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TIKOITOGA wasn’t misquoted. He just happens to speak without the Quovis polish.

TIKOITOGA – what you see is what you get

Any suggestion the Military are apolitical is laughable. It was the military who removed a elected government and has ruled for the last 7+ years. Equally laughable is the idea that the military will accept the outcome of the election. They definitely will if Fiji First wins, they definitively won’t if the new SDL or Labour or any combination is elected. So any reference to being apolitical is only convenient on the fact its looks highly likely that Frank will win. Remember it was Frank who gave the pay rises, all the extra jobs etc to the military and he has promised to protect them forever. Think back to his brother in law to see how he operates – not a day in prison, not one day of lost pay and promoted to senior government roles despite kicking to death a guest at a wedding.

TIKOITOGA wasn’t misquoted. He just happens to speak without the quovis polish. There is no doubt he supports beating and torture and intimidation to anyone opposed to him, the military or this government. That is why there has been no investigation into any of these issues. He sees it as being ‘their fault’ meaning those prepared to have a voice,


5 thoughts on “TIKOITOGA wasn’t misquoted. He just happens to speak without the Quovis polish.

  1. Thickotoga’s words have gone out to the world. Let’s see how Qorvis try and spin their way out of this one. That is a seriously difficult brief.

  2. Aside from reports in Australian papers this week Tikoitoga also made the same threats in local media when accepting the (military) leadership baton in March this year – they will bring down anyone thinking of throwing away their immunity provisions contained in their illegal 2013 Constitution should Bainimarama loose the September elections. It’s the nature of the beast that they have to cover their back by all means necessary when truth comes calling. This is the battle that awaits our people and again we will be judged by where we stand and our resolve or lack of it.

  3. We shall overcome – Yes the damage done by the goons and their compatriots in crime has degraded the country to a very demented state. A state where it can only move from the position it is in now, provided the country continues pardoning criminals convicted of treasonous crime of overthrowing elected governments! This is the crazy position thickoitoga speaks from, a position that is only seen of terrorists who hold captives hostage to their demands. The goon’s constitution that give them protection for now and the stage-managed election to forcefully help them attain legitimacy for their illegal rule will hardly resolve Fiji’s problem because its all founded on the very shabby strategy and act of denying the cause of justice and allowing criminals the right to dictate their wishes on the people. There is nothing virtuous in it. Nothing ethical and nothing moral about it. More seriously – How can Fiji’s future be really secure when it depends on the immunity of convicted criminals? Where is Fiji heading to with such a foundation of forced immunity for criminals who have been found guilty and convicted by the court for their treasonous crime? We can almost predict where Fiji is heading to with this as the foundation and it certainly won’t be anything to be pleased about!!

  4. Agree with you Kainoqu – Fiji’s future looks bleak, much like what we’ve endured these last 8 years, if the status quo continues. But we have the ability to determine our own future, if opposition political parties, trade unions, NGOs, grassroots communities & individuals who believe in an alternative to the status quo, with resolve, collectively work together to restore genuine democracy, the rule of law and human rights. There’s a lot of work though and things to be done so where do we start? I’ll make a couple of suggestions here to begin what no doubt will be a long and trying process. Opposition political parties should collectively, perhaps under the umbrella of the UFDF, commit to getting rid of Bainimarama’s 2013 constitution and demobilise Fiji’s military forces in their respective election manifestos. Secondly and with the support of organisations & groups mentioned above, opposition political parties should commit to establishing a truth telling and reconciliation process, similar to what post-apartheid South Africa undertook, that goes back to Rabuka’s 1987 coup. There is still too many shadowy figures lurking in the background who need to be exposed in order to allow the healing process to begin & our people & country to move forward on a clean slate. Otherwise as Mick Beddoes recently said ‘if we don’t put the basics right irrespective of who wins the September elections we will have coup #5 followed by #6 then coup #7 followed by #8’. Fiji’s future is in our hands, we can either choose to be stoic fatalists or collectively work together as suggested above to reclaim our common humanity and create a better alternative for our future generations.

  5. We shall overcome – yes I gather that idea of a truth telling and reconciliation process was slowly rolling during the reign of the last deposed government in addition to the anti-corruption legislation bill that was already drafted and scheduled for introduction in parliament. The coup took place and derailed the truth telling and reconciliation initiative. With eagerness also to portray the coup as an anti-corruption undertaking, Bainikaiyum ran away with the anti-corruption bill and portrayed it was his own. The questions that beg are: Why stage a coup at the expense of derailing a truth and reconciliation programme that could have been a milestone in solving Fiji’s woes? Why have a coup when an anti-corruption law intended with helping the good governance of Fiji was on track? I suppose Bainimarama may have better answers to these! Bainimarama’s elopement with the anti-corruption bill would now been recorded as a personal maneuver to undermine the very purpose the bill was intended for. We can safely say therefore that his 2nd coup was not about weeding out corruption but more about protecting his own corruption and the corruption of his lot! Unfortunately so, the bill that was intended for the whole nation’s benefit has merely become a political tool for junta driven investigation against opponents and now totally lacks credibility in implementation! FICAC’s and the judiciary’s lack of independence in the whole scheme of things adds to the conundrum!

    With the army, of cause the rational for having a military establishment in an island state of less than a million people that is hardly threatened by external military conflict is something that should seriously be looked at. I’m sure there is another way of creating jobs for Fijians that have traditionally flocked to the army for money. The cost of running the military and the cost of coups as a whole to Fiji far outweigh the benefit of jobs and economic return to the country. A cost benefit analysis will reveal this and informing this reality to the public will help them appreciate the reason for turning the soldiers from gun trotting idiots to productive agricultural or manufacturing agents for their own personal gain as well as the nation’s.

    The suggestion about Bainimarama’s 2013 constitution is obvious! No government of any free, fair and just persuasion will want to run with a constitution that provides for impunity for treasonous crimes at its heart. Who would want to govern a country that gives immunity to treasonous criminals? Right thinking politicians would definitely not desire this. Its apparent to the world that Bainikaiyum’s constitution is for now, nothing more than a lifeline for the school of Fiji’s coup mongrels that Bainimarama belongs to. In all respect it will not survive the test of time not least the test of evolutionary democracy in Fiji. Even the promise that constitutional provision of immunity is safeguard for future coups is simply absurd……its an outright con! The question is – why have a constitution that protects criminals who overthrow elected governments unlawfully? That is a crazy setup and that is why Bainikaiyum’s constitution is laughable, let alone irrational, illegal and cannot be democratically practical! I’m sure the Fiji political parties would not want to be laughed at in submitting to this animal farm like arrangement and their aim to throw this useless constitution away is well understood.

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