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// Land policies urged before Fiji elections | Radio New Zealand News//

Land policies urged before Fiji elections

Updated at 5:12 am today

The Citizens Constitutional Forum in Fiji is urging politicians to clearly outline their policies on the controversial issue of land before September’s election.

The CCF’s head Reverend Akuila Yabaki says land has been an underlying issue in Fiji’s coups, and many people have expressed concern about the loss of iTaukei control over land set out in the 2013 Constitution.

He says just three months out from the election, the issue has hardly been touched by political parties, and politicians must start talking with their supporters and relevant stakeholders.

“We are encouraging politicians to start engaging with the landlords and tenants, the iTaukei Land Trust Board. We need some clearly researched proposals so that we can find solutions, as the history of land issues in this country is having an effect of instilling fear and creating uncertainty among land owners and tenants.”

Reverend Akuila Yabaki says the CCF plans to run a forum, with all political leaders present, to come up with collaborative solutions.



9 thoughts on “Ex RNZI

  1. Good on you Rev Yabaki…hundreds of thousands of us especially the hard done by Taukeis are strongly behind your proposal as we are aggrieved deeply and stirred up fervently by the illegal Govts temerity to strip us of our rights to our land our links with past history, links with encestors and our tribes…lands stamp our identity as Taukei and our belonging to a particular community……if it stays like this it will fester and end up with an explosive situation that will wreck our country…we can resolve it by returning to our past arrangements where we as Taukei land owners have strong rights under the constitution to determine what is to be done to our land…not the PM or anybody.

    If anybody wants to use our land we the owners must first be fully consulted to agree before any developments take place. There can be no compromise

  2. Yabaki is barking up the wrong tree,,,,,,,,,problem is decrees and 2013 constitution are imposed and he shud say that ,,,,,,,,,,,

  3. Rev Yabaki needs to say something about Section 15 (1) of the Land Use Decree, which is not only a policy, it’s a law. Section 15 (1) denies access to the courts landowners whose land is leased for up to 99 years without just compensation.

    Rev Yabaki has a lot of ground to make up. After a shameful acquiescence in the early years, he spoke up about the imposed Constitution but he should also condemn all laws which deny access to courts for people who think Government Ministers have applied the law wrongly.

    It’s bad enough we have rigged courts. Why should parties be denied the opportunity to argue their case in open court?

    This is the signature of dictatorship. The first aim of all parties must be the abolition of this dictatorship and the second to commit to dialogue with all parties, landowners, tenants, investors, the BLV and civil society groups to find just, sustainable approaches to getting more land into production.

  4. Work on the land , stop demanding for it you lazy landowners , what’s the use of land when you planting para grass on it. Yabaki is old fart and stubborn , can’t you see the intentions are value to landowners for development purpose so that fiji can be sel sufficient . What land caita , land you can’t even plant and admire and tell you neighbor you own this much land then demand exhobant amounts when people want to lease it for your own good. Damn people don’t want to progress , stay in your hole forever dog.

  5. Fiji Born
    Great attitude baiya.
    Your lease is hereby cancelled.
    You show a great example of ignorance and anti kai viti attitude 100% …..
    Please try to come to my village, make a sevusevu, have a discussion around kava to get rid of your racist ignorance,,,,,,
    Keep praying to hanuhan bro for land

  6. Article 15 (1) is quite clear: It gives the AG and the PM the right to do whatever they want with any piece of native land and their decisions cannot be challenged in court. These provisions are necessary because although we have a good grip on the judiciary, there is always a risk that some stupid judge develop their own ideas. Better not to leave things that are really important for us to the courts. Other countries actually have the same legal provisions. In New Zealand for instance, decisions made by the PM cannot be challenged in court.

  7. To those of you who object to the Taukei’s land ownership and how they develop their land there are many choices available to you. Firstly if it so uncomfortable for you, please leave Fiji and return to India or to where ever your ancestors came from,

    We the Taukeis will for ever live here as we like and we will at the end create it so uncomfortable for people like EyeArse to continue their attacks on us that they will be eliminated from our native land by voluntary out migration or forced out by any means

  8. Support FLP pls. Say no to NFP and other parties.

    NFP candidates are talking to join FF after Elections.

    Itaukei pls think carefully before u vote for NFP.

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