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Ex RNZI….. Military to monitor political parties meetings.

Fiji military will attend political meetings

Updated at 2:43 pm today

Fiji’s military chief Mosese Tikoitoga says military officers will attend political gatherings as the military needs to be informed of political parties’ manifestos.

According to FBC news, Brigadier-General Tikoitoga has reiterated the military will not be involved in any way in the upcoming elections as it wants to maintain the integrity and independence of the elections process.

Mosese Tikoitoga.Mosese Tikoitoga.

Photo: AFP

Fiji is due to go the polls on September the 17th.

The military chief says even though the mililtary will not be actively involved in the elections process, national security is still its mandate and he says the Fiji military forces intend only to help police if security requires it.

He says individuals within the forces are allowed to be members of political parties but as an institution, the RFMF cannot be perceived to be interfering in the elections.


11 thoughts on “Ex RNZI….. Military to monitor political parties meetings.

  1. Double speak does not do any good for the Commander nor the military as an institution.

    The military is either apolitical or political thus the military does not have to be in attendance of political meetings to be informed.

    Individual soldiers can attend in their personal capacities but once Moji says that they will be attending as representative of the military to gather information than the military is not apolitical.

    Issues discussed in political meetings is public knowledge and widely reported, so why does the military need to be attendance? Intimidation – the boys are watching blah blah blah.

    What a load of crap.

  2. But has he said that they will be attending as representatives in an official capacity acting for the military?

    Perhaps we need to take account of the use and understanding of the English language a bit more, too easy to twist things as we all know.

  3. Military need not help Police for security reasons. If a violent conflict flares up at political meetings and Police are unable to cope, perhaps Military may be called TO HELP. Even Police need not attend political meetings…

    What an excuse…all they are doing is to intimidate the public.

    We should abolish the Fiji Miltary

  4. this commander is just an idiot. oilei! sa sivia na ulukau bavulu era tu mai na keba. Tukuni ga ni ra caka masters degree etc. Rairai masters degree beka ga ni veitonoicici e caka tiko mai cake ya. Na masi dakai kei na maji wavoki vakaotigauna e sega ni tautauvata na vei qaravi ni vei gacagaca ni matanitu.

  5. Fiji is gone for ever…………..welcome to a new era of Dictatorship!. For Fiji and For ever…..Indians are here to rule! and Indigenous Fijians will be reduced to Indians who live in the slumps in india thats the reality of a governing Indian influence………..mark my word!!!!.

  6. Ratu Sighs attempt to make everything look so bad is quite laughable. It can only be assumed she is trying to be humourous.

  7. Part of the new role the military has assumed for itself – to be the guardian of Fiji’s democracy! Its ludicrous seeing the very institution that bastardizes democracy for the purpose of its existence assuming the role of democracy steward. What a joke….only in Fiji!

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