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The Khaiyum/Bainimarama government’s complete failure in looking after ordinary Fijians.

What the politicians say

Margaret Wise
Saturday, July 05, 2014

Food prices – PDP will address this issue in our manifesto which will be released on July 12, 2014.

Education – It is not good enough to say there is free education when in fact that is false. It is free tuition and there are more costs involved when you talk about education and this includes paying for school uniforms, lunches and books. Secondly, the education system needs to be geared more towards the needs of our society. People’s Democratic Party will provide more resources towards skills-based training for students while they are in high school among other plans which will be released in our manifesto.

Unemployment – The high unemployment rate in Fiji today clearly shows us the Khaiyum/Bainimarama government’s complete failure in looking after ordinary Fijians. All their talk about progress, job creation and looking after the interest of workers is nothing more than cheap lies. In fact, this government has terminated more jobs and sent people home in the name of progress. This government has spoken about job creations at every opportunity but has in fact done more the opposite by adding more people to the unemployment lines. Record high unemployment and the reasons behind the numbers. The unemployment figures are at an all time record high and continue to grow steadily.

Sugar – The sugar industry was harvesting about 4.5 million tonnes of cane around 2006 and the latest figures for 2013 show that about 1.5 million tonnes was harvested. The drop clearly indicates that the sugar industry is in crisis and needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency. PDP will address this issue in our manifesto, which will be released on July 12, 2014.

Small business – Small business must be encouraged, supported and sustained. Unfortunately, the government has been very unfriendly towards small businesses. PDP will address this issue in our manifesto which will be released on July 12, 2014.

Roads, water supply – PDP will address this issue in our manifesto which will be released on July 12, 2014.


26 thoughts on “The Khaiyum/Bainimarama government’s complete failure in looking after ordinary Fijians.

  1. These statements are criminal and we will persecute the PDP for inciting disaffection with Khaiyum and his Rear Admirer. Our government has looked after the citizens really well, especially after those who support Khaiyum and do not complain about clause 15 (1) which entitles Khaiyum to take land away from lazy peasants who are unable or unwilling to use it.

  2. Isn’t felix responsible for part of the mess at FSC and also his good buddy, one mahen chor dury partly responsible for the sugar industry.

    Having said that, the sugar industry will never go back to producing 4m tonnes of cane as some of the best land has been sold for residential, commercial and tourism related projects.

    When one looks at the leadership of PDP, what have they done or achieved to date. They have started going to the farmers and promised free fertilizer. Who will pay for it.

    A good vote buying tactic but more smoke than fire in their promise.

    If they get 3% of the votes, that would be a great achievement.

  3. I wish to exercise my freedom of speech and state on this forum that there is only one party and this is a one horse race for the elections. Its Fiji First all the way.

    NFP, FLP and PDP will drown at the first bridge.

  4. You have to laugh at this clown every time he opens his mouth,

    “” It is not good enough to say there is free education when in fact that is false. It is free tuition “”

    May be time to go back to counting union dues.

  5. Oh poor simple Jooloom. You can express that kind of sentiment for free speech anywhere in Fiji as it kisses Khaiyum ass. This site is more useful for those that express freedom of thought and speech which is otherwise supressed in Viti.

    That is your choice to support illegal takeovers and coup culture. Good for you. Tell us why you support criminals. Tell us your logic. You have freedom here. All you are saying is you support criminals. You do not give any reason as to why. But then again those simple folk who have been sucked in by gfast talking criminals cannot express their reasons why they support coup culture. They just do because. Nice work Jooloom. Your mummy and daddy must be very proud of you. At least you can spell.

  6. Felix could not do anything to Bai and Khayium in 8 years so what he can do now. He could not even organise one trade ban. This could have brought down the illegal regime long long ago.
    How much money you ( Felix) made when he was in the board of FNPF.
    How much money you made a you were the chairman of the failed Momi Resort where million of FNPF MEMBERS fund was wasted. How much money you made from this corrupt dealing?

  7. When will be post of FTUC General Secretary be contested and filled. Why their is a delay?
    Is it reserved for Felix ANTHONY to return after he losses the election.
    ASK can you look into this please.

