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Bad Laws need regular changes.


Anthony has to declare his assets and liabilities

Wednesday, 02/07/2014

People’s Democratic Party leader Felix Anthony

The People’s Democratic Party leader Felix Anthony believes that they are excluded from declaring the assets and liabilities under the Political Parties Amendment Decree by July 29th although it is clearly stated in the decree that they will have to comply by the deadline.

In a press conference in Lautoka earlier this afternoon, Anthony said the amended decree will not affect them in declaring their assets and liabilities.

Anthony said the decree only states they will only have to declare their assets and liabilities when they stand for elections.

However the amended decree does cover people like Felix Anthony who are yet to make their declaration.

The Political Parties Amendment Decree clearly states that any person who, on or before 30th June 2014, was appointed as an office holder or a registered officer of a political party and who has not provided the Registrar with a statement containing the required information, shall within 30 days from 30th June provide the declaration of assets and liabilities in respect of that person, his or her spouse and children.

The party officials should provide a statement containing their total assets whether in Fiji or abroad, the total income in Fiji or abroad and the source of such income, any business connections, any directorships, any gifts received, any assets acquired by each of them whether in Fiji or abroad during the period to which the statement relates and the liabilities incurred or discharged by each of them.

Any person who fails to comply with the requirements or provides any information that is false, commits an offence and shall be liable upon conviction to a fine not exceeding $50,000 or to a term of imprisonment not exceeding 10 years or to both.

People like NFP President, Tupou Draunidalo, NFP Leader, Doctor Biman Prasad and General Secretary, Kamal Iyer will have to declare their assets and liabilities by 29th July this year.

This also applies to PDP President, Lynda Tabuya, PDP Leader, Felix Anthony and General Secretary, Aman Ravindra Singh.

They will have to do the same for their spouse and children.

Fijivillage has raised the issue with the People’s Democratic Party after Anthony’s statement in Lautoka.

They have said that they will respond tomorrow.



76 thoughts on “Bad Laws need regular changes.

  1. Surely he understood he was required to do this.

    The lack of understanding or deliberate attempt to flout the rules are not exactly good credentials for the leader of a political party. Things have not really started yet and here we already have an example of of the way some are going to work.

  2. What about Khayium’s salary?
    Khayium was getting $55,000 per annum at Colonial.
    When he joined the illegal government he was paid $75,000 which eventually increased to multiple salary.

  3. The illegal A.G has made and illegal 2013 constitution which was thrust on the people.
    The illegal A.G. has made over 450 decrees without consultation of the people.
    Everyday we here of this illegal government making decrees without consultation of the people.
    When will this illegal act finish!
    When will the people wake up to the reality that is happening.
    We need another coup to clean up the regime.

  4. Felix must declare so everyone knows how much money he made from FNPF when he was thee chairman of the failed Momi project where million of dollars of FNPF members fund was wasted. Felix is no different from Bai and Khayium. They are birds of thee same feathers.

  5. Dr Neelesh Goundar from Usp was seen campaigning with Biman. Picture was also on this blog site.

    He supports Biman about Vat reduction. Its true that Vat reduction will put more in everyones pocket but who and where with govt get money to fill in the hole of more than $250m.

    What Neelesh says and what Biman says is only true if Govt deficit and debt will rise by $250m or one quarter billion dollars. Biman also say he will raise pay for teachers and police officers. Where will the money come.

    More debt, more loans.

    Unless he will cut civil servants or raise personal and corporate taxes.

    Biman is turning out to be a good politican by telling half truths.

  6. pity this loud mouth with very little substance is being fcked over by AG who knows his own laws

    felix needs to lift his game to be relevant now in new space without MPC to hold his hand

    good for fiji a new polictical environment is coming up

  7. Honest people will not object to declaring anything , only con artist will object from the truth that included everyone running for power. Why are you defending yourself and always go on opposition , oppose and fight being honest about it. Why say you first , why cant you say ok Iam first then you. If he has the guts , show him your finance and shut him up , then u stand on solid ground and yell at him , your turn. If you are honest enough. Otherwise you are not better that anyone, hiding behind decrees.

