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NFP wants apology from Bainimarama for alleged racist remark

Updated at 7:38 pm on 1 July 2014

The leader of the Fiji National Federation Party is calling for the Prime Minister, Rear Admiral Frank Bainimarama, to apologise to Indo-Fijians for a comment he made about the community last week.

The Sydney Morning Herald, which had a journalist on Rear Admiral Bainimarama’s campaign trail around Viti Levu, says it asked him why he had not responded to requests for a debate from a rival party leader.

It says the Prime Minister responded, quote, “He’s an Indian, without me he wouldn’t even be sticking around.”

Biman Prasad says he knows the comment was directed at him as he challenged the Prime Minister to a debate about Fiji’s economy in March, with no luck.

Dr Prasad says the comment is uncalled for.

“We feel that it was a highly irresponsible statement on the part of Mr Bainimarama. I will ask him to apologise to me personally and indeed to the Indo-Fijian people in this country. It is an outrageous comment and we strongly condemn it.”

Biman Prasad says he still welcomes a debate with the Prime Minister.

16 thoughts on “Ex RNZI

  1. Ifthats the case then why do a coup……who are you sticking up for?…just you and khaiyum?…..

  2. Apologizing is the last thing Papa Pig will do…the world is simply not part of his vocabulary.

  3. Bha’s comments is hardly surprising knowing how morally corrupt he is, how intrinsically a liar he is how he has lied through his teeth about his reasons for his coup which we all now know was to protect his backside rather than to bring about justice and equality in Fiji. He is using Indo Fijians and racial differences to play Taukeis against Indo Fijians to get support from Indo Fijians.

    I never believe that he is serious about making Indo Fijians feel at home in Fiji. Fiji I know pre-Independence vs post independence are very different…by 2006 there was plenty of understanding and feeling of one-ness in everybody in Fiji …not perfect but people were forging one-ness freely gradually by choice….then Bhai came and forcefully brought changes that were forced on people…largely against the Taukeis…which were having anti impacts on Taukeis against others.

    He is basically a racist. His off the cup comments against Indians at an unguarded moment exposes his basic true attitudes…a racist who preaches and wants us to think that he is a saviour to Fiji Indians. This is a big lesson to all Indo Fijians…do not support a dangerous enemy of your community in Bhainimarama.

  4. Thanks PM for clarifying your position. We all share your reservation with regard to the Indian community. We all believe that they owe you big time as for the first time in Fiji’s history we have a truly race free society!

  5. Only Muslims need to be thankful to Bainimarma. Majority Hindus do not like Bainimarma and Khayium and will vote for NFP and FLP.
    Hindus and Muslims never had the trust on one another. Muslims as Hindus say can never be trusted. As evident today Muslims only know their brotherhood.
    I suggest that people look at history regarding Hindus and Muslims. FF is a Muslim party.Muslims have made millions from this illegal regime.
    Bainimarma must apologise to the Indian community. Indians have always lived together with i taukei. Bainimarma and Khayium are only for their political career. These two have committed TREASON. These two are corrupt and filling their pockets.
    Their removal is inevitable as CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM AND BAD GOVERNANCE has been a hall mark for the last 8 years of illegal rule.

  6. To all SODELPA election candidates, read Niko Nawaikula’s story ( in link below) on their campaign and discussions with villagers in Vanua Levu, to inform you of the materials you can use in discussions with voters in your areas of campaign. Please leave behind printed copies in the Fijian langusge and encourage the people to further discuss with families and fellow villagers to fully understand the evils of the current illegal Govt and their officials.

    I PLEAD WITH YOU CANDIDATES IN NAITASIRI AND TAILEVU TO ESPECIALLY USE SUCH MATERIALS WITH VILLAGERS as widely as possible as a few of them are still dazzled by the Sawani-Serea new highway being built and other bribery so called gifts from the treasonous Bainimarama


    Niko Nawaikula
    June 30 at 4:30pm • Edited
    CAMPAIGN 2014

  7. Maleka, that shows those Indians who were literally spruiking love for him in that article, what type of person this idiot motherfarker is. The way those Indians sang praise for him, I would mind Frank winning, only to turn on them at his convenience. hahahahahahahha