  8. Joolom of Doom,

    Who should we vote for:

    Sodelpa: supported previous coups

    FLP: supported 2006 coup

    NFP: never supported coup but will not make it to parliament with its promises to give candys and more candys without saying who will pay for it

    PDP: who supportes the coup and then kicked the poor for calling sanctions against fiji

  9. Who did the itaukei people support for the 2000 coup?

    Now are we saying that those who voted SDL are unethicals?

    People have their choice or freedom. On 17 september we have that again and people decide who they want.

  10. This is month of Ramzan, alla will not give any space to Mulla Arse Khaiyam and Mulli Anti Noor Bano

  11. All the hate here shows what we learn from our parents, teachers, religious leaders, elders.

    No wonder we are so divided and the politicans are not helping us.

  12. Where is sodelpa and FLP? They seem to have died.

    Looks like NFP will benefit from their hibernation

  13. @ Delana

    You are right. Fiji has a number of divisions and divisions within divisions. Every group wants to run the show. There is no unity.

    This has been exacerbated by an illegal regime holding power for 8 years. They could have selected people from the various groups and used them as a consultancy group IF they were genuine about reconciling Fiji. The AG has had a different plan all along. He has systematically played the groups off against each other. He has caused distrust and division like never seen before.

    Fiji needs a coalition government made up of various groups. We are already seeing a change in some of the groups who are now talking to each other. This has been brought about by the rampant corruption of the AG and the PM. Unity is forming in a collective dislike for what these two major criminals have done and are doing to Fiji.

    The major parties (leaving FF aside) are now starting to lessen this hatred for each other.

    It would be like an invasion from another planet. All of a sudden, nations who have long hated each other start to cooperate against a common foe. This illegal regime are helping Fiji to unite. Not be design but by their own treasonous and corrupt activities.

  14. As an itaukei, I have noticed that majority of the indo fijians support Frank. That support was initially because of Choro when he joined the Govt. However, now its because of putting all citizens as one, fijians.

    I think, the election will be decided by the itaukei votes. Most itaukei are silent and that is the dilemma.

    I cant wait for 17 september to know where fiji is heading.

  15. When will be election by FTUC to fill the vacant post of General Secretary left vacant by Felix Anthony to contest the election?
    It is more then three months now!!

  16. Adi Varanisese Tavaiqia – consultant, former trade representative to Taiwan is contesting the election under PDP. She was send by the illegal regime to TAIWAN. She had a good time for 5 years and did nothing for the country and returned. Another right off with no qualities like many i taukei on overseas mission.

