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Chaudhry’s lawyer says Fiji’s DPP ‘interfering’ in appeal process

Updated at 2:10 pm today

The lawyer for Fiji’s Labour Party leader is accusing the director of public prosecutions of interfering with the appeal process by speaking publicly about Mahendra Chaudhry’s case.

Christopher Pryde spoke to a Fiji-New Zealand Business Council meeting on Saturday, in which he referred to Chaudhry’s case and his reasons for prosecuting.

Chaudhry’s lawyer, Anand Singh, says his client’s leave for an appeal is in the process of being filed and Mr Pryde should not be talking about the case.

“It has been our case all along that there was an input from the regime in the decision-making process to prosecute Mr Chaudhry and I don’t think it is appropriate for Mr Pryde to be going out and trying to justify the prosecution.”

Mahendra Chaudhry’s lawyer, Anand Singh.

Christopher Pryde has told Radio New Zealand International he did not discuss the merits of the case but only the reasons for prosecution, which he says had no outside influence.

Mr Pryde says the case is not before the courts as Chaudhry is yet to obtain leave from the Court of Appeal.

4 thoughts on “Ex RNZI ……

  1. Khayium is giving instruction to DPP. This a fact that cannot be denied.Khayium is trying to get rid of people who are a threat to his political career.

  2. Pryde has no former experience as a Director of Public Prosecutions. They removed him as Solicitor General due to damage control. He has no legal background of note. Maybe they could make him a High Court Judge.

    Lucky the person involved is MPC. I don’t think there will be a public outcry. After all. he has been implicated in 2006 and was quick to take a ministerial position in a military dictatorship.

    The sooner this regime face justice the better. After a democratically elected government can appoint independent judges, Fiji might be able to place suitably qualified people in to key positions. That would make a nice change from the current bunch of Bai/Khai friends and family.

    These two criminals have surrounded themselves with family and friends who will do their bidding willingly. If you thought they were paranoid over the last eight years you aint seen nothing yet. The next few months will be the most strange period in Fijian history. Fear will drive them to extraordinary new lows.

    Gates resigned, effective December 2014. If he leaves the country before then it will be a sign that danger is looming for these desperate and dangerous criminals. Thickatoiga should start distancing himself now if he is smart. Unless he wants to drown on a sinking ship.

  3. ANAND SINGH, FLP leader Mahendra Chaudhry’s lawyer to VICTOR LAL, 21 February 2008:
    “The question that comes to mind is as to why he did not transfer the funds to FLP? He belonged to FLP at the time and must report any funds to FLP and transfer it to it. I believe that Daaku’s outburst in parliament and the argument should be used against him. You would have to read the Hansard alongside my comments to fully follow what I am saying. Eventually I come to the conclusion the the funds were raised fro [for] the community that he has converted to his own use. Incidentally, that story abt the daughter [getting $50,000 as gift from Chaudhry] was very successful. It has got samdhi sahida very quiet. i was looking for Rani’s picture and Juniors’ that could be published with proper notation as unintended beneficiaries. Perhaps my mind is racing off too much?… For the moment dont you think u should repeat the story with specific details of the Bank transactions. In another unrelated story have a detaied piece on the explanation he gave to Parliamnet and which will be priveleged. The reaaders will read both and know the real culprit and see for themselves the lie that Daaku said in Parliamnent. The facts as disclosed prima facie indicate he lied to Parliamnet and the people of Fiji. If he lied and as we know he did by not telling the complete story as Q had asked him to, he would have been liable to be referred to the Priveleges Committee of Parliament for a serious breach of privilege. In the absence of Parliamnet, the matter has to be dealt with publically thru th media. Daaku was on TV last nite on other issues. He had the artificial smile all over his face. He is pretending nothing has happened or is getting ready to attack everyone else but himself. thsi man is so shameless and ruthless. I dnt think he has any scruples abt taking the money belonging to the people of Fiji. ____ met with Indian high Commissioner yesterday. He has his head buried in sand. Says the money could not have been paid into the Bank by the Consulate General. he was very dismissive.and indirectly casting doubt on the authenticity of the story. I feel it is important to get a statement or verification from Harbajan before Daaku clams up. The admission from Harbajan is enough to hang Daaku politically and will go a long way as a legal defence. Just my thoughts…[The late] Dalpat [Rathod, FLP treasurer] told me that in India Daaku would go in to see the PM by himself and leave Dalpat behind. I have had a similar experience with daaku too. Daaku will forever curse himself for having left the money in au [Australia]. He must regret not putting it in Honk Kong.”

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