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Punishment for supporting SODELPA

June 25, 2014

The closure of the Health Post at Waimaqera has left 3000 people without health services in the south end of Taveuni. Is this just typical of the Bainimarama regime priorities with its cuts to health to fund First Family travel, or is it punishment for supporting Tui Cakau and SODELPA? Group punishment is the hallmark of dictators like Saddam Hussein who gassed Kurds because some of them did not support him. Farmer, Rakesh Kumar, who died last week when the Health Post was not available to help him, may not have been a supporter of SODELPA but he suffered nonetheless. That’s the way dictatorships work.
Fiji times June 25, 2014 Health post closes


4 thoughts on “Ex FDN

  1. Its rather late in the day for that to have any credibility. Why has it taken so long? or Why hide it in the first place? The questions are endless and they raise doubts in terms of integrity.

  2. SODELPA is a racists fuked up party.

    God will punish SODELPA for its many past thuggery actions.

  3. What load of crap , people need to know the true picture , then open your big mouth like Ratu Sai bullshit , the health centre was closed because of inactive of the people running it. The clinic,s power supply fucked up because the the works didn’t looks after equipment that was donated by Loloma foundation of USA .. uneducated idiots

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