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Quality Control Frank Style……

CAMPAIGN – Stricter rules to raise standards, says PM


The Prime Minister and FijiFirst party leader Rear Admiral (Retired) Voreqe Bainimarama last night revealed why there were stricter requirements imposed on aspiring political parties to be registered under the Political Parties Decree.
Mr Bainimarama said this was to reduce the number of political parties and attract credible people to serve in Parliament.
“Many of you may have seen that many laws have been put in place and one of which is the laws of the election, this is because we want to uphold the standard and the calibre of people who enter into politics in parliament.”
He said people might have also seen that during previous elections there were more parties, however, in this election there were only six that would be contesting the September poll.
He said many election laws had been endorsed and tabled to uphold the standard and discussions in parliament.
Mr Bainimarama led a party delegation consisting of the party’s general secretary Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, party president Dr Jiko Luveni and member Timoci Natuva to a campaign meeting at the Dreketi District School at Nakorovou village in Rewa yesterday.
He also reminded the people of the Dreketi district to change their mindset and move to a modern Fiji.
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66 thoughts on “Quality Control Frank Style……

  1. What calibre of politician this as hole is talking about. He should realise that he is a thug himself and does not have the calibre to lead in a democratic society. Hypocrite

  2. REWA

    Villagers of Dreketi district in Rewa last night praised the efforts and the policies of the Bainimarama Government.
    More than 100 villagers packed inside FijiFirst’s campaign meeting at the Dreketi District School, in Nakorovou Village. Many more stood outside.
    The response was seen as a major success by FijiFirst in an area regarded as a stronghold for SODELPA leader Ro Teimumu Kepa and despite the district chief, the Tuwaina, Timoci Rokosawa, attending a SODELPA meeting in another village.
    Traditionally, the Dreketi people hold allegience to Ro Teimumu as the Roko Tui Dreketi, and paramount chief of Rewa. The other villages in Dreketi are Vunisinu, Nadoria, Nabuli and Nalase.
    Widow Marisela Viti, 59, of Nakorovou, said the Bainimarama Government had relieved her burden of sending her grandson to school after her husband died.
    “For so long I had been struggling but none of the previous governments had helped me until this Government came in and answered all my prayers,” Mrs Viti said.
    “I have voted almost five times already and all I know about other parties is that they just come and we tick them but when they get into Parliament they never practised what they have always preached to us. This Government has been helping us even before the election.”
    Samuela Saumatua, 34, of Nakorovou Village said the meeting provided them with factual information about things that they had been told by some parties was taking place in Government.
    “The meeting tonight (last night) has really broadened our minds on some of the things that had been negatively relayed to us about the services provided by the Government and I think we have to choose this party because they stand for the principles that value the lives of all Fijians and they do not differentiate other races,” Mr Saumatua said.
    Nadoria villager Jone Ravai, 34, said many of the stories that had been going around were not true but the meeting was able to answer all that.
    “One great example is that Government will abolish all provincial councils and Rokos. Now, we have come to know that all these are just lies,” he said.
    Ro Filipe Tuisawau who is not from Dreketi but has publicly criticised Government policies particularly on land, also attended the meeting. He shared his concerns about what he called was a top-down approach by the Bainimarama Government in getting the Constitution accepted.
    A unified Fiji, he said, could be reached by consensus.
    “I’ve thought deeply about your explanation as one Fiji – in the People’s Charter there is a non-racial Fiji, what’s important is that in a multi-racial Fiji, you can’t take away the fact that there is an indigenous group of people in the country,” he said.

  3. Voreqe has been in power for 8 years and free education just came in prior to the election. But it has certainly won people over, particularly those naive enough to disregard all the abuses, and murder perpetrated by this pig.

  4. Credible people in parliament! what a joke bainimarama!!! what credibility have you got? murder,,thuggery,bribery ,nepotism,bullying,corruption,committing treason and so on, are you a credible person.Perhaps you don’t now the meaning of the word credible because you failed fiji junior exams numerous times. Bainimarama you better shut your stinking mouth as it opens its spills shit.

  5. Sai Lealea

    3 hrs ·


    There is proof available of Dictator Bainimarama’s $1.8 mllion salary which he has failed to disclose!

    It would appear a salary of $700,000 was granted and signed publicly by President and Tui Vuda, Ratu Iloilo, back in 2007. FIRCA had also confirmed this.

    Given this information, Dictator Bainimarama has effectively lied to the Electoral Commission over his income as required under his very own decree.

    He should therefore be fined nd deregistered.

  6. If Bai thinks we are living in a free state where there is harmony, no crime and in peace, why is there a prison like image of the FF office in Toorak? Are both Ayaiz and Bai worried they will be killed there or what. No other political party offices have so much burglar bars and fences like FF. Just a thought.

