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Chaudhry pays $2 million fine


by: Shanal Sivan

Fiji Labour Party Leader Mahendra Chaudhry, who was convicted of three counts of breaching the Exchange Control Act, has paid the two million dollar fine. Chaudhry’s lawyer Anand Singh says the fine was paid last Friday. Chaudhry was ordered to pay a fine of $2m and bring all his money from Australia and offer it to an authorized dealer in Fiji. He was found guilty of failing to surrender foreign currency of about AUD$1.5 million and two other charges. His second conviction was in relation to dealing in foreign currency without permission, and the third, to investing AUD$1.5 million in Australia and New Zealand without permission from the Reserve Bank of Fiji. Chaudhry had until today to pay the fine or face 15-months imprisonment. Meanwhile Chaudhry’s interim Stay application matter will be called in the Suva High Court next Monday.

– See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/20997/chaudhry-pays-2-million-fine#sthash.dkoIYIsu.dpuf


9 thoughts on “Chaudhry pays $2 million fine

  1. He should have been fined an amount equal to whatever he had in Australian banks. He could keep any money he may have in NZ, Canada or USA banks.

  2. Why is MPC happy to pay the fine? Why is MPC still the head of a political party?

    Because he knows that his mate, Madigan, will grant the stay application. He may not have to repatriate that money in his Aus bank account if the stay is granted.

    What the regime do in public with MPC is vastly different to what they do behind closed doors. He is one of them and has been since the start. He has friends in high (court) places.

  3. Well it appears Lord Kali lives to fight another day so what’s become of junior Kali and how is he to survive now that papa Kali has forfeited their ill gotten gain?

  4. Junior Kali is daddy’s successor for FLP. The amount forfeited is the loose change MPC had in his suit pocket. He knows so much about this regime that they prosecute him in public and keep him onside in private. He paid that fine very quickly and his “other” accounts are all still very healthy. He must be the most astute investor/businessman that Fiji has ever seen.

    Why hasn’t FIRCA prosecuted him? Khaiyum doesn’t want to upset Lord Kali too much. Just enough to give the public a show.

  5. Khaiyum is the new Chaudhry…..now the grand master is back to add more ammunition to Khaiyum’s momentum. In fact all that Chaudhry had been fighting for all his lives….will now be handed over to him in a SILVER PLATTER………….” watch the court system clogged up with Land grab application….” I taukei or indigenous peoples” will end up being ” the poorest peoples only equivalent to the slumps in India…that’s how cruel Indians for centuries when exercising their democratic rule over their own alone…..

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