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Wait for it!

Bainimarama and Sayed-Khaiyum to make their declaration by Monday
Details of the assets, income and liabilities of the Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama and Attorney…
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14 thoughts on “Wait for it!

  1. When you fail to deny an allegation from the outset, people will consider the allegation to have substance.

    Too little too late. They have had ample time to cover their tracks. No one will believe what they say anymore. They may have been able to argue for life imprisonment for the treason committed from 2006-2009. Their compounded crimes from 2009 to the present will ensure that the death penalty, pursuant to the Constitution 1997, is the only appropriate penalty.

  2. Its rather late in the day for that to have any credibility. Why has it taken so long? or Why hide it in the first place? The questions are endless and they raise doubts in terms of integrity.

  3. 2000 RFMF BoI Report

    Frank Bainimarama wants the world, and certainly the people of Fiji, to believe that his record is not blood stained, that his motives are noble and that he is nothing but a selfless servant of the higher cause of a pure Fiji. But the actual record of what he said and did (or did not do) tells another story.


  4. Thank you Malakai for the link. Fiji is at a crossroads. If anyone thinks he is a man for the people they are sadly mistaken. People power is looking like the final option. Will the RFMF turn their guns on their own family and friends? Lets hope they are wise enough to see that The Commander and his partner in crime, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum must be put to death for crimes against Fiji. It is never nice to talk about the death of a fellow human being, but Justice is Justice. The message has to go out for the sake of future deterrence that coup orchestrators must be punished. Harsh but fair.

  5. The thugs salaries should not have been an issue unless they are being paid over and above the normal salaries of the positions they illegally hold.

  6. Dr Esther Williams and Ashwin Raj provide even more proof that FIJI has NO academic freedom and NO freedom of speech under Frank Bainimarama’s dictatorship!

    The University of the South Pacific has issued an ultimatum to Patrick Craddock of the USP Journalism program to sign a statement that would effectively silence him from talking to the media.

    Craddock alleges that Dr. Williams is frightened of upsetting the military government of Prime Minister Bainimarama. He quotes Dr. Williams saying during their only meeting
    “All of us understand that we don’t live in a normal democratic government situation.”
    “…whatever we put out in the news media we are very careful..”

    Dr Williams’s situation is not unique. It highlights a general sentiment across Fiji where most people are afraid of upsetting the criminal dictator bainimarama so they will do any say anything to appease him. if they dont appear to support the criminal dictator then they risk receiving a beating or some form of vengeance. So to survive the people lie to Bainimarama by telling him how wonderful he is and how much they love and support his corrupt leadership. MEanwhile, the people wait for the promised 2014 elections to show who they really support and want as their leader – and it is NOT Bainimarama and khaiyum.

  7. Under Khaiyum’s illegal Land Use Decree the PM of the day has supreme power to do whatever he/she thinks is good for the economy or their pocket. They can ignore the needs and wishes of the landowners. They could even offer up land to investors and friends at very low or at no rent at all. There is nothing the landowners can legally do about it. They have no say in the matter unless they stand-up and act together against the junta. The Land use decree is out right land theft.

  8. It is now Monday 12.35 pm…..but EyeArse and Bhai have not yet declared their salaries and assets as they promised….when will they do that….we wait with abated breath

  9. Too late to declare their salaries now. It’s not so difficult for anyone to do it. But why is it so difficult for them? Illegal decrees are issued almost daily at Khaiyum’s personal whims, the illegal “2013 Constitution”, was drafted in a short time, changes are made almost daily, the campaign tours and visits while on the job official government time are done almost daily too, but why is it taking so long to get them to declare their incomes and assets?

    I am thinking that they will make their false declarations very close to the elections that we will not have time to fact check them.

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