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Commander disappointed with Australian newspaper report

Thu Jun 26, 2014Taken from/By: FBC

NewsReport by: Apisalome Coka

The Republic of Fiji Military Forces has expressed disappointment with a report carried by the Australian newspaper – The Age – saying it totally misinterpreted a statement by the Military Commander. Brigadier General Mosese Tikoitoga said the way the newspaper reported his interview was unacceptable.“The Newspaper cutting that appeared in the Australian Age was an interview i did last year, early last year sometimes, when i was interviewed by the Australian journalist. Unfortunately they have decided to print a paragraph of about over an hour’s interview, which took the whole context of what i said totally out of context.”Tikoitoga said he had confirmed people were taken to the military camp after the coup, but not recently as the article implied.“I know specifically that i said, i did not deny that there were people taken to task for some events, but i was referring to the 2007, 2008 period and I’m sure all Fijians would appreciate that in 2007, 2008 was a totally different security climate and the RFMF had to do what it had to do to maintain peace and security for the majority of Fijians, if we had allowed people to form militant groups or opposition groups it could turn into a disaster as far as security is concerned.”Tikoitoga said the report by the newspaper was misleading and uncalled for.

– See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/20914/commander-disappointed-with-australian-newspaper-report#sthash.diAILLFI.dpuf


6 thoughts on “Commander disappointed with Australian newspaper report

  1. Awww.. Poor Brig Gen. So sad that he reckons he was taken out of context blah blah. Forget that the things he said actually happened.

  2. VB Regime Dictator. Who cares about your opinions anymore. YOU are a LIER, the biggest Fiji has even seen. No one in their phucking right mind will ever believe you and ASK ever. We wish you two both to Naboro

  3. Poor Thickotoga. Your brutal, bullying tactics mike work at the Times but The Age is way out of your thuggish reach. Thicky could always get a job in Egypt.

  4. Still a moron after all his statements about being apolitical, upholding the constitution, supporting the elected government blah blah blah. On the surface there is a veneer of being straight but underneath it is a deceptive devious and deceiving person.

  5. The Honourable Khaiyum will take these unfair and biased journalists to task. He is working on an amendment to his Media Decree which expands validity of this progressive legislation into other jurisdictions such as Australia and New Zealand. The amendment will give Croz Walsh the exclusive right of fair and balanced reporting on Fiji outside the country. If you really wanted to know what the General said, check out Croz’ blog where a sophisticated justification for RFMF’s re-education efforts targeted at rebel rousers and democracy activists can be found. In addition I would also point out that all atrocities were committed by Mara. The true reason for him fleeing the country was to avoid prosecution for him torturing defenceless civilian woman.

  6. Thickoitoga does not understand that he along with the goons have already turned Fiji into a disaster the moment they overthrew the elected government. It just demonstrates the twisted brain of a thicko who can’t work out his thoughts and his mutterings which seem to both form and expatiate from his rear! The fact that we now have a “Rear Admiral” leading the nation is no surprise, given that all that is said and done by the illegal lot who have forced themselves on the country have all been thought and uttered from the rear. With thicko and the Rear admirers band of criminals at the helm, Fiji goes down ward and backward folks, not upward and forward!

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