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“The constitution will have to be amended by the new Parliament,” Chaudhry said.

Fiji constitution will be amended, says FLP, SODELPA


Tue 24 Jun 2014


SUVA, Fiji—–Fiji’s Labour Party and the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) are adamant about plans to amend the constitution in Parliament if elected into government.

This despite statements made by Fiji Military head Brigadier-General Mosese Tikoitoga in overseas media saying that while the military will accept the outcome of the election, it will not allow any elected government to amend the constitution.

However, FLP and SODELPA, which confirmed plans to form a coalition after the September 17 election maintain the 2013 Constitution does not reflect the will of the people.

“The constitution will have to be amended by the new Parliament,” Chaudhry said.

He said not amending the document would mean allowing all the current decrees that restrict people’s rights to continue to be in force. He further called on the military to respect the will of the people.

“FLP calls on the army to show support for a constitution for Fiji which is genuinely democratic, will ensure transparency and good governance and provide political stability.”.


7 thoughts on ““The constitution will have to be amended by the new Parliament,” Chaudhry said.

  1. What has bainimarama and the new commissioner of police to say on military commanders statement?

  2. Tikotoga has to read the Khaiyum con stitution first,understand properly and then make a comment only if necessary because the security forces are subservient to the elected government not to dictate them.

  3. The entire constitution is illegal and so are the decrees. Fullstop.
    The regime is illegal and the 1997 is valid as per the court judgment. Full stop.
    The current constitution has been pushed on the people by Khayium.
    These thugs have committed treason and this time they must face the court. Fullstop.
    All their assets must be frozen. Fullstop.
    Their is no immunity for coup makers otherwise the coup culture will never stop.

  4. The illegal regime has tried to shut two former democratically elected Prime Ministers – Laisenia Qarase and Mahen Chaudhry.This was plotted by Khayium to keep him in power.Khayium is the most wanted criminal for treason.Khayium is using Bai against his own people.
    Keep the fight Mr Chaudhry as no one has balls to fight Khayium. i taukei should have balls to fight the regime like Chaudhry.

  5. Chaudry has no balls. He accepted a position in Frank’s government. He goes where the money goes.

    Annon above: Please stop trying to tell us that Chor is some kind of hero. He is a power hungry lunatic.

    Waqavonovono and Beddoes have balls. They are standing up. Chor is finished. His ass kissing supporters know he is finished. Leave it alone. He has no place in Fiji’s future. He can run away and enjoy his stolen money.

  6. So MC now wants to amend the Constitution? But he said he wanted to change the Constitution entirely and bring back the 1997 one! Where will he get the required 75% numbers from? Majority support FF!!

  7. You don’t amend something which is illegal, you remove it completely. Period.

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