  7. Mr Bainimarama, the Rear Admirer has no plan other than their main-game to stay out of jail.

    Every road block, every dirty trick, every threat that they make just proves to the people how little trust he has in himself, in them and in the democratic process.

    The corruption he has injected into the nation under his dictatorship needs to be washed away, so that the nation can start afresh, renewed and with a view to future prosperity in the region.

    Thanks to the Rear Admirer and Khaiyumi, Fiji has been left in the dust, struggling for relevance in the Pacific Region, and hoping for petty handouts from so-called friends from the “Look North” policy that never came to anything.

  8. Fiji First will give everything to ensure that it stays in power.After they will come into power then they will ensure that they will change rules to tax more to the people.The free school fees was only given two years ago to get votes.
    What about the price of food which has gone up by 70%, prices of houses has gone up by 100%, cost of electricity etc.

  9. This is a 2 party race or fight. Biman and chor can go fly kite while Felix and Fiji one will starve till the end.

    With sodelpa getting a notable portion of itaukei votes, the question is will it be sufficient to stop FF from geting less than 37 seats.

    With the numbers at FLP, PDP and NFP rally, I am certain that they will not win any seat. They may get approx 8% of votes in total but no single party will get morew than 5%.

    FF is likely to win 38 seats and sodelpa 12.

  10. And my bloody new Prado has just gone up by $3000.00. Oh well, with have to buy it next week now !!!!

  11. Annon 12.07

    There is no electronic voting so stop your bullshit.

    Biman and Attar had a go yesterday. Everyone in NFP house is concerned that NFP will miss being in Parliament when this is their best opportunity.

    Opportunist Biman who did a coup and took over has ruin the party. His CV on USP website says he was elected Leader for NFP after 2009. It does not state he chickened out in 2 days. It also says he stood for elections. It should state he lost badly in his bid to be in parliament.

  12. FF is a Muslim party like the Dove of Sadiq Koya so Indians wake up to the reality.
    All South Indians voting for NFP.
    Hindus will vote for NFP and Labour.
    i taukei will vote in numbers for Sodelpa.
    FF can only win by rigging the election.

  13. Bainimarama has finally revealed his pay. It comes in at nearly $280,000. That makes Frank Bainimarama the highest paid Prime Minister EVER in Fiji’s History. There is NO WAY TO VERIFY these claims because:
    There are NO AUDITED ACCOUNTS of Government
    There are NO AUDITED ACCOUNTS of the PM’s Office funds

  14. Annon 11.48 am

    You are Biman right “ball”m

    I have no relationship with Dr Mahen Reddy.

    By the way, you can call him names, God will give you children with more servere handicap and than you will know why.

  15. Kanwa Mahen is an opportunist. He must first resign and stop using the resources of FNU for his political wish. Even the South Indians are not voting for him.
    Mahen Kanwa looks at everything from eye that is the problem.

  16. Biman has the best policies – VAT will be reduced!! etc etc.
    Biman and NFP will have clean majority.
    Ganesh and Mahen Reddy should resign if they got the balls and contest on a level field.
    Ganesh and Mahen Reddy are the opportunists.

  17. Im a voting for khatta pani party led by big annah biman and chota annah Dr Neelesh Goundar, Biman’s sidekick.

  18. Hahahahah NFP will win elections and Biman will be PM.

    Did you guys just had a puff of marijuana?

    NFP will not be in Parliament.

  19. It seems to me that Frank Bainimarama has paid himself off an unreasonable salary when the rest of Fiji is getting poorer at 43% poverty level, the worst in history.

  20. Rakesh you must be dreaming of your party to come in power and you would have had homebrew. Biman is the only one who has the gut to challenge for a debate. Bring it on if your leader has the gut. Biman will make the best P.M.

  21. To the sounds of the St Thomas High Band, SODELPA officials, Nominees, members and supporters came out in numbers to signal the ‘awaking’ of the SODELPA push to regain Democracy for Fiji.

  22. They all came to listen to the band, see Tuqiri and have free grog.

    Sodelpa would have been nothing without the band and tuqiri.

  23. SWEET SUPPORT IN SUGAR CITY: Sodelpa’s supporters in western Fiji defy dictatorship and pour onto the streets of Lautoka to cheer party!

    SODELPA supporter’s today stirred up the capital city of the West, Lautoka with a march through the city lead by the Party Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa.

    To the sounds of the St Thomas High Band, SODELPA officials, Nominees, members and supporters came out in numbers to signal the ‘awaking’ of the SODELPA push to regain Democracy for Fiji.

