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Ministry apologizes for refusing accreditation


13:05 TodayTaken from/By: FacebookReport by: Elenoa Turagaiviu


The Permanent Secretary of Information Sharon Smith-Johns has issued an apology to veteran journalist Samisoni Pareti for refusing his accreditation to cover the Pacific Islands Development Forum in Nadi last week. In a statement this morning, Smith-Johns says their decision to refuse Pareti’s accreditation was based on incorrect information due to miscommunication between the Ministry and the Media Industry Development Authority. Smith-Johns says she has launched a full investigation into the matter to make sure that an incident like this is not repeated in the future. According to the Ministry of Information Pareti’s accreditation was refused as he is not a registered journalist with MIDA. Last night, Pareti stated that he is at loss as to what kind of registration the Ministry wants as MIDA had been informed in an official letter on the 16th of June, from Islands Business magazine that he is now the Editor in Chief. Pareti stated that if Smith-Johns had checked with MIDA, she would have been informed of his status. Meanwhile, this afternoon, following the apology issued by Smith-Johns, Pareti told FBC News, the PIDF has come and gone, but he will accept the apology.

– See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/20855/ministry-apologizes-for-refusing-accreditation#sthash.V6QJP5fK.dpuf


2 thoughts on “Ministry apologizes for refusing accreditation

  1. Nice move Qorvis but oh so obviously disguised! So Shazza apologises as if to clear the air and show token remorse yet the MisInformation that they’ve propagated only because they were caught out for not checking in with MIDA. And conveniently MIDA gets thrown under the bus — did you incompetent fools not learn anything from the USP scholarship saga from a mere 2 weeks ago?

    Then to compensate for his gross inadequacy, Ashwin Raj is let loose to nip at the heels of journalism lecturers who question the rules of the game in relation to uncensored media.

    It is grossly juvenile and viciously inept for the illegal & treasonous regime to think that voters cannot see through this malarkey.

    The Baiyums don’t have to worry about political parties stealing their votes because their own inner clique are doing a perfect job of giving them away. For once they are serving the taxpayers as they ought to.

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