  8. Fiji first.

    50% itaukei will vote for Fiji first.
    40% itaukei will vote for sodelpa
    10% will vote for nfp, flp, pdp, or spoil their votes

    80% of indo-fijian will vote FF.

    Landslide victory for FF.


    Stable government needed
    07:29 Today

    Reserve Bank Deputy Governor
    Taken from/By: FBC NEWS
    Report by: Ritika Pratap
    *A stable government is needed after the elections in order for the Fijian economy to grow positively. *
    Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji – Arif Ali said in the past five months the economy has performed really well.
    Ali believes the terms and policies currently in place need to continue.
    “We all know elections will happen on the 17th of September… but I think the more important issue is not having elections but having a stable government after elections. And I think not only a stable government after the elections but making sure that there is no immediate reversal or withdrawal of government policies and incentives, because that will really tick off a lot of businesses and that will really harm the economy. So that is big risk we’ve already had a lot of political parties come out and talk about the changes they will have…but that involves a lot of risk.”
    – See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/21097/stable-government-needed#sthash.DKmTszZl.dpuf

  10. Anthony should just declare and shut up. Otherwise my nephew has to work overtime again and write another decree specifically targeted at Anthony. And the boy is already overworked with his 8 different jobs….

  11. The calibre of these politicians leads a lot to be desired. Can’t read or understand something so simple what chance has Fiji got.

  12. Arif Ali. Please we are sick and very worried that the likes of you, Barry Whiteside, Jitoko Tikolevu, Fili Waqabaca and Aisake Taito have long lost the professionalism we use to associate with those august institutions. They just didn’t have the mettle in the first place, because they were always mediocre. Man you guys are just plainly sucking balls and got your tongues deep into the Aiyaz’s stink a’hole. Whichever new govt comes in please get rid of this overrated, incompetent idiots! But I suppose they will lick and suck up to whichever new govt. comes into power. Is this what we are leaving behind to our young upcoming generation.i.e suck balls and lick a’holes and you will find your way and stay at the top. Sa qai so na tamata cicilevu.

  13. With such disgusting filth that you spew Siwa do you actually believe that anyone is going to take you seriously? A great example of how the likes of you will remain where you are with no voice.

  14. Khaiyum’s continuation of writing the election rules and being the general secretary of a political party contesting the elections is wholly unfair and a direct conflict of interest. Khayium should do the right thing and step down as Minister of Elections. Furthermore, the Fiji First leader and AG need to be transparent and accountable to the people of Fiji by producing the Auditor General’s report since 2006.

  15. Siwa
    You make an ass of yourself to use Siwa’s name.

    Truth hurts. Why can’t you just look around and see what’s happening in terms of development, the people at shopping malls etc tells that a lot about the state of the economy.

    But you can’t see the truth. You tunnel vision lialia.

    Go jump off your roof if you can face the truth.

  16. I will change everything. I am a smart professor. I also have PR for NZ and my family has citizenship there.

    Give me an opportunity and I will build an international airport in Bua near my rice field.

  17. So if retirement age goes to 60, it means I may be unemplyed for 5 years.

    Gosh, I thought Prof Biman was smart, I now realise he is just sugar quoting to get into parliament.

    No vote for NFP from me.

  18. Really sad ……………. some new politicians still don’t know the rules!!!

  19. Bia/ Khayium have ruled for 8 years.
    We need a change.
    8 years of corruption, nepotism and bad governance.
    8 years of illegal decree and illegal constutuion.
    No auditor general’s report since 2006.
    Why Bai/ Khayium want to hang on to power??

  20. Biman is running scared of Fiji first.

    Can he tell people the truth that his wife and children are NZ citizens. Can he honestly tell the people that he PR for NZ.

    Can he tell people that he uses people like Neelesh USP and his nephew who is lecture at FNU to openly support him even though they should not.

  21. Mr Anthony is rather quiet today, is the ego having some time off so we do not have to hear more rubbish.

  22. Khaiyum has not disclosed his incomes and assets from his Latifa Investments Ltd he runs with ‘mummy’.
    How much is Aunty Nur Ali Bano paid to write out the salaries?

