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Frank breaks another promise……… Where is the Money?

Remember when Frank promised he would declare his income as soon as FijiFirst was registered?

Another Lie


My salary will be made clear soon says PM

Fiji One TV

“He also clarified that despite recent moves by a political party claiming that he was earning up to $1.7 million, Bainimarama added that this is not the case.

He said all Fijians will soon be able to see for themselves how much he really earns as PM – as this is a requirement of the registration process where he will also declare all his personal assets.

“To tell you the type of behavior that we should not engage in, recently one of the political parties was distributing a flyer that I was earning a salary of $1.7 million dollars. They have done so without any fact, or proof or evidence. I do not earn $1.7 million dollars. You will find out what my salary is after the registration of the proposed FijiFirst, when I will provide the declaration of my assets and liabilities to the Fijian Elections Office,” he said.



55 thoughts on “Frank breaks another promise……… Where is the Money?

  1. Bainimarama, you can say what you earn in half a minute or less…why not say it??? Is it so difficult to tell us how much of our money you are being paid??? You owe it to us to tell us….looks like it is a huge effort to say it out.

    You are not trusted. You appear to be hiding something……you probably want to mention a figure but add on some convoluted long explanation to dress up the huge figures some of which will take pages to justify.

    You are a crook.

  2. Virtually everybody lies but we advance multiple reasons as justification: to create a positive social impression, to avoid detection in discreditable conduct, to help a friend, to convince a prospective employer, or to simply cause mischief.

    No doubt that liars gain a competitive edge but most people control their lying with an awareness of the limits to which they will go.

    What distinguishes the evil of lying is when one is fully immersed in it, becoming its instrument where lying becomes fundamental to their being.

    As human beings we have the potential for both goodness and evil and that is why, some believe morality evolved to set standards of acceptable conduct.

    Moral rules and principles prescribe good (beneficial) actions and prohibit evil (destructive) ones; influenced by feelings of connection to, versus disconnection from, people, affection, caring, and empathy versus anger and hostility.

    Thus, good and evil actions are opposites not only in their effects, and in our conception of what is right and wrong, but also in the feeling, values, and psychological process that lead to one or the other.

    A person living a lie finds himself empty when found out, when his house of cards collapses.

    Men with power and weapons look formidable but when they are taken away only banality is left.

    Reminds me of Adolf Eichmann, who during the holocaust was a masterly figure: a close confidant of the all-knowing leader and a person tasked with the improvement of the human race, no less.

    Contesting the charge, years later, he was living out all he had left of the lie about himself: he was following orders and according to a commentator he looked more like a clown than a monster.

  3. Vinaka Tu Sai….great assessment of a deranged mentality now leading our nation which we must get rid of by not voting FF…….
    All Bai & Kai is doing now is re arranging their finances, covering their tracks and will reveal another lie soon……..
    Sa rauta mada na lasu Bai keimami sa oca mai…………

  4. Why in the first instance the salary was processed by Khayium’s aunty – Nur Bano Ali.
    Nur Bano has processed the salary for 8 years.
    This is more then enough evidence to hide the salary.
    The people also want to know how much FNPF contribution was made to their salary.
    The same civil servants they rely on for doing work for the people are not trusted by them to process the salary.

  5. The only way to independently justify the salary is by the Auditor General’s report.
    What Bai/ Khayium will disclose will be fraud and another lie.
    Vote for any party but but to FF.

  6. The time for Bainimarama and Khaiyum to reveal their income (and incomes) and assets has long past gone. They would have been believed and would have been credible had they followed the requirements of their own draconian decrees from the day they gazetted them.

    Candidates from other parties have gone out of their way to pay for their registration fees and all other required fees that have been decreed. They have been able to do these things because, I am sure, of divine help.

    No person who earns a salary or salaries does not know how much he is earning every year. He will be able to reveal this in as short a time as a few seconds without any effort.

    But I think the FFP candidates (especially Bhai and Khai) will lie about how much income (and other incomes) they earn and about their assets at a time when the elections are so very close that we will not be able to check out if their declarations are true of false. This has also been the strategy of dictators and illegal rulers from ages past.

