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UFDF Statement No 3 MB Response to BAINIMARAMA


SUBJECT:       Frank Bainimarama’s reported comments in Lami July 2nd Quote ‘that it was time they separated the truth from the lies. He said the campaigns now carried out by some political parties were all geared towards their opposition to the reforms being carried out by Government.
“They are united only by their determination to wind back the clock; to reject the advances of the past seven years and restore their own privileged positions at the expense of ordinary Fijians.”


Beddoes said Bainimarama’s fear of opposition parties ‘winding the clock back’ is based solely on his ‘blanket immunity’ and the inner fear that if he loses, the opposition could undo his immunity and he could end up in jail. This has to be a real possibility!


Beddoes said the truth is none of the political parties contesting the elections are taking part so they can ‘take the country back’ there is far too much hurt and misery in our past and all opposition parties I am sure are focused firmly on the future.


Beddoes said however, there was no getting away from that fact that if Fiji really wants to rid itself of coups, then the only way to do this is come to terms with the ‘truth’ of what happened in 1987, 2000 and 2006 and armed with the facts, take appropriate measures inclusive of a reconciliation process to ‘deal with’ the perpetrators, aiders and abettors affording them the full benefit of a defense and then put in place corrective measures and ensure sufficient deterrents are imbedded in the laws so that anyone contemplating ‘coup 5’ will want to think twice.


This is not ‘winding the clock back’ this is what a forward thinking, progressive and prudent government would do to ensure sustained stability and prosperity for all the people moving forward.


Beddoes said the only reason we would want to ‘wind the clock back’ would be to take our people back to a time in Fiji when:-


  • The rule of law meant something
  • When the vote of the people was respected
  • When the oath of one’s office meant something
  • When all human rights was respected and defended


Frank Bainimarama and Khaiyum cannot possibly offer such a sound and logical solution to stop coups because they are coup instigators themselves, so they are part of our problem; they are not by any stretch of the imagination the solution to our problems.


So long as they remain on the political landscape they will be a constant reminder that we reward the wrongdoers and that ‘armed intervention’ is a viable alternative to the ballot box.


Entering the political arena via the back door is not an experience that one can admirable or has value and credibility and it is certainly not a qualification we would want the next democratically elected Prime Minister to have.


That’s why they do not want to talk about it because anything they say can and will be used as evidence against them for when the time comes and it will come, eventually.


Frank keeps harping on about the advances his regime has made over the past 7 years and how the Opposition parties want to reject it, just so we can restore our privileged positions?


  1. Is his decision as Finance Minister to hide 7 years of the Audited Accounts on his spending from the taxpayers of Fiji part of the advances he refers to?
  2. Is the disgraceful condition of our Health Services today after 8 years under his absolute management and $61 million in capital expenditures injection of taxpayer’s funds part of the advances he is talking about?
  3. Is the unprecedented 193% [$5 m] salary increases for certain Permanent Secretaries part of the advances he speaks of?
  4. Or is the 169% increase in Capital Construction, Purchases and Grants and $52 m increase in salaries allocated to the military over the past 3 years alone part of the advance he refers to?
  5. Or is it perhaps the $3 m plus paid to QORVIS over the past 3 years, using taxpayers money to co-ordinate and promote the political image of Frank Bainimarama and Fiji First part of the advance he is talking about.


Beddoes said any economic advances that Frank would like to claim just gets us back to where we were when he decided to illegally remove an elected government in December 2006 for ‘fictitious’ reasons. This is ‘recovery’ not ‘advance’ so any suggestion that his government has advanced Fiji is ‘utter nonsense’.


Bainimarama has certainly advanced the lives of some individuals and companies with awards of some of the $2.7 billion spent by his government in Capital Constructions, Capital Purchases and Grants over the past 8 years. Who got the money, how transparent was the tender process? One only has to look at the sudden huge increase in new heavy duty vehicles on the roads to know who some of the recipients are that are doing very well under the Bainimarama government.


Beddoes said Bainimarama still cannot name just 1 ‘old’ politician of the past 8 years or longer who has been responsible for the same level of deaths, torture, destruction, corruption, nepotism, suppression and instability that he and other coup leaders have burdened the people of Fiji with.

He can’t because there is no one else who fits the bill but them.


Authorized By: Mick Beddoes


3 thoughts on “UFDF Statement No 3 MB Response to BAINIMARAMA

  1. Now this is more like it, lets talk facts instead of the bull crap rhetoric of winding the clock back. The only one who has benefited beyond doubt from the coup is Papa Pig and his brood…the blood sucking leech.

  2. Nice work Mick. You have the heart of a warrior. Unlike Frank and Khaiyum. They hide behind their security guards. If they were doing the great job they claim to be doing, they would not need security. As it is, they are now starting to realise that the game may soon be over.

    If they win the election, they can seek legitimisation from the courts for the past 8 years. This would ensure that coup culture remains a part of the Fijian fabric forever. If you control the military you control the Country. How can they claim to want to end the coup culture when they are coup criminals themselves? How can people be so blind to support them.

    A win for Fiji First would be the biggest loss and setback that Fiji has ever had. Anyone that thinks otherwise is free to do so. Time will provide the proof, but by then it will be too late.

    Vote for anyone other than Fiji First.

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