  23. The salary, asset and liabilities provided by Bainimarma and Khayium are cooked up figures BY AUNTRY NUR..
    TO KNOW THE TRUTH THE AUDITOR GENERAL’ S report is critical.
    What is the FNPF contribution since 2006.
    What is the asset in company and trust account?
    This must be fully investigated as these are not correct information.

  24. @Siwa

    You are spot-on with your comments.

    Some of these guys holding top positions in RBF,
    FIRCA, are not worthy of their positions, both in terms of technical expertise and personal qualities.

  25. Siwa, you may wish to confirm which NFP official approached the same RBF staff in MH while shopping to support NFP. When advised that he can’t be seen with the party, this official said he will pick him in his own car or send a taxi.

  26. Is NFP running scared? Their numbers in the polls has not been great. Attar and his gang went to wailoku and there was hardly 20 people there.

    Not Fit 4 Parliament Or NFP will not win a single seat. Just like it did in 1999 and all elections after that. After this elections, they will be out for 20 odd years. Time to close shop and let FLP run the race.

  27. Don’t worry ff and flp nfp will win the largest number of seats. No amount if personal attacks on NFp leader will do any good to any one of you on this blog. The new Nfp leader is the best we have got after so many years. People of Fiji know this

  28. New leader of NFP? Another lie.

    Wasn’t Bima leader for 2 days and he wee wee or poo poo in his pants and resigned.

    Or did the aeroplane biman crash landed!

  29. Can you pls check what % of votes Biman got when he lost the election.

    Wasn’t Biman a FLP supporter once?

    NFP will not get 5% of the votes cast. Biman has hijacked the party and attar singh is very angry. Biman gave pracilla singh, wife of attar singh a seat as things was getting very hot at princes road

  30. Kamal Iyer is the one calling Dr Mahen Reddy “kanua” on all the blog sites.

    Maybe, kamal should check his own record since being with NFP where it has not won a single seat since 99.

    He should stand in the election and see how many votes he will get.

  31. comments regarding Prof Biman, Kamal, Attar and other NFP members can be understood (and mostly from opposition) but they cannot see how fast NFP is gaining ground and likely to be a force in these elections. NFP has credible people unlike other parties.

  32. Joejoe

    Samething was said in 99, 01 and 05.

    Result no seat for failed party.

    Attar was leader in case you forgot.

  33. Kanwa Mahen looks at everything with one eye. He is an opportunist like Ganesh. These two have joined Muslim party -FF.
    Why Kanwa has not resigned from FNU and Commerce Commission.
    Ganesh made everyone to resign why not kanwa!

  34. Anon.

    Are you referring to your father Mahen Chodo Chaudhry?

    A known convicted criminal and a fraudster allegedly..

  35. Annon 10.50

    Your nfp candidate Eci N has not resigned FNU to join NFP so stop lying.

    As for DR reddy handicap, I pray that your child or grandchild has one eye and then I want you to say the same thing.

  36. Biman is the real opportunist as Attar, parmod rae and raman pratap worked so hard since 2006 but aeroplane came just now to take glory.
    That’s a fact NFP.

  37. It seems Biman’s popularity is hurting many. What other reason would there be so much gutter politics written in the last 24 hrs. Mahendra Reddy and the chorwa leader and his lost son Felix are famous for such low level politics. Isn’t it true that Mahendra Reddy was a labour supporter until he was wooed by Aiyaaz. Some habits don’t die so, all those comments against NFP and Biman are seen using the same names, style and messages- those of desperate liars who have lied to the Indians for over 20 years. Wake up, your time is. stop going around in the community spreading fear, lies and begging for votes. It was seen that chorwa was seen at a wedding at 11pm demanding that the sound system be switched off so that he could talk or rather beg for votes. It was heard that Mahendra Reddy was spreading fear amongst Muslims of voting against ff. you think these people are true leaders!

