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Rabuka calls for poll support for a Fiji paramount chief

Updated at 7:44 pm on 7 July 2014

Former Fiji leader, Sitiveni Rabuka, has called on the people of Cakaudrove to support the paramount chief, Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu, who is to stand for the SODELPA Party in the September election.

Cakaudrove is Mr Rabuka’s home province and he asked the people to help return it to its glory days by backing the Tui Cakau.

The Fiji Times also reports that Ratu Naiqama called on the people from the province to make the right choices to bring about changes that will help them and future generations.


4 thoughts on “Ex RNZI

  1. Mr Rabuka has a vision in constructing a bridge to connect Taveuni to mainland Vanualevu. By supporting the Tui Cakau, SODELPA will than seek assistance from France to construct the longest bridge ever from Vanualevu to Gau, Koro and than to Suva.

    He could not do it when he was Prime Minister, but now as the mouthpiece for the Tui Cakau, he now thinks it is possible.

    SA RAUTA MADA ! Ni a tu ena Matanitu, e sega ni a bau caka e dua na ka. Sa Dri Yani

  2. Its so sad that people like Rabuka still want us to believe a lie and to perpetuate and institutionalise a lie. Maybe its one of his bright ideas after a golf game and follow up drinking party. Of all people, Rabuka should know the truth about the matter. There is no paramount chief of Fiji. There is no King of Fiji. If he is referring to Cakobau’s descendants, then he should be reminded of the following:

    1. Our colonial rulers created many titles and institutions to render the Fijian population under their legal control and subservience.
    2. The so-called King of Fiji was one such creation of our colonizers.
    3. The people of Bau should decide who their next chief is. But it will most certainly not be the King or Paramount Chief of Fiji.

    By the way, this idea of paramount chiefs was a British and colonial idea. There was no such thing in Fiji. Yes we had chiefs, lesser chiefs and more powerful chiefs. Even in Lau and Vanua Levu. The same can be said. Let’s get our history straightened up. These are myths being perpetrated by those who will benefit from such. Fiji is a group of inter related families by birth and marriages. Once upon a time, we were only the indigenous people. Then through time and inter marriage and commerce and trade, our Fijian society has become a wonderful mix and blending of blood, colours, customes and traditions from islands near and far. From Rotuma, Rabi, Kioa, Tonga, Samoa, Gilberts and Ellice ( Kiribati and Tuvalu), Sollomons, New Hebrides ( Vanuatu), Marshall and the Micronesian group, Wallis and Futuna, Hawaii, Aotearoa, Australia, India, China, UK, USA, Europe, Africa and other parts of the globe.

    Oh yes, talk about being blessed. Yes sir, We are so blessed to be a microcosm or mix of many nations becoming one nation, still trying to decide how best we can exist peacefully together. That multicultural diversity can be a blessing and not a cause for disunity. This is one the greatest challenge for our community and national leaders. It is also the proper and legal domain of our traditional chiefs and our indigenous population. And I remind Rabuka again, if he still has some faint longing for power and authority, please seek to unite us and not divide us. To do that, stand up for what is right and just and kind and true and pure and beautiful and fair and honourable. I wish him well.

  3. I am sorry I misread the above article. I realise Rabuka is speaking in support of the Tui Cakau, his big chief and rightly so. I am sorry I spoke out hastily. I support his action for the Tui Cakau and I hope our people of Vanua Levu will do the right thing and vote their paramount chief into Parliament to represent them and us. All the best to the Tui Cakau.

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