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FijiFirst to submit declarations today


13:22 Today

by: Elenoa Turagaiviu

The FijiFirst Party is expected to submit to the Fijian Elections Office the declaration of assets and liabilities of it’s party leaders, and office bearers today. Speaking on FBC TV’s talkback show 4 The Record last night, Supervisor of Elections Mohameed Saneem says the FijiFirst Party registered on the 30th of May and it is required to provide the declarations by the 30th of June. It will then be published for the public.“Declaration of assets goes to the Registrar then goes to the newspaper. If a person has access to the newspaper they can get copy for their own, or they can come inspect it by arrangement with the Registrar.”Saneem says, there are currently five registered political parties. Four parties registered last year and all have submitted the declarations needed as required under Sections 16 and 24 of the Elections Decree. – See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/21002/fijifirst-to-submit-declarations-today#sthash.nrMsGqsP.dpuf


2 thoughts on “FijiFirst to submit declarations today

  1. The accounts have been cleared, our great leaders do not have any overseas assets as many believe. Their modest salaries have been processed through my office because of the inefficiencies in the government machinery.

  2. hahahahaahahahah…….LMAO to Aunty Nur and your day will surely come! may you live to that day and you will answer to the peoples, even in your retirement -you will go to Jail. Your Name goes down the history books for destroying democracy and seeding lies, corruption, nepotism. bribery and treachery.

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