  38. From Fiji sun:

    Question of
    Professor Wadan Narsey, Suva
    Fiji Sun (3rd July 2014) carries a hilarious story by Rosi Doviverata in which Mr Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum (Attorney-General for the Bainimarama Government) is reported as ridiculing the leader of the PDP (Mr Felix Anthony) for not understanding a “very basic piece of law… written in very plain English” that even journalists were able to understand and explain to Anthony.
    When the public have stopped laughing at a line straight out of Animal Farm, they might like to ask Mr Sayed-Khaiyum whether he (as a qualified lawyer) and Rear Admiral (Retired) Bainimarama (former Military Commander sworn in allegiance to the government of the day) fully understood what the basic law was saying in plain English when the 2009 Court of Appeal judgment declared the Bainimarama Government to be illegal and ordered them to hand over to a civilian government.

  39. Desperate leader

    Who is hardly above the 5% in the poll by both fiji times ansd fiji sun? Isn’t he getting desperate? What if what NFP doesnt make it once more. Signs of desperation by NFP.

    You will see that Dr mahen will poll more votes than thew combined total of NFP.

  40. Mahen Reddy kanwa is an opportunist. This guy sees everything with one eye. Kanwa was paid by the Guji’s to keep his mouth shut on the price of hardware items. The Guji’s make up to 300 % on hardware price.He only makes noise but in reality he and ASK will be wiped out in a free and fair election.
    No South Indians and youths will vote for kanwa.

  41. A vote to FF is a vote to Khayium.
    A vote to FF is a vote to taliban and illegal rule.
    A vote to FF is a vote to Muslim party -FF.
    A vote to FF is a vote to destroyer of Methodist church – Khayium
    A vote to FF is a vote to destroyer of GCC – Khayium.

  42. Hahahahahaha

    When the votes for FF is counted it will be 12-15 times the muslim vote. Maybe then you will realise the support FF has.

    But I guess that as NFP supporters you will think you will get the majority votes just like the last 2 decades. Maybe, some of you have a worse eyesight and and blinded by your support for Not Fit 4 parliament party.

    You are forgiven.

  43. 3 new nfp candidates. Guess what. There is another muslim candidate for NFP. That makes them a taliban party.

    So now we have 3 taliban party as FLP has 2 candidates as well.

    And sodelpa also has 1 muslim candidate so that’s 4 taliban party. Hoooop hooop horay

  44. Arif Ali lacks economics knowledge, he has an MBA..promoted becos he is a Muslim…he will go to Naboro…

  45. Indians have only one choice of a lifetime and that to vote Prof Biman Prasad. If Indians don’t unite and vote for NFP then it will be end of Indian representation in Parliament ever again.All other “Indian” parties are all tainted and have been with Frank and ASK at some point or the other. NFP is the only party that remained impartial, honest, ethical and never jumped in with any coup maker for any gain. Other parties did and are now begging for votes.

  46. Annon 5.59

    What bulshit.

    Pls go check Ariff credentials. He was promoted under Governor Kubuabola, governor Narube, Governor Reddy and Governor Whiteside.

    Go find out more about his undergraudate and USP results. I understand he was one of the top students.

    Guess you must be plain jealous of him. I understand he can even teach your NFP leader Biman about economics as he is just a text book economist.

    I have dealt with him and know he has a very good knowledge of macroeconomics. Maybe Biman should debate with a real economist. He will teach Biman 1 or 2 basic things.

  47. Papa Pig thinks that all Indians in Fiji owe him otherwise they would have all run away overseas…so much for the one Fiji one people catch call.

  48. SSL, my friend studied engineering and is an investment banker. He is not an engineer.

    If Biman has studies economic and is teacher, he is an academic. He is not an economist. Now he is a politican.

    I googled Arif ali. He has an undergraduate degree in Economics with honours and a MBA. He is working for the central bank, so he is a practicing economist.

    I also looked up the RBF website and saw the presentation he made recently. Boy, he has also the data to show how the economy has been faring. All backed by facts and that’s the difference.

    It seems to me that NFP is putting its energy on Biman portraying a dismal performance of the economy and laying his qualification to take it up. However, the reality is the economy is already doing very well and I agree with Arif that fiji has been able to achieve a lot without the support of our traditional partners. Maybe, hard for NFP and Biman to swallow, but they have to otherwise they can bite their tongue.

    Lastly, this election will in my view not be won or lost on the issue of economy but on the issue of safety and security of indians against the security of the itaukei people with regards to their land.