    The actions or inactions of these types of candidates are too complicated for me to be able to vote for them.

  7. Why Bai/ Khayium taking so long to disclose the salary. It should be done immediately. Perhaps they are busy with aunty nur to manipulate the figures.

  8. Nepotism
    Francis Kean – Permanent Secretary Works – murderer
    Litiana Loabuka – CEO Fiji Sports Council
    Meli Bainimarama – High Commissioner Malaysia
    Sale Sorovaki – Fiji Rugby Union
    RubyAnn Sorovaki – Manager Fiji Netball Team
    Bernadette Bainimarama – Marketing Public Service Commission

  9. The picture about the family says a lot factually. Frank, his family, siblings and in-laws who have been illegally and blatantly endowed with these benefits from the coup spoils should continue to be made public and mocked. And the worst thing is they all carry on like there is nothing wrong with this, or worse they’re strutting around like they were entitled all along!! Dou yavu luveni mata ni ta boka, yavu ulukau, viavialevu …..you are nothing more than a disgusting thieving and murdering coward of a family and its hangers-on.

  10. Were is the money u SOB’s? declare your salaries and table auditor generals report from 2007

  11. Bainimarma and Khayium have illegally ruled for 8 years.
    Why Bainimarma and Khayium want to continue?
    These two two seem to power and money hungry.

  12. VB while you are at it. can you also reveal where the flood appeal funds went. I am personally interested.

  13. This is a bit like getting a phone call from the police to tell you they are going to execute a search warrant next week.

    They have had too much time to hide the real evidence and cover their tracks.

    Aunty Nur is not ugly but she is not stupid

  14. Military dictators are military dictators, they are not accountable to anyone. How do you stop this? Simple – you get rid of the army. There is simply no reason why opposition political parties can not commit to demobilising Fiji’s military forces in their respective election manifestos. The writing is on the wall and there is ‘no other way’.

  15. 8 years in power is too long. When people are in a position for too long it leads to corruption, nepotism , bad governance and no accountability.These signs are all present in the present regime who intend to hold on to power by any means.
    Time for a change so others can be given a chance too.

  16. The ironic thing is that even when pay and assets are produced for all to see there will be many that will say the information is not true.

    But when some figures and info are reported for the public to see what bloody difference is it going to make to anyone’s views?

    Or is there a chance that if it was to be reported that the PM is only earning $200K per year 50% of the haters are going to love him?

    Any ideas?

  17. I am deeply troubled by accusations that I am an ugly woman. The blogger above has no manners. With regard to salary declarations, there is still a bit of work to do. The problem is, that there are two salary flows to Khaiyum and his Rear Admiral: One in US$ which goes to accounts in Hong Kong and Dubai and the local share which goes to the ANZ accounts of our great leaders. We will declare the ANZ share and covering the US$ stream will talke a bit more time.

  18. It was a setup right from the start. Why do you think the unusual disbursement of salary was handled by iarse’s aunt nur banao who was specially given the responsibility of managing and manipulating the huge flow of cash going her way in the guise of the two’s salary and whatever other unaccounted unexplained payments. There should be an independent audit in this money as it is taxpayers’ and ensure that all are accounted for even those stahed in overseas accounts. This must be laid bare for all to see.

  19. Fiji’s dictator Bainimarama and his puppet master, Khaiyum, are the two most corrupt people in Fiji’s history. They are robbing Fiji and paying themselves multiple salaries so there is no-way they will reveal their true assets to the people.

  20. Why the salary for Bai and Khayium was done by Khayium’s aunty NUR BANO ALI?
    The only way to know the true salary is by an independent auditor .

  21. The local consultant for the casino project in Nadi is Nur Bano. So how much shares is held by Khayium as a silent partner in this project.
    Only projects like casino, bollywood movies , mahogany etc via nur bano is approved by the regime.
    How much consultant fees has been paid to nur bano for these projects?
    Casino is against the churches and vanua.

