

  17. FijiFirst leader, Voreqe Banimarama has made it clear that he had nothing to do in bringing back Francis Kean as a civil servant.
    Bainimarama made this statement at the Fiji First campaign meeting in Kalabu.
    The issue was brought up when Bainimarama was asked a question by a member of the community on how it is possible for a person who was charged and convicted to work in the civil service.
    Bainimarama then replied that he knows that the question was being asked because Kean is his brother-in-law.
    However the FijiFirst Leader said that he was not involved in anything concerning Kean’s appointment and he came back because of the Yellow Ribbon Project.
    Story by Aliki Bia

  18. Why Bainimarma and Khayium want to rule.These two have illegally ruled for 8 years.
    The reason they want to rule is save these two from going to be charged for treason.
    Where is the auditor general’s report since 2006.
    It will reveal all the CORRUPTION.

  19. One thing is clear though, Frank Bainimarama has become really rich since the coup:
    an cumulative salary of $2.6 million over 8.5 years,
    a bank savings of 1/4 million
    F$400,000 FNPF
    That criminal boy from Kiuva is laughing all the way to the Bank.
    Remember we have not even considered his children’s financial standing and wealth (all of them had nothing before the coup).
    Don’t get me wrong: I am not doing any digging I am just analyzing the figures already provided by Frank Bainimarama.
    The same story is of ASK.

  20. Why Permanent Secretary /CEO in government who were paid around $50,000 are now been paid over $200,000 while other civil servants never got a a rise accordingly?

  21. Radio Drongo.

    Lei savata vakavinaka mada na karani kuka.

    Again my epicene friend you are speaking through your a-hole.

    You seem to be hell bent on spreading fallacious lies. Where is the evidence?

    Do Fiji a favour and vote for Frank because you know he is the only credible candidate with the highest integrity.

    ‘Vote Fiji First.

  22. Anon.

    The only criminal in Fiji is Qarase and Chaudhry.

    They have plundered the public coffers for years or as they say they had their snout in the trough.

    Tell me did your Muslim brother shoved one up you and your daddy?

    You want to be careful with those Muslim’s they are known to be anal pirates by night, you probably will awake with your anus plastered to your mouth.aye boy?

  23. Bainiamrama and Khayium are simply thugs. They are only know for corruption. nepotism and bad governance.
    Why the auditor general’s report has not been revealed since 2006?
    Qarase and Chaudhry were democratically elected.

  24. Muslims can never be trusted. This community is for their own brotherhood.It is evident everywhere. The Muslims were meeting in there mosque and doing all networking while the Methodist were banned from holding their conference.
    Now the same Bainimrama and Khayium are begging for votes from Methodist.
    These two must be charged for fraud and treason.

  25. Khayium’s declaration given to the lection is totally false. He must disclose his investment under Lateefa Investment. In this company his another partner is his mummy.They bought a property in Berry Road for $210,000 and sold it for $850,000 to Tappos in 2009. Go any get it verified at the titles office.
    Where is this money hidden?
    Why was it not shown in the disclosure?

  26. People must send a message to Bai and Khayium that anyone that grabs power illegally must never be supported. People will make the biggest mistake by voting FF.
    A vote to FF is a vote for support of coup.
    If people will vote for FF then the coup culture will NEVER stop.
    This will legitimse coup.
    Vote for any party but not to FF.
    Say NO TO COUP.

  27. Anon.

    Bainiamrama and Khayiuma are no more thugs than Chaudhry and his idiot of a son..

    Fiji can well do without the above parasites.

  28. Only fools will even contemplate casting their vote for Labour Party given their leader is a known convict, who can trust such a party?

    Now Frank although he may be guilty of treason he isn’t a convict nor is his Muslim bum buddy.

    A vote for the soli-sona Party is a vote not only wasted but one that would have serious repercussions for years to come.

    Don’t even bother wasting your vote on the Federation Party because there is no shit show of the even obtaining a seat in the up and coming elections

    So people just remember when casting your vote the only;person that has any credibility is Frank.

    A vote for First is a vote for prosperity among other things economic stability and equility among the nationalities.

    The above is something no other party is capable of delivering,why well because among them are thieves,self centered a-holes and convicts.

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