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No Constitution is written in Stone

Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2014 11:57:50 +1200

‘No Constitution is written in Stone, Constitutions are living
documents and within their pages are legal procedures that can be
exhausted to amend laws. It is a tragedy that Fiji’s Military Forces
Commander Brigadier-General Mosese Tikoitoga cant grasp this fact’,
say’s a youth activist in Fiji, Pita Waqavonovono. “Your Constitution
can be Changed, IF the people of FIJI vote in a Government that seeks
to Change the 2013 Constitution, you need to respect the will of the

Waqavonovono is also in support of the mandate of SODELPA to submit
the 2013 Fiji Constitution for a Judicial Review and through a
Parliament, remove all oppressive decrees that impede on our human
rights and participation through Democratic processes.

‘In the communities I’ve visited, people are asking for the 2013
Constitution to be changed. They were not part of the process and
within the document are mechanisms that entrench the rule of the Gun
or the Coup Culture, I am convinced that WE the PEOPLE, will vote out
the Coup Culutre and people like TIKOITONGA will face Justice for the
torture and abuse of Fiji Citizens since the 2000 Coup’.

Pita Waqavonovono was responding to an article that appeared in THE
AGE NEWSPAPER, Brigadier-General Mosese Tikoitoga’s first oversea’s
media interview since taking over the post of Commander of the Fiji
Military Forces. In the same Article, Tikoitonga admits that they had
detained and tortured Parliamentarians and Pro-Democracy supporters
after the 2006 Coup, he cites this as a way of ‘removing their voice’.

‘Sakiusa Rabaka’s voice and voices of the people who have died as a
result of this Coup, and the voice of many young people who were
beaten and tortured at various military installations will not be
silenced. The voice of Fiji Islanders who have fled Fiji for their
security, their voice will never be silenced. At this important period
of our re-democratisation process,
Tikoitonga’s reminder to Bainimarama’s opposition of the Torture and
Abuses is a deliberate attempt to strike fear in the hearts of Fiji
Citizens. For a Institution that survives on UN Peace Keeping Duties
in War-Torn Nations, their actions in FIJI and treatment of Citizens
is a clear detachment from every value the RFMF was build on’ says
Waqavonovono. “Im not afraid to say this, the Fiji Military has lost
it’s way! They don’t have bad soldiers, they have bad LEADER’s. I am
sure many soldiers don’t agree with torturing fellow Fiji Islanders”.

“Since 2000, we the people, have asked for the explanations of the
murder’s of CRW Soldiers, especially those that had no part to play in
the 2000 Mutiny. Former Fiji Police Commissioner Peter Hughes had
opened a investigation on Fraud and Murder on Frank Bainimarama and
he’s close allies. A arrest warrant was issued for Bainimarama. This
was the reason for the Coup in 2006, hidden under the guise of ending
corruption and so-called racist policies”

Waqavonovono is calling on the United Nations and Foreign Embassy’s in
FIJI to look at Tikoitonga’s comments in it’s entirety and “look into
protecting Fiji’s Freedom Fighters, since the Government of Fiji is
bent on threatening and abusing Fiji Islanders”.

Also in news in Australia Media this week, a Womens Rights Activist,
Virisila Buadromo, relayed information on ABC News of how she has been
treated since 2006 for refusing to support the Bainimarama Coup.

‘A vote for Bainimarama is a vote for the Coup Culture. Is a vote to
keep our Silence. Bainimarama seeks to hide the truth of all corrupt
actions he has done to fully Militarise the State. Their Free
Education and increased Rural Development, rests on the backs of
nepotism, arbitrary detentions, Extortion, Blackmail, and
Embezzlement. During the Campaigning period, Frank Bainimarama and the
old guard at the Fiji Military Forces should be ready for the TRUTH to
be delivered throughout Fiji. We as a nation, will vote them all out’
ends Waqavonovono.


NOTE: Comments above are not attributed to SODELPA.


9 thoughts on “No Constitution is written in Stone

  1. Its not the military commander who decides what is legal or illegal. If the required process is followed so be it. The problem with these military idiots is that they believe they are the only ones who can change it even though its through illegal means.

  2. Now we are getting somewhere. Well done to Beddoes and Waqavonovono. Finally we have leaders emerging. We will support you. It takes bravery to publicly state your position.

  3. You don’t understand where the Commander is coming from,you better start reading section 131 para 2 of 2013 Constitution and only than you stop talking foolish

  4. What this Waqavonovoco does is inciting disaffection with Khaiyum and his Rear Admiral. He must be dealt with sternly and quickly. How can Khaiyum’s Fiji First win all seats in parliament if such insightful statements are being made in public? How can we assure that our rule and our money making continues for the next 10 years? It is disgraceful how these rebel rousers try to discredit a government that has done so much for our family. We have been lifted out of poverty well and good, we have fat bank overseas bank accounts, we have beautiful houses and we want more. Those who can’t see this are pathetic jealous losers who would be much better off supporting Khaiyum’s Fiji First.

  5. Waqavonovono – I think you should join forces with Roshika Deo especially if you’re not going to be on SODELPA’s election slate. 44 candidates announced so far yet no Waqavonovono nor any other youth candidate.

  6. Keep it up freedom fighters and democracy advocates. Do not be afraid of them. There is nothing the regime conceals that will not be disclosed, nothing that they hide that will not be made known. What you see of their actions in the dark, speak out in the daylight; what is whispered to you about their schemes and evil tactics, proclaim from the roof tops. It is all about shining light on the corrupt and wicked of the regime. They need to be exposed for what they are and exposing them is really what standing up for righteousness and justice is all about. Keep it up folks!

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