With no signs of a casino


July 2014


With no signs of a casino that was supposed to have been completed months ago, Fiji’s endorsed casino operator is fighting a different battle this time around

…. challenging a court action in the United States over claims that it owes a former partner US$1.5 million. The ex-partner of One Hundred Sands happens to be the Snoqualmie Tribe in the US and it claims that it had invested the money into One Hundred Sands, was promised repayment by February 2012 but its mid 2014 again and construction work on the casino in Fiji has not even begun. Meanwhile, the chairman of the casino has said the tribe has withdrawn from the casino project and he would not be distracted by the claim.


2 thoughts on “

  1. And this was in the Fiji dailies how long ago?

    Another con man investor fortunately caught out in time, but hey, Fiji at least has made some money out of the failure, it’s not all bad news.

  2. Just more rubbish from Fiji Fraud and its main man, the Rear Admirer, Frank Boicamarama.

    Just like his promise to ‘clean up’ the nation, and the ‘potato farms’ in sigatoka.

    More lies from the Fiji Fraud.

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