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New world record for bare-faced lying

July 14, 2014


“I will never interfere with any religion”

Last week Bainimarama stood before an audience in Korovou Tailevu and declared that he would never interfere with any religion. Does he think the five year ban on the annual Conference and the charging of ministers and other church leaders for attending normal internal church meetings is forgotten. Even when he allowed the Conference to go ahead he banned the choir competitions as an act of pure spite. The issue in the September election is trust and Bainimarama has told many lies but never one so blatant as this.

Radio Fiji Jul 08, 2014 We will never interfere with any religion: PM



7 thoughts on “Ex FDN

  1. It is a known fact every taukei born or yet to be conceived are natural born liars.

    In this particular case Frank was referring to the politicisation of the Methodist church by it caretakers and therefore in the spirit of equality he banned all activities concocted by the corrupt Methodist Church Ministers.

  2. Frank and Khayium had banned the Methodist church for 8 years not to have annual conference while all other religious group were meeting.Khayium was meeting his brotherhood and doing all the network in the mosque.
    Now Bainimarma and Khayium are going around and asking the i taukei to vote for them. These two are thugs and have kept the country and the people hostage for 8 years while stealing money from everywhere. They took a 400% increase in their salary while 45% live below the poverty line.

  3. As Washington once said: ‘Telling the truth in a time of deceit is a revolutionary act’

    If they cannot even tell the truth about themselves, how could anyone believe what they say about anyone else?

  4. The ban was for a reason .Those against should search for the truth . To be frank , majority of the Methodist were quiet happy about it .

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