No coalition for FijiFirst, PM confirms


SUVA, Fiji—- Prime Minister and FijiFirst party leader Voreqe Bainimarama has confirmed that his party will not form coalition with any other party for the September 17 election and afterwards.

Speaking to the people of Wakanisila at the Kalabu Secondary School last night, PM Bainimarama said they would not go into coalition with another party like what the Fiji Labour Party (FLP) and the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) have talked about in their campaign to do so post elections.

“We won’t go into coalition, there is no ongoing talks to form a coalition with another party as weall know that different party comes with different policies,” Bainimarama told the public in i-Taukei vernacular last night.

He said everyone knew what differences has been brought by different party leaders like former Prime Ministers Mahendra Chaudhry and Laisenia Qarase.

“And you listen to the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi, you hear how she speaks and you will know that she brings about differences,” he said.

He added all that his government has done was to keep what belongs to Indigenous Fijians and give every citizen an equal citizenry.

He said other parties like the FLP, SODELPA and the People’s Democratic Party were back with the dirty old politics to win the people’s votes and forget them once they make it into government.


12 thoughts on “

  1. There will be no coalition
    There will be opposition since I will win all 50 seats
    There will be no media freedom
    There will be no unions
    There will be no GCC
    There will be only land bank and nothing else
    There will be only Muslims holding positions in government and statutory bodies
    There will be no women allowed to stay in undisclosed places since their husbands can bash them whenever and wherever they can find them
    There will be no public accounts made public
    There will be only taxis that and buses carry my picture allowed on roads
    There will be no other airlines allowed to land in fiji
    There will be only military allowed fiji, police will only be for decoration only
    Vote for Fiji First!

  2. Vote for FF means what?

    If sodelpa wins it means:

    Everyone has to be christains
    Every christains has to be methodist
    Every person must submit to the chiefs
    Every chief has the right to take any women, even if its someone’s wife
    Every position in govt, stat corporation will be given to the old boys even if he failed class 5
    Everyone will get $1 lease money and the balance will be given to 4 chiefs, sorry 3 chiefs
    Everyone in civil service and MP can take as much bribe as he/she wants.
    All MPs are allowed one mistress
    All MPs will be ministers or ministers of state
    All sodelpa members can use the services of govt free of charge.

  3. Rajesh singh aka sacked minister for sports posted on Fiji leaks: 400k will vote for sodelpa!

    Is he stupid? Does he expect indo fijians to vote for the racist party?

    More than half of the itaukei voters will not vote for Sodelpa. Sodelpa will get approx 140k votes.

    FF will get 350k votes.

  4. NFP party leader aeroplane biman was fuming that indians have again betrayed them. Over the past 2 weeks, he has not been to one rally with more than 35 people in attendance. People from his home town of drekiti have also ditched him as he never showed his face exxcept to seek votes.

    His big mouth general secretary is giving him false hopes. His chamcha gay neelesh goundar has also fled.

    One can only say “tata nfp”

  5. One person at the FLP pocket meeting made fun of MPC ” you got lot of money eh, you can even pay $2000000 fine”m

    MPC laughed.

  6. So the Rear Admirer gets up on his hind legs and pretends that anyone else would be willing to form a coalition with Fiji Fraud.

    Why would anyone, who knows this criminals history of lies, deceit, betrayal and bullshit want to be associated with him?

  7. A dictator of course does not believe in coalitions or oppositions, that’s the mainstay of his power. But what Papa Pig does not realise is that democracy does not operate the same way …the dick head.

  8. We know already that Fiji First will win by a landslide. Why would we think about coalitions. It absolute power we need.

  9. @ Aunty Nur – yes the dictator prefers absolute power because absolute power corrupts absolutely! This has been his modus operandi from day one – to rule alone with puppets who will tow his line. Coalition would be too scary for him because he might be sent down the cassave patch again by one of his coalition partners if he does not watch his back!

  10. Just accept it!!!

    FF will win this election with a landslide majority.

    Other parties have nothing better to offer Fiji and only bring divisions!

    Vinaka FijiFirst!!!

    The party that can unite and move Fiji forward.

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