University to investigate Fiji academics

Updated at 7:05 am today

The University of the South Pacific in Fiji has started an internal investigation into a statement released by two journalism academics about media freedom in Fiji.

Fiji Village reports the University will consider appropriate action against Matt Thompson and Pat Craddock, saying academics must comply with University rules and comment responsibly in their area of expertise.

The pair issued a press release at the weekend speaking out about alleged government harassment of the media and justification of torture by the military.

The chair of Fiji’s Media Development Authority, Ashwin Raj, this week hit out at the pair saying their comments were unsubstantiated and had the potential to do irreparable damage to Fiji.



25 June, 2014

Response to Media

Recent comments by our senior academic staff aired on Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat programme and appearing in the media have been brought to the attention of the University and concerns expressed about their accuracy and propriety.

The University again wishes to make it clear that the views expressed by Dr. Matt Thompson and Mr. Patrick Craddock are their own.

The University of the South Pacific upholds the principle of academic freedom and the right of its members to comment responsibly and within their area of expertise on current affairs.

As outlined in the University’s Code of Professional Conduct for Academic Staff, in doing so, staff must observe the laws of the State and comply with University statutes and rules.

Given the concerns expressed about the accuracy and propriety of the comments made by Dr. Thompson and Mr. Craddock, and to protect the academic freedom of all staff (and thereby ensure collective adherence to the University’s Code of Professional Conduct for Academic Staff), the University has initiated an internal investigation, and will consider appropriate action.


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  1. Wake up V C. you think you are the boss of a local university. Well what can be expected from a dictator and a head master anyway. You are so scared of the regime that you will preach something else and do another. You think you are still in uni Fiji or what. USP is a regional institute. Why are you allowing it to be controlled by Fiji. If you can read about academic freedom rather than sending your long bullshit inspiration emails and power points slides to all staff email. Stop pending to be a great leader. You are hopeless. And worst academic who has no idea what academic freedom means. Media freedom won’t get into your head so don’t even bother. Buy some diaper. Seems you are wetting your pants since you are so scared.

  2. As I said its another fustercluck in the making. Keep going morons. I’m sure the nation and the Pacific region just loves being entertained by Rajesh Chandra’s bi-weekly episodes of gross incompetence.

  3. Can USP investigate why Ashwin Raj is holding two jobs and Paid double salary?
    Can USP investigate why Ashwin Raj as MIDA chairperson is allowed to operate out of the VC’s office?
    Can USP investigate why USP is using regional taxpayers funds to subsidise MIDA operations by way of paying for Ashwin Raj’s time spent doing MIDA work?
    Can USP investigate murder-suicide of female USP student/husband and former journalism lecturer in love triangle?
    Can USP investigate who covered up this scandal and why?
    Can USP investigate how Jai Karan was appointed to marketing manager without post being advertised?
    Can USP investigate how Angela Jokhan was appointed Associate Professor even though appointments committee rejected her application for lack of publications?
    Can USP investigate how a drunken professor swore at fellow staff and a made a scene during an awards ceremony and no action whatsoever was taken?
    Can USP investigate how a lucrative position was especially created for deputy vice-chancellor Esther Williams who should have retired by now?
    Can USP investigate the conduct of its vice-chancellor Rajesh Chandra and and his deputy esther williams for their bullying, intimidating tactics?
    Can USP investigate all the questionable and dubious promotions and appointments engineered by its vice-chancellor, Rajesh Chandra, from behind the scenes.
    Can USP investigate all the policy breaches and breaches of the strategic plan by VC Rajesh Chandra?
    Can USP investigate the steady erosion of the rights of staff members and their benefits engineered by its VC Rajesh Chandra?
    Can USP investigate the decline in academic standards?
    Can USP investigate the steadily deteriorating infrastructure due to lack of planning?
    Can USP investigate the lack of resources for students?
    Can USP investigate the top heavy, costly, unwieldily bureaucracy set up its current VC to make his life easier at great cost to USP?
    Can USP investigate the legal bills incurred by USP due to poor decision-making by VC Rajesh Chandra and deputy esther williams?

  4. For as long as the current regime is in power the V C is safe. After all how else could people like Anjeela, Jay, Sudesh, Esther, Ashwin, Lingam and so many poor and pathetic people get a job. Do you think any of these will get job anywhere else! This V C will ruin this institute before even it’s 50th celebration. He needs to be fired now to save the institute. Wake up regional countries. Get rid of the good for nothing V C and that chair of council photographer who doesn’t even hold a degree. The cheek of you to still entertain such hooligans and their bullies.

  5. We would rather have our University leading the country in debating issues we struggle with daily especially when the issues come under the expertise of the University staff or students…they have every right to publish their points of view no matter whether they are pro or anti Govt.

    These two staff members are being threated and suppressed. What sort of University do we have. This is happening because we have a dictatorship and we do not have democracy,

    The same illegal lot want to extend their rule after next election, to continue supressing us and our human rights, They are choking our University not to perform their true roles in developing future citizens to develop and exercise their critical thinking and courage to speak out in support of what they think is right and not necessarily in support of those in power.

    All Uni students and staff, we the citizens want you to go top gear from the front in public debate, discussions of public issues that need to be addressed.