  22. @Anonymous above

    You say “” Casino is against the churches and vanua. “”

    but perhaps also

    “” Churches and vanua are against the casino. “”

    You can not always have things your own way, it’s called being selfish and unfair to others. People have choices in life, you are not important enough to decide which choices people make as long as those choices are not illegal. So why not just keep your nose out.

  23. A message to SODELPA, Labour Party, NFP and other anti Fiji First Party, the Fiji Times report below. It send out a wake up call to you all prospective election candidates to head your way out to rural villages in all Fiji to with hand outs in their own languages telling the people the truths about this current illegal Govt…clearly telling them the corruption, lies, unaccountability, nepotism, human rights suppression, stripping of Taukei’s control on their lands and cultures, attacks on religious beliefs and criminality.
    Govt propaganda up to now have had impacts on understanding of rural people and these must be corrected. candidates for election cannot win if they stick around the comforts of urban areas…they must go out to all rural areas and thoroughly discuss their messages with the people.

    On PM’s turf
    Margaret Wise
    Saturday, June 28, 2014
    Nalaba District School students and their parents cross a river to get to school in Ra. Picture: BALJEET SINGH
    IF you think Voreqe Bainimarama has been buried beneath the avalanche of rhetoric on the pay he is allegedly receiving or the poverty and unemployment rate in Fiji, think again.
    The people in the province of Ra just love the


  24. A vote to FF is a vote to Khayium. Khayium the destroyer of the GCC.
    Khayium is the one who did not allow the Methodist Church to have their conference for 7 years while the Muslims were freely meeting in there mosque and doing all the network.

  25. Under Khaiyum’s illegal Land Use Decree the PM of the day has supreme power to do whatever he/she thinks is good for the economy or their pocket. They can ignore the needs and wishes of the landowners. They could even offer up land to investors and friends at very low or at no rent at all. There is nothing the landowners can legally do about it. They have no say in the matter unless they stand-up and act together against the junta. The Land use decree is out right land theft.

  26. Scream as much as you want. Fiji First will win and your land will be taken. This has been Khaiyum’s plan from the very beginning.

  27. A vote for sodelpa is a vote of racism.
    A vote for sodelpa is against christain as it encourages 2 classes of people; chiefs and slaves.

    A vote for sodelpa is to go in the past as its candidates average age is 65 years old.

    A vote for sodelpa is to vote for corruption. Just look at the case of TLTB. Bakani has admited quilt.

    A vote for sodelpa is a vote for the rich and forgetting the poor.

  28. Fiji’s dictator Bainimarama and his puppet master, Khaiyum, are the two most corrupt people in Fiji’s history. They are robbing Fiji and paying themselves multiple salaries so there is no-way they will reveal their true assets to the people

  29. News is that there is in fighting in the NFP camp. Biman wants all the limelight and attention and has been saying the wrong things. His advisor nilesh goundar has been off the mark and will be investigated for campaigning by usp.

    Also the husband and wife team of attar and pracilla singh has not gone down well with a number os aspiring candidates and has made Biman look weak.

    In addition, its clear that tupou is just the puppet.

  30. SODELPA, FLP & NFP coalition is the best in the interest of it taukei and Indians. This will have long lasting peace for all communities.

  31. Fiji’s lying and corrupt dictator, Frank Bainimarama, is living the high life while the people of Fiji struggle to make ends meet in a poor economy created by Bainimarama since his Dec 2006 military coup.

  32. Bainimarama and Khaiyum, and their corrupt family and friends, are looting Fiji of its native lands and millions of dollars. No-one voted for them. They just overthrew the democratically elected government and lied that they were making Fiji are better place. They had people killed, tortured, threatened and intimidated.