    Despite the restrictions on placard and other material and being closely watched by Police, supporters were unmoved, and joined the march.

    Read more:

  24. To all Indigenous Fijians SODELPA is aiming 90 per cent plus our our itakei support Fiji-wide…..lets unit and target 95 per cent!

    If Bu Kini is one of the “Blues Army” so can YOU!….

    Look up:

  25. The people need more march like in Suva, Nausori and every city and town to show the regime that they ruled illegally for 8 years.

  26. Many people are being intimated by the military and police when other political parties are having their rally.
    Why FBC and Fiji Sun not doing a fair coverage for all political parties.

  27. Even using St Thomas High School band does not even sway me evenfor a second to support a party that promotes unrepentent corrupt leaders such as Q10 and Haryana donations.

    Of course people will shake Q10’s hand because he’s seen as the lesser evil when compared to the current crop who’ve flatly refused to open their financial books to public scrutiny the last 8 years.

    But a thief of Q10’s type who despite his education, experience and exposure, took advantage of a system and a people, to feather his own nest, should never ever hold public office ever again.

  28. 95% total votes for sodelpa! Mate u must be joking.

    I will put sodelpa votes no more than 29% or max of 55% of itaukei votes will little or no indo fijian votes.

    Mick Beddose will get no more than 300 votes

  29. What is wrong with the Honourable Khaiyum? He is the first who has got the balls to kick the lazy, indolent and rent seeking Fijians in the butt. He will make efficient use of the land, he will end the nonsense that goes on with the Methodists and he will implement his plan of eradicating all the backwards cultural and traditional stuff that holds our country back. Give your land to Khaiyum and he will give you a few pennies from the deal he makes with the Chinese.

  30. Fiji First will get approx 70% of votes but will get approx 78% of seats as NFP, FLP, PDP, Fiji one will not get the min 5% votes.

    Sodelpa will 22% of seats with around 20% of votes.

    Itaukei votes will be split as follows:

    Sodelpa: 40%,
    FF: 53%
    Others: 7%

    The grass root itaukei will not support sodelpa as they know the politicans have not delivered previously and will not do it again.

  31. A vote to FF by i taukei will mean a vote to Khayium. Khayium will take the land as powers are vested with P.M. and give land to chinese like the land next to Garden city. This land was worth about $20 million given free to the chinese!

  32. Kaiyum khaiyum khaiyum

    It seems people are obsessed with him.

    FF is not Khaiyum. FF”s president is I’taukei, its leader is itaukei, its VP is itaukei. Most of the ministers are itaukei. Most of the PSs are itaukei. Most of the CEO are itaukei.

  33. Khayium is the one who was instrumental in removing the GCC. What he knows about the respect, value and importance of GCC.PDP, NFP, FLP & Sodelpa will bring back the GCC.
    i taukei must understand that Khayium does not speak on behalf of the Indians perhaps he may be speaking and insulting the GCC on behalf of the Muslim or FF.
    FF is Kahyium. A vote to FF is a vote to Kahyium.

  34. NFP leader Biman Prasad has privately conceded that things are looking bad for the party and they might not win any seats although in public he puts on a brace face with his chamcha Dr Neelesh Goundar, the rookie academic. NFP will be condemned to the dustbin of politics for the third time. Poor Biman knows this.

  35. The Look North is critical (to create regional economic balance otherwise everyone from Vanua Levu will end up in Viti Levu) and every government must do it but we need money to pay for it . What we want to know is this idiot’s economic policy….all he talks about is spending and spending money and that’s how he has been running his program since 2007 with government debt exceeding $7 billion now. A country is just like a business, it cannot survive on capital expansion alone; it must make sales and profits to stay in business.

    The government budget this year has a huge deficit because of his ambitious capital program (an election budget obviously) which will be paid off partially by them wanting to sell off some public enterprises this year for over $400 million. People have to realize that the state of our government is a collective responsibility where everyone has a right to expect government sponsored public goods and services but we should also show concern for how government revenue is being generated to balance the books. Its unacceptable that the government continues to pay its expenses from debt while failing to grow the economy that will increase tax revenues as well as the ability to service future loan repayments. Clearly Frank’s government is good at spending money but is poor at growing the economy to increase the economic pie and national wealth for everyone to share. The irony is that he is good at building roads, bridges and rural infrastructure around the country side and giving freebies like free education but at the same time, the average person and household is getting poorer with declining real incomes and increasing cost of living.