  8. The policy of this dictatorship is the removal of all rights of the taukei to their customary institutions, their land and all that hold them distinctly as an ethnic group with its identity. It is called mainstreaming & it is boldly expressed in the peoples charter and Fijis report to the UN.
    Despite the UN disagreement the Dictatorship has passed many laws and continue to do so in its mainstreaming exercise. They include :
    1. The Fijian affairs GCC regulation of 2007 to suspend the GCC.
    2. The GCC amendment decree of 2008 to terminate GCC nominees to the Fijian Affair Board to be replaced by govt appointees.
    3. The Fijian Affair ( Provincial Councils ) amendment regulation of 2008 to terminate attendance at Provincial Councils of educated urban I taukei.
    4. The Fijian Trust Fund ( amendment ) Decree No 2 of 2009 that terminated the GCC as appointing authority for the Fijian Trust Board & replacement by government.
    5. The Native Land Trust (amendment ) decree No 31 of 2009 to terminate the appointing authority of the GCC to the Native Land Trust Board and its replacement by government alone .
    6.The Native Land Trust (amendment ) Regulation of 2010 that terminated the share of royalty income for the chiefs.
    7. The Mahogany Decree No 16 of 2010 that terminated NLTBs power and authority over mahogany leases & NLTBs power to fix & negotiate financial return on Mahogany and its replacement by a council headed by Bainimarama & Kaiyum.
    7.The Surfing Areas Decree No 25 of 2010 that terminated control of surfing areas by Itaukei & their trustee Tltb vesting all rights under the Director of Lands.
    8. The Fijian Affair (amendment ) Decree No 31 of 2010 that took away “Fijian ” as their name replaced by i Taukei.
    9 The Native Land Trust (Amendment ) Decree No 32 of 2010 that removed the President as chiefly representative & chairman of Tltb Board and replacement by the Prime Minister.
    10. The Land Use Decree No 36 of 2010 that gives to the Prime Minister unfretted power to designate native land to a land bank to be administered by the land use unit & Director of lands.
    11.The Native Land Trust (amendment ) Decree No 20 of 2010 that terminated the GCC authority over extinct mataqali land.
    12. The Native Land Trust (amendment ) Decree No 20 of 2012 that terminated the power of the GCC to determine customary ownership of extinct mataqali land.
    13 The Taukei Affairs(amendment ) Decree No 22 of 2012 that terminated the existence of the GCC.
    14. The Taukei Trust Fund (amendment ) Decree No 23 of 2012 that terminated the GCC administrative power of the Fijian Trust Fund.
    15. The 2013 Constitution that removed the entrenched provisions allowing the government of the day to change native land legislation without first obtaining the prerequisite prior consent of native owners
    These laws are proof to you of the illegal governments intentions so do not be blinded by gifts parcelled out as development. Our only chance is on 17 September to defeat this evils & we do so by our votes. This is the only way we are getting our message to you because we have been denied the radio, newspaper, &TV.
    Our visit is not just campaign. It is also to educate you to be aware and appreciate the risks to your right as Indigenous people . Because if we lose we must have a fallback position which is to continue to fight in all means allowed under our laws until our rights are fully restored as the UN has directed.
    We simply cannot afford to lose. SODELPA has it in its manifesto to restore the GCC & remove these laws which the UN say is in breach of our right to be consulted and give our prior consent before passing any such laws. But SODELPA must win first before it can do all that.
    If we lose then we are giving legitimacy to the unlawful & criminal acts of this government. If that happen Bainimarama will look to the international community and say, ” I committed crimes of treason ,I’m implicated in the murder of soldiers and civilians, I abused and tortured, I abused the indigenous rights of the Itaukei by passing these laws without obtaining their prior consent but those very same people are electing me to power & it all means they agree. We must never ever give him that benefit and we do so by our vote. ”
    I felt we were understood and appreciated by all audience in these villages. After each visit we leave behind a list of these decrees with the chief or turaga ni Koro translated into Itaukei for their reference.

    Vote SODELPA.

  9. MUSLIM HIT LIST OF COUP BENEFICIARIES• Aslam Khan,• Iqbal Janiff,• Nazhat Shameem• Shaista Shameem,• Nur Bano,• Nashad Ali (CEO AFL),• Abdul Khan(FSC),• Mohammed Aziz,• Faiaz Ali,• Mohammed Saneen,• Saheen Ali,• Razim Buksh (RBF)• Nouzab Fareed (FHL CEO)• Faiaz Khan (Tropic Woods CEO)• Shiraz Ali, ( FEA manager)• Riaz Ali (FNU),• Nizam U Dean,• Afzal Khan,• Hafix Khan,• Anwar Khan,• Ali Jan,• Bahadur Ali,• Lainuni Khan,• Shaneze Voss,• Shane Hussien,• Riaz Khaiyum (FBC CEO),• Robert Khan,• Rahmat Ali,• Gulam Mohammed,• Faizal Koya…”

  10. Yayayaya at 12.51 seems to be having a very long name- maybe just as long as his tongue that he uses to lick everyone all over the body including his our mother, sister and daughter.

  11. Afzal Khan and Lainuni Khan colluded with Khayium and made millions from the movie licence. All Bollywood movies made in the country has to go through Afzal Khan and Lainuni Khan as she is the only one whom everyone has to go through to make all movies done in the country.

    The Bollywood industry had spend millions in making movies in the country.

    The resources belongs to the i taukei however all monies were made by these group.

    SOurce : Film Fiji.

  12. All arya samaj will vote for fiji first as we can trust chaudary the chorwa. Biman is an opportunist who has never done anything for the poor but for himself.

    Biman and chor will take us backward.

    Vote fiji first for stability, safety and secure future for all.

  13. Are Arya, pundit here agreeing 100% with you. I will also tell all guratis, south indians and punjabis to vote for our beloved Fiji 1st.

  14. Prof Biman: I will reduce Vat from 15 to 10%.

    ?: where will you compensate for the loss of $280m in loss tax revenue?

    Biman: am an economist, I know where to find the money.

    ?: where exactly?

    Biman: I will check with the Auditor General.

    Hahahaha: does biman know the difference between Frca and Auditor general.

    No wonder its call nfp or not fit for parliament.

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