    By L. Qarase, former Prime Minister of Fiji.
    The Prime Minister of Fiji, Rear Admiral (retired) Voreqe Bainimarama has declared that he receives an annual salary of $230,000-00 and allowances of $48,750-00, a total of $278,750-00.
    For the year 2006, as the last elected Prime Minister of Fiji, I received an annual salary of $106,967-000 and allowances amounting to approximately $18,000-00. This was a total of $124,967-00.
    This means that during the last seven years, on the basis of the just published information, the current Prime Minister’s salary increased by a massive $123,033-00 or 115%. His allowances went up by $30,750-00 or 170%.
    These huge increases are unprecedented since independence in 1970.
    And when one considers that inflation during the last seven years is around 45% Mr. Bainimarama’s real purchasing power is enormous. Also note that in a survey carried out in 2010/11 it was revealed that since 2007 paid employment declined by 3% while incomes declined by a massive 30%.
    A careful examination of the Prime Minister’s published income, assets and liabilities indicates that his declaration is incomplete and misleading. Income from term deposits and other savings are not shown in his income statement. His savings with the FNPF, which would be a significant part of his assets, are also not revealed. These could be in the order of up to $500,000.00, based on certain calculations. But at any rate he needs to declare them.
    In addition, with large salary inflows during the last seven years Mr. Bainimarama has very little “net assets” to show for it. Of course the statement of assets and liabilities as at a particular date would not reveal items such as gifts to children and other transfers.
    The persistence of reports that Mr. Bainimarama has been paid an annual salary of approx. $1.3million will remain in circulation unless there is full disclosure of his salaries from at least 2010 onwards.
    According to widely-circulated information, it was in 2010 that arrangements began for an accountant closely-related to one of Mr Bainimarama’s senior colleagues, to take responsibility for payment of ministers’ salaries.
    The people of Fiji who pay him and the ministers are entitled to be given the full details.
    Mr. Bainimarama now enjoys a luxury lifestyle that his predecessors could only dream about. He has achieved this at a time when hundreds of thousands of ordinary people are struggling to put food on the table. Salary increases are usually related to job performance. The extremely high remuneration package for the Prime Minister should be measured by this.
    However, some key economic and other national indicators portray a dismal picture of failure by the Prime Minister and his Cabinet. For instance, a recent media release from the Ministry of Labour stated that 30,000 people had registered with the Ministry as unemployed. Of this number 12,000 hold qualifications from the University of the South Pacific and other tertiary institutions. In other words, we are producing graduates who cannot find work.
    The number of people without jobs represents the highest unemployment figure since 1970.
    Poverty has increased alarmingly during the last seven years. It is estimated that people living below the poverty line total 45% or more of our population.
    The cost of living has soared over the same period. Some basic food prices have increased by more than 100%. This is the reality that poor families have to deal with each day as they try to meet their basic needs.
    Fiji’s economic growth for the last eight years to the end of 2014 is likely to be a mere 1.1% of gross domestic product (GDP) per annum. This would be the worst economic performance for any Government since independence.
    While the Prime Minister and the elite few in Government are busily amassing wealth, far too many of our citizens are getting poorer by the day.
    The people of Fiji should be reminded that in a parliamentary democracy, the salaries and allowances of Government Ministers, including the Prime Minister, are determined and approved by an independent Committee on Parliamentary Remuneration.
    In the case of the current unaccountable government, the salaries and allowances of Ministers, including the Prime Minister are, presumably, determined and approved by the Ministers themselves.
    The big increase in the Prime Minister’s salary as published is absolutely unwarranted in the light of his record of national failures.

  18. Bainimarama and his family are just a bunch of parasites on a short cut to hell!!

  19. Manoa Ratui – the Bainikaiyum regime is nothing more than a bunch of crooks. They not only stole power but also grabbed the public purse and have been helping themselves with it fronmthe day they illegally took over. That is why Fiji can ill afford to have them at the helm. They are not trustworthy with power and with money! They don’t have integrity and honesty is not their trait. Even the bribes they have been extending to voters for support is not from their own wallet but from state money. How corrupt and scandalous!!

  20. What a load of Bullshit from the bullshit society of bullshit publicity , bullshit people.Maybe Franks done few wrongs , but for fiji he is done a lot of basic improvements. Roads electricity water !!, vote buying , oh please you think the old politicians didn’t do it over the head. Qarase sent container loads of stuff to people in lau, agri scams , fdb scams , stop pointing fingers and see the past and learn from it. Why are people so one sided of the story. You want to judge , listen both ways before you speak. For crying out load, this is not about race religion or color of your skin , it’s about looking ahead , look what has been don and what can be done by you , for your country. Not for your pockets!!

  21. And you see improvements , why you turning your head away and ignoring it. Public servents , were not public servents , they were servents of their own pocket. Still are because your can’t fill your pockets , u blame those who have the intention of making things right and justified. Yeah your pocket is going empty because you cant bribe some Indian or the Indian can’t bribe you , fear of getting caught. Yeah bugger , still happening , I know for a fact because I have paid to get something done.proof …go to hell

  22. Fiji Born i fear you represent the ignorant electorate. The ones that don’t see that we have not been shown where the improvements are from as they do not have Public accounts. That a commonsense would tell us that the help of a professional brand/image management organisation like QORVIS would ensure that if they are to take and abuse power they must fool the people by giving them good distractions like unaccountable developments. Developments that i must say mostly took off in the last 2 years and in the last budget in particular to prepare for the elections,

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