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110,000 “New Fijians”?

The people of Kiribati, a group of islands in the Pacific ocean particularly exposed to climate change, now own a possible refuge elsewhere. President Anote Tong has recently finalised the purchase of 20 sq km on Vanua Levu, one of the Fiji islands, about 2,000km away.

The Church of England has sold a stretch of land mainly covered by dense forest for $8.77m. “We would hope not to put everyone on [this] one piece of land, but if it became absolutely necessary, yes, we could do it,” Tong told the Associated Press. Kiribati has a population of about 110,000 scattered over 33 small, low-lying islands extending over a total area of 3.5m sq km.



11 thoughts on “110,000 “New Fijians”?

  1. Now with the visa free policy to chinese by the regime we have an influx of chinese . To complicate matters further now Kiribais. More social problems are ahead for the REAL FIJIANS.
    It seems the i taukei will be extinct soon! This is the strategy of ASK.

  2. Let us welcome our fellow islanders from Kiribati. I am so glad we could help them. There is absolutely no question that the decision to let them buy some land to help them either for agriculture or for resettlement purposes is the right thing to do. To do otherwise would be absolutely ungodly, un-Christian, un-Fijian, inhuman, un-Pacific and morally wrong. “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you”. I would do the same for our friends from Tuvalu if they need our help. Vinaka

  3. Good man Tomasi: You could in fact do it to people from Nigeria, Iraq, and Syria to name a few. Or why not resettle refugees from Nauru for that matter.

  4. At least they will work better than the lazy limuri natives who talk rubbish on this blog . These are hardworking people who can make fiji more productive. What are the landowners doing , keeping the land and grown paragrass for export. So many pea brains on this blog . Don’t want Indians don’t want other races in fiji. Yeah like natives were born from the dropping coconut tree. You think the natives would survive in fiji without the commerce sector and the real tax payers of this country the business. All you want is free money from the tax payers thru govern handouts. You think there are honest politicians . Looks at the quality of politics in this country …swearing , racial , self centered , all about Fiji for Natives of Fiji. What of the people born here , they are people of colors , people of cultures ,you think they were asked to be born here. Who gives natives the right to choose who lives here and who goes, you call yourself god loving people , you are worst that dogs who turn on anybody that takes food from the plate.

    Think , Fiji is a multiracial country …get over it , you want progress discuss in a civil manner not like a bunch of con artist.

    What a non sense bloggers who probably live in a society of bullshit , creating stories for manipulation of those idiots who believe everything that is posted here.

  5. @Fiji Born. You are way above your head in native/indigenous matters, especially pertaining to us the Fijian natives. You look at life from a very narrow perspective. You elevate commerce and industrial, western style progress and denigrate/condemn alternative lifestyles. Well here is something to think about. We appreciate the contribution of all our immigrants to Fiji. But please be reminded about these. Without our land and resources, without our goodwill, without our own sacrifices, Fiji would never be the country it is today. So much has been said about the contribution, dedication, sacrifices and hardwork of other ethnic groups.

    When people talk about the native Fijians, many do so in a very demeaning way, characterising us as lazy, good for nothing, bunch of savages. This kind of perspective shows ignorance, arrogance and foolishness to say the least. So please stretch your small mind, open your heart and consider the tremendous contribution of native Fijians in all areas and realms of life here in Fiji and in international relations. Maybe, just maybe, you will begin to appreciate the fact that our national progress cannot be attributed only to the latter immigrants. All this progress is fundamentally grounded on the Fijian people, their accommodative culture, good fun-loving nature, natural resources and willingness to share with the vulagis (foreigners).

    Ask yourself, why is tourism doing so well here in Fiji? Again the same answer. Native Fijians have chosen a way of life, and a life and world view that encourages sharing and exchange, making it possible for all people, mostly the business classes to thrive and prosper, mostly at the expense of our native people and resources.

    To my friend Ratu Sai, when I welcomed our neighbours from Kiribati, I was thinking about them as our real neigbours and Pacific relatives. You have referred to other far away countries and people of very different cultures. Please be logical and reasonable. I know you have a great sense of attachment with the land in Vanua Levu because you are from there. So let me rephrase my opinion for clarity. If the people of Kiribati and Tuvalu and other Pacific island Vanuas need land for their survival, I am willing to give them part of our Mataqali land. I hope that clarifies my position on helping our neighbours. Vinaka

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