  33. NFP is the most united party in this election. It has the best team. No amount of bullshit by flp pdp and ff will change that. My prediction
    NFP 27
    Sodelpa 15
    Ff 6
    Flp 2
    Pdp 0

  34. i taukei’s are not fools they will vote for SODELPA.Chaudhry is a master politician and he will give lot of people surprises. For this reason Khayium fears him and he will influence the judiciary to send him to jail or convict him like Qarase.
    Lets have a fair fight. Khayium tries to get rid of people who are threat ot him. He has done this to Qarase and will target Chaudhry.
    NFP has no i taukei support.
    South Indians will vote for NFP and majority North Indians are voting for FLP.
    Muslims voting for FF.


  35. How can Biman remove Vat on essential food items when its not applied in the first place.

    Biman said that from the reduction in Vat, people can buy 2 chicken than one. Bullshit. When you pay, $11.50 for a chicken, $1.50 is Vat. If you reduce vat to 10%, you save only 50 cents. How can you buy chicken for 50 cents. Maybe, biman will sell you one the size of a bullbull bird.

    Biman also said that the reduction in Vat will put $200 million in the pockets of the poor and SME.

    Again ay bullshit. How disd he get that amount. Majority of the vat is paid by the rich, investors and tourists. Hence, the reduction will go into the pockets of rich. An investor who invests $100 million will save $5m.

    Biman is a text book academic. Not an economist. There is a mile of of difference between the 2.

    Biman is now leading a party of south indians or madrassi. He is so afraid
    Of losing that he has told all nfp candidates to shut up so that he can get all the votes and be guaranteed a seat in parliament.

    He has also done negotiations with sodelpa to be the minister of economic planning. A vote for nfp is a vote for racist sodelpa.

  36. Let me advise NFP @12.41 pm that VAT at the moment is applicable on all items.Go and check with FRCA.
    Biman is correct in the sense that in a normal shopping a person can buy two chicken instead of one. This is what he meant. This is common sense.
    VAT was increased by Fiji First from 10% to 15% to raise much needed revenue due to 2006 coup.
    SODELPA had VAT at 10%.
    Fiji First increase the VAT and at the same time did DEVALUATION of the dollar.
    Therefore their was a VAT increase plus the impact of the devaluation on the people particularly the POOR. At that time Fiji First had no option but to increase the VAT.
    Where was Fiji First at that time !
    FF helped the rich by reducing the company tax.
    FF increased the salary of permanent secretary to over $200,000 but the poor civil servants were fooled by given small increase in their pay.
    Look at the pay for doctors and nurses who spend their night and day over working in hospitals on such low salary.
    Fiji First has introduced capital gains tax and stamp duty which is targeted at Indians as Indians are the one’s who own properties and do small businesses. Fiji First introduced various licences for business such OHS, fire etc which should be actually paid by the rich landlords.
    This has made it very difficult for small businesses which is mostly family oriented business managed by Indians.
    Fiji First wants Indians to stay on sugarcane farm which involves only hard work with no return for the farmers.
    Indians must move out of sugarcane farms and get into cash crop otherwise go and get a job which is scarce due to an illegal government which has resulted in hardly the much needed investment.
    Fiji First only introduced the free education etc only last year as a VOTE BUYING tactics. Since 2006 they have had economic growth of hardly 2% which too are inflated figures.
    In fact the state of the economy is in pathetic state with record unemployment of 83,000 recorded by the National Youth Centre for Employment.The poverty levels have increased to 40% with another 10% just around the poverty line.
    They are many strategies to raise the reduction of the income once VAT is reduced to 10%.
    Sodelpa , NFP and FLP coalition is the best interest of the i taukei and Indians.
    SODELPA, NFP and FLP will reduce the VAT to 10% and also have zero rated duty on basic food items.
    Fiji First is a party of corruption, nepotism and bad governance.
    No auditor general’s report since 2006!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this good governance.
    Vote SODELPA, NFP & FLP.

  37. annymous idiot- Professor Biman Prasad is the only leader in this election who has left a lucrative job of close to $300,000 to fight this election. NFP will gain signficant support from i-taukei voters. Biman Prasad is a very popular leader and I am confident he will lead Fiji out of this bai/khayium mess- stop being jealous about him- learn from him- he is prepared to give to fiji not take away from its people- ask others fighting this election and you will get the answer- Biman has support all around- south north, guji, i-taukei, muslims- so shut up and vote for him

  38. Annon above:

    Pls get your facts right and seek clarification from FRCA that a number of basic food items are vat exempt.

