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Why does Frank boast he’ll win all 50 seats?

July 9, 2014


This is what Frank’s Interim Government looks like, so what will his ‘elected’ government look like – it’s all down his ‘invites’

Bainimarama’s arrogant boast that he can win all 50 seats won’t surprise too many people. What else would we expect from a dictator who thinks his is the only view anyone should be able read in the media? But there’s more to it than that. He has to hand out places on the FF party list which will determine who on his list will actually get a seat in parliament. He assumes that his voting system means he can win more votes than he needs for one seat and then the other candidates will get his surplus votes in the order in which they are on the party list. So he has to give a number of higher places to Indo-Fijians or his government will look like his officer’s mess at QEB, a mono-ethnic sham. When we see the party candidates we’ll all be looking for how many credible Indo-Fijian candidates he can muster. Then when we see where he puts them on a list they will know how serious he is about them winning. He says he can win all seats – meaning they don’t need to worry about where they are on the list – but we know that’s not true, he knows it’s not true and the candidates all know it’s not true. The candidates will understand that their chances of winning will depend on when they get their invite and where they are on Frank’s (well we all know it will be Khaiyum’s) list.

Radio Fiji 8 July 2014 FijiFirst to announce candidates soon


2 thoughts on “Ex FDN

  1. Sure Fiji First will win all the seats. We cannot have some opposition thugs sniffing around parliament, demanding auditor general’s reports and other things nobody needs to see or know. Khaiyum has devised a three pronged approach to total election win: First, there are the bribes and the intimidation, second there are the party and elections decrees, all carefully designed to ensure Khaiyum is winning. Third, there is a fancy software package that the election minister controls……So don’t hold your breath, come and support Khaiyum we may throw you a few crumbs from our richly loaded table.

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