  49. NFP had around 30 people when it announced the 3 candidates in Ba today. If you exclude the people who came from Suva, including the big mouth Kamal Iyer, the number of local people who attended was around 20 only.

    Biman looks a worried man. Normally a calm guy, he sounds more like a fiery unionst like attar singh.

  50. This election is a 2 horse race: sodelpa vs Fiji first.

    No other party will win a single seat. They will only spoil the votes. The more opposition parties, the more the split the votes destined for FLP and NFP.

    My theory will be proven correct on 17 Sep.

  51. Rajendra chor dury said that Dr rohit kishore has australian citizenship. Arvind dutt has Aust PR. Is it true that Biman has NZ PR or only his wife and children has NZ citizenship?

  52. Arif undergraduate is from some unrecognised Malaysian university, he lacks basic economics. His presentations are prepared by other staff at RBF…

  53. Can USP investigate Biman Prasad’s boy Dr Nilesh Goundar’s involvement in politics please? I believe he is in breach of USP policy.

  54. Dr Neelesh Goundar has the right to be anyone’s cherry. It is his human right. Just because he is employed by USP it doesn’t take his rights away as a human being who chooses to support a party of his choice.

  55. Dear Annon at 8.21 am, you sound so much like a particular supporter of Mahen Reddy by the name of Paddiyachi who is a pathetic and failed primary school teacher. Why is there so much passion to know about Biman. Doesn’t having a Fiji passport, working in Fiji prove enough. Instead of using energy to discredit Biman, find out what your dear friend Mahen did in Sakota in disguise of helping the poor.

  56. Annon 8.32

    You must be the right ball of Biman.

    His phd is on rice farmers in vanua levu.
    His papers are written by his students.

    His economics knowledge is limited as shown by his views where its nothing but text book.

  57. Prof Wadan

    Can you pls confirm if it was Biman as Dean of the School of Economics that did not support you enough when your contract was not renewed.

  58. Boy oh boy. Seems campaigners have no where to go or no one turns up at your meetings. Right FF boys. Don’t waste your energy in discrediting Biman and NFP. Try instead telling your supporters how great an economist Mahen Reddy is. You may have to create big lies about his study, research and publications. Wait a minute, you can say much about how he messed up much though like the prices of items, fuel, the minimum wage saga, and how he tries to intimidate females at FNU and in Sakoca.

  59. How come one rule for Dr Neelesh Goundar and one rule for others. Gosh, is Neelesh above Board.

    Is this how NFP operates.

    And what has Kamal to say about asking someone to compromise his independance?.

    Biman is really frustrated. He is panicking already. He gives lectures as everyone is his first year students. He was clearly dissappointed after seeing only 35 in Ba, less than 30 people in Lautoka and even lower in Suva yesterday.

    The truth is that their usual followers are leaving them in droves.

    He is throwing all out, sink and kitchen.
    He is not giving any opportunity to others like Attar, parmod, Tupou etc

    He is guided by a big mouth named Kamal Ear!

  60. Biman Prasad was mahen reddy’s mentor at USP. Don’t forget that. mahen Reddy did not learn what he was taught and fuck up everything as commerce commission chairperson.

  61. Guru

    Wadan was Biman’s senior. Does that mean that wadan should have been Dean and not biman.

    We all know who Biman was sucking upto to get the position of the Dean.

    NFP will again be wiped out in this elections. The oldest party who have been out od Parliament for the last 15 years will die a natural death.

    Moce Not for Parliament party.

  62. There is no comment that Mr ali said people should support Fiji First Party.

    Both Biman and Wadan are barking at the wrong tree.

  63. We don’t know who Biman was sucking up to for dean’s position. we know he got it on merit. We do know Mahen Reddy suck up to regime to become commissioner of commerce commission and now he is Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum’s junior boy, whom he suck up to for a FijiFirst Party ticket.

  64. sucker come and suck my dick bitch. whoever wrote allah ke sliced laund should insert his needle prick in his mother. you guys are assholes who will always break unity in fiji. go and suck each other and siwa too..poofters

  65. hahahaha..lol…seriously some people here are trying to break unity in fiji..some people are so racist..they should just go and hang themselves seriously man.

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