    Biman did not leave a $300k salary package as that’s a complete lie. The dean of the school receives around $250k. Below the dean is the head of school of Econ, accounting and banking. Below the head is professor which is Bimans post and that is around $100k.

    Also, if you are saying that nfp and sodelpa are working together, does that Biman was lying when he said that there is no coalition!

    I reiterate, biman is not popular. What has he done for the poor people. He is not even a good academic. His papers are written by others and just puts his name.

    Biman and nfp will not get 10% of indian votes.
    Its less than 80 days and we will still be posting on the blog.

    Pls also go and check the record on SDL government which had raised Vat in the budget presented in November 2015.

  39. Annon above:

    Pls get your facts right and seek clarification from FRCA that a number of basic food items are vat exempt.

    Biman did not leave a $300k salary package as that’s a complete lie. The dean of the school receives around $250k. Below the dean is the head of school of Econ, accounting and banking. Below the head is professor which is Bimans post and that is around $100k.

    Also, if you are saying that nfp and sodelpa are working together, does that Biman was lying when he said that there is no coalition!

    I reiterate, biman is not popular. What has he done for the poor people. He is not even a good academic. His papers are written by others and just puts his name.

    Biman and nfp will not get 10% of indian votes.
    Its less than 80 days and we will still be posting on the blog.

  40. Biman or aeroplane has PR of NZ. His wife and kids are NZ citizens. He has no allegence to Fiji. Just another academic turned politican.

    He has been campaigning for the last 3 years and records show he abused funds when he was dean. What are his policies to support economic growth? Just talk this fella.

    And this fella Biman also kicked Wadan from the back when Wadan needed support. He told people that good wadan got kicked out of usp so no threat for him.

    My south indian friend said, even if they put all candidates as south indian, he will not vote for Nfp.

  41. Majority South Indians voting for NFP. Sada Naicker the current president of TISI Sangam will ensure that South Indians voting for NFP.
    Why you are jealous if Biman’s family is in N.Z. This does not matter as far we have a person of Biman’s calibre in parliament. He deserves it. He is much better than the uneducated Bainimarma.
    Biman is the man to watch.
    When is the debate of FBC?
    Sorry FBC belongs to Khayium & family so they decide if a debate is warranted.
    Sorry Bainimarma cannot take the challenge as all lies will be exposed.

  42. I don’t hate Biman my friend but it speaks volume when he “parks” his family in NZ.

    Secondly, it will be interesting if all maddarassi’s will vote for NFP as they know he has done nothing for the people.

    Thirdly, being educated is fine. Its when you think you are tooo smart and at the same time others are foolish that’s the problem. Biman is one of them. He treats everyone as first year uni students. Go ask attar, ramend singh, Rae, tupou etc.

    Forthly, biman has shown that there is very little he knows about the real economy. There are numerous examples I can give.

  43. Back to Vorere’s salary, We should not be asking him because he is a pathological liar, he will not tell the truth that will incriminate him.

    We should be demanding the answers from Pra – mess from PSC and Fill – in – moni from Finance. Oh I forgot. We have a very unusual person here as our illegal ruler. He is being paid by his brain’s aunty, Dr Nur Dr Bano Dr Ali, Dr. She is also a very unusual person in many ways. She specialises in doctoring documents, including payments, bank accounts, company registrations, income tax accounts, etc.

    You doubt me, yes? Well, have a look at one of her greatest masterpieces, the Declared Assets of the mental retard, thug ruler, habitual liar and deceiver and prime monster Vorere and his brain Aiyaz. You will never know the answer to the question: How much does Vorere get as pm? That question my fellow countrymen will be answered one day after a proper government is in place and when all the dictator and his cronies are safely and securely in the arms of the Prison Commissioner. What is going on in paradise?

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