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Media furore

Dorsami Naidu, Nadi
This recent furore about media freedom has made several things very transparent;
– That the Chairman of MIDA is unaware of the media restrictions and censorship we have had in this country and it is taking time for all concerned to realise that most of the arbitrary and draconian restrictions have been suspended to allow democratic elections to take place.
That feeling that one cannot be as open in one’s criticism is still there;
– That the media especially the print media is coming out of its shell and becoming more bold in printing all sides of a story, event or controversy; and
– That the present Commander of the Military has made it clear that they do not want to be dragged into the political arena now or after the elections nor will they interfere in the electoral process if what I understood from his statement is correct.
This is good news since all successful coups in this country were carried out by the military!
I think it would do a lot for confidence in this country if all leaders of political parties also went on record to state their position that regardless of the election results they will not instigate, participate or support and be part of any form of political upheaval more popularly known as a coup d’etat.
I say this most sincerely because if not for the support given in 1987, 2000 (to some extent) and in 2006 by political leaders to the military such overthrow of legitimately elected governments could have been averted.
We, the people in this country, now known collectively as Fijians have been through a lot of pain and suffering with huge social and economic loss which could never be justified because there was always another way to bring about change and that was the democratic way.
Coup d’ etats in my view are a thing of the past. It’s become childish. We must all discover that vision within us for a better Fiji for all Fijians and use our imagination to give effect to our dreams instead of unleashing nightmares.


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