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Ex Island Business

PDP launches manifesto


Mon 14 Jul 2014


SUVA, Fiji— The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is the first political party in Fiji to launch its election manifesto for the 2014 election.

PDP Leader, Felix Anthony says the document outlines the platform on which the party will contest the election.

“The PDP is proud to be a truly multiracial party. Born out of the necessity for struggle for democracy, respect for human rights and compassion for the poor and the underprivileged, equality and social justice for all. The party offers a new beginning.”

Some of the PDP’s election promises include a review of the 2013 Constitution and all current decrees, re-instatement of the Great Council of Chiefs, a review of the National Provident Fund Pension Scheme, free water and VAT free electricity for the poor.

The Delegates conference elected Adi Sivia Qoro as Deputy Party Leader and made minor amendments to the PDP Constitution

5 thoughts on “Ex Island Business

  1. Felix Pinocchio Anthony is once again waffling crap through his curry a-hole.

    Anthony why don’t you tell the people how much money you made while a board member of the public owned entities?

  2. Yes the soli-sona party only manage to garner six percent in the sugar city as it is evident with fifty candidates and forty or so supporters, the people aren’t fools.

  3. Felix Anthony was the chairman of Momi project which lost millions of dollars while he was the board members of FNPF. He has done nothing for the members over the many years he has been with the unions.Felix and his friends like Krishna Dutt, Rajeshwar Singh , Agni Deo think that they are indispensable.
    The government must look into the activities of the union without delay and ensure that people like Felix Anthony, Agni Deo ,Rajeshwar Singh do NOT make unions as their life time employment.
    A minimum requirement to be in the unions should be enforced without delay.

  4. Why the post of General Secretary of FTUC has not been filled.
    Is it reserved for Felix Anthony?
    Government must intervene and get this position filled without delay.

  5. PDP is a party formed due to personal agenda. Everyone knows that this was formed due to difference with FLP. Both parties are heading for being washed out completely.Apparently all these are unionists. United we stand divided you all gone fall.

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