    The national statistics confirm this. Poverty at 45% is the worst in the Pacific and in our history, unemployment is the worst ever. Tens of thousands of school leavers with decorated university degrees are joining the labour market every year but there are no jobs for them. Civil servants salaries (an private sector salaries as well) is around 30% less in real terms compared to 2006 yet Franks enjoys an increase of over 400% in his net income over the same period

  36. PM Qarase puts Illegal AG, Khaiyum, in his rightful place, on the position of the Great Council of Chiefs in Fijian society! How an infantile non indigenous person can even squirt his unwelcome thoughts, on something he has no right or mandate to make, is mindbogglingly dumb and stupid.
    Tis a simple matter of having the mana or legal and moral authority to be making pronouncements on matters of huge cultural significance to indigenous Fijians. And Khaiyum; you have absolutely nothing, zilch!!!

    Qarase Replies to Khaiyum – GCC
    Former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase responds to Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum’s comments about the Great Council of Chiefs in Saturdays Fiji Sun (12th July 2014)

    Listen to Qarase:

  37. Hahahahaha

    Any bullshit. Who was the one who said the chiefs can meet under the mango tree. Khaiyum was not in the picture the, but you cxan blame him. Blame him also for the fat cats taking all the lease money. Blame him for all the convicts in jail. Blame him for all the rape done by your people.

    You guys are full of blame game but no sense of accountability

  38. The LQ led Govt during the peeiod 2000 to 2006 borrowed a net of $1.5 billion. In contrast, the FB govt borrowed slighted less than $1b for the comparable 7 year period between 2007 to 2013.

    This a fact that most itaukei people must believe. Don’t be taken advantage of and lied by people who call themselves christains.

    Mick beddose borrowed money from NBF. He has the means to pay back the loan. He has not fully paid the loan for the last 15 years. Now, Mick is a big thief.

    As for poverty, the ADB is saying poverty declined from 35% in 2003 to 30% in 2009. They even go to say that it should be lower now with the 5 years of economic growth.

  39. why did frank get angry when he was questioned by chief in rewa,,,,,,on weds night….
    d head cant handle face to face debate

  40. I could not agree more with Sa oti na NFP.

    Biman or Bhe-maan as some would like to call him by his pet name made the biggest mistake to retain Kamal Ear who does not listen at all despite the fact that his name tells him to listen more. And than he has chamcha katta pani and know all Neelesh goundar who actually knowa nothing but brag about himself.

  41. Ro filipe tuisawau is one of the most racist politican. He also has not respect for his chiefs. Isn’t he the one who stood against his own chief in the last election.

  42. The itaukei people from the Nadroga province are devided as to their support for sodelpa and FFP.

    I find some people in their own privacy saying that they will support the governement for what they have done. Some are torn in between for their vanua and chiefs.

    We will know foe sure who will they vote on 17 sep. But we must not be mistaken that Frank has a large following amongst the itaikei grassroot.

  43. Sailosi
    Baku – thought he was just a voter posing questions to Frank & Kaiyum………exercising his right as a voter…..what’s ur problem?
    Indigenous rights is not racism…………you like the cry babies at the world cup

  44. Too little too late to be putting up youtubes since Q10’s actions whilst at helm of power spoke louder than anything he now utters on youtube. And whilst it was disappointing to see an itaukei leader lose the moral high ground, the last 7 years has clearly shown him up in lacking what it takes to be in high office even if sodelpa is able to catapult him back into the corridors of power – Q10 does not deserve public office.

    Same thing with Haryana donations. A real pity that Rajendra was not able to bring his influence to bear on his vengeful father and set him on the straight path but I suppose one just can’t when one just does not have what it takes… even to walk away.

  45. Rabuka removed a lawfully elected government of Dr Bavadra in 1987. The Great Council of chiefs made him a life member for his ac of treason.

    That started the downfall of GCC and they will never command the “aura” they had previously.

  46. Thank you PM Qarase. You speak substance, wisdom, inspiration, justice, hope and restoration. Those elements are the hallmarks of good leaders. Vorere and his criminals have prosecuted and sent you to gaol to justify his illegal takeover and cover up their lies and deceit. They have unjustly made new decrees to disqualify you from standing for parliamentary elections. They have destroyed Fiji’s high international standing and positive image. They have tortured our people, devastated many families and destroyed the moral fibre fo our society. They have done all that they can to demoralise you and other leaders and your followers. But here you are sir, strong, courageous, bold and always sensible and wise.

    Thank you for your excellent service to Fiji. Thank for your outstanding service to your people of Lau. Thank you for your kind consideration and actions for other provinces and the whole of Fiji’s plural society. We thank you and Leba. We thank your family. We thank God for you. May God bless you, your family and your many years ahead. Please know that we love you and respect you and we sincerely appreciate all you have done and what you stand for. Vinaka saka vakalevu.

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