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Seruiratu still waiting for his invite

July 7, 2014

Lt-Col Seruiratu, one of the many military men in the interim Government, has admitted that he’s still waiting for his invitation to stand as a candidate for Fiji First. Bainimarama is still searching for high quality Indo-Fijian candidates. Military men have to wait while the window dressing to be finished before they step forward to claim a place. Frank hasn’t forgotten that his star Indo-Fijian Party Vice President, a worn-out FLP re-tread (who was talking about ‘old politicians’?) turned out to be a fraudster with convictions for false declarations. What does it tell us about the FF party that Seruiratu can’t even say he’ll be a candidate until he gets his invitation from the dictator?
Fijilive July 06, 2014 Seruiratu undecided on election


3 thoughts on “EX FDN

  1. Interesting! Natuva actually declared that he wanted to contest elections in April. Apparently he has not received an invitation either. The problem is that the Honourable Khaiyum needs a few of his mates in the upper echelon as he harbours a deep mistrust against the green goons with the guns. He knows full well that at the flick of a safety switch, his career could come to a very quick end.

  2. Thank you Aunty. For the record I do not have a deep mistrust against the green goons. My psychiatrist refers to it as “extreme paranoia”. Frank is easy to control because he is a moron but some of these other goons are not easily bought.

    My wife likes the green goons and security guards a lot. She said they only sleep in our bedroom when I am away because she is scared.

  3. Seruiratu should loose some weight first before he’s allowed to stand at the next elections. Otherwise one more term in office then he’ll burst, allow others to have their filth, he has had his these last 8 years!

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