  6. Great post there Mataika.

    What the uni students should realize is that they are required to learn to think independently and not to succumb to the authoritarian notions of their masters. The scholarships held by these students are paid for from the taxpayers pockets and not from the personal pockets of these illegal government leaders or from the university faculty who kowtow to the whims of the dictators Bainimarama and Khaiyum.
    And if the students are punished because of their political affiliations, then they should not be quiet about it but let the public know. Truth, like a diamond, cannot be suppressed or hidden forever. It will, in time, come out openly in the end and find its place on the bejeweled crown of a monarch even if it was picked up from the gutter or garbage dump.

  7. Wots rong wiv you idyits. I fink indapendantlee and I nevva went to universary.

    Just rememba Mataika. Yoo can fink indepentlee as long as you fink wot I wont yoo to fink.

  8. take offence to anyone who says I have been sucking Khaiyums balls.

    Once again I have to correct the record.

    The fact is I slipped over in front of him and his pants fell off and his balls ended up in my mouth. It was an accident. It was not intentional.

    And anyone who says I am Khaiyum’s bitch and I bend over for him, once again I feel the need to clarify the facts.

    We were playing naked leap frog and the Attorney General slipped and accidentally penetrated me from behind. It was not planned. It was purely accidental.

    Those people who criticise me should not publish a distortion of the truth.

  9. While I can confirm that academic freedom and freedom of speech are upheld and cherished by the Honourable Khaiyum and his Rear Admiral some qualifications need to be understood by the general public and those high flying intellectuals at USP:

    1) Speech is free as long as its content praises Khaiyum and his friends from the RFMF

    2) Insightful analysis is provided by Croz Walsh and the Fiji Sun. Opinions expressed by others do incite disaffection with Khaiyum, his Rear Admiral and our entire family. They are criminal acts and will be punished either directly by the RFMF or through Khaiyum’s independent judiciary

    3) The Rear Admiral considers sophisticated language used by academics as offensive and patronising. Please use simple three word sentence that he can understand.

    4) The USP is a regional institution. However, due to its geographic location it falls under Khaiyum’s jurisdiction and control.

  10. Shit comments from you antis.

    The two from USP should have checked their facts prior to opening their BIG mouth. They have a duty of diligence BUT they failed the people of this nation and those who heard their statements.

    What right do they have to come here in Fiji and speak on our political matters without first obtaining facts?

    Their work permits are for teaching only and they have no right to comment on our political matters. And if they had wanted to because it was linked to their field of expertise then they should have done some good background checking first BUT they didn’t.

    It is a rule all over the world that professionals must do their duty of due diligence and not being reckless like these two idiots.

    Here’s a message for you two: Refrain from speaking on matters you have not researched well on. Before opening your BIG mouth like Ratu She Shithead and spilling your venom do take time to think issues over like mature professionals! Fiji is a developing island nation and in developing island nations issues are discussed differently. Fiji’s history is very different from other countries and comparing our Fiji experience to others is like comparing oranges to mangoes!

    You two idiots from USP owe Fiji an apology!!!

  11. Nabua Prince
    Thanks – spoken like a true idiot and masipolo
    Vinaka Pat etc for saying what 99% of fiji population agree with…..
    You Nabua kabawaqa must have just woken up at kings wharf after a hard night at the fishing boats

  12. We just wish people brought here to teach would stick to teaching instead of involve in politics. There is too much instability in USP journalism. Only the students who pay fees suffer. During Marc Edge time when we have problems, journalism staff Nash Sorariba told students that Professor Sudesh Mishra threatened he will close down journalism programme and sack everybody. He said VC Rajesh Chandra will support his decision. We hope program is not close down as so many problems.

  13. @ USP Journalism Student

    Firstly, I do not believe you are a journalism student. Secondly, if you actually are, you are in the wrong profession anyway. You can’t handle the truth. Maybe you could get a job with Fox.

  14. @ Nabua Prince

    Could you please come to our village and give a speech. It would be greatly appreciated. Our crops need fertilizing.

  15. Contribution by Nabua Prince above has been decoded to read as follows:

    “True comments from you antis. The two from USP have absolutely checked us out in animal farm before they opened their wise mouths. They have observed due diligence in their duty and have said what we do not like to hear in animal farm. They have no right under our law of the jungle to come and speak on our animal farm matters, and we do not like the facts they have spoken of and the truth of their revelation. Their work permits are for teaching only and we now realise we’ve made a mistake by allowing them in because they are academic professionals teaching journalism and would know their legal rights. Our animal farm rules will not be enough to restrain them and this will cause us real problem. It is the rule in our animal farm that inhabitants should be reckless, and not observe due diligence like these two professionals.”

    Nabua Princess’ last message regarding the Bainikaiyum animal farm to the two USP academics is further decoded as follows: “Refrain from speaking on matters you have researched and know too well about. Before opening your wise mouth like Ratu Sai to share your factual insights with us, take time to think like us idiots in animal farm who do not know whether we are coming or going and who only respond to the command ordered on us by the master, bainikaiyum! Fiji is a fast developing animal farm and in fast developing island animal farms, issues are discussed differently. There is no freedom of expression and only the dictator’s order is followed. Fiji’s history is very different from other countries because it has undergone four coups in a period of two decades. With coups there is also different set of rules for the coup mongrels and another for the coup subjects and hostages. Comparing Fiji’s experience with others is like comparing the animal farm to civilized democratic states.”

  16. There goes the antis with their stupid remarks.

    You guys are full of shit!!!

    Reporters and academics all have a duty of diligence.

    If this duty was not done then it is only proper that stupid comments are refuted.

    These two idiots from USP should apologize.

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