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Government Lawyers force Mosese Tikoitoga to modify previous statement to avoid coup members being open to prosecution in the international arena.

Fiji Military Commander clears the air


Tue 24 Jun 2014


SUVA, Fiji —- Fiji’s Military Commander Brigadier-General Mosese Tikoitoga says he did not admit that citizens had been beaten and tortured by the military, saying instead that his exact words were that he would not deny the assaults took place.

Brig-Gen Tikoitoga was reacting to a story by Australian newspaper the Sydney Morning Herald on Friday that quoted him as having “admitted that citizens had been beaten and tortured by the military regime”.

“I wouldn’t deny that these things happened,” he said to the Sydney Morning Herald.

“But a lot of these people were actually trying to instigate violence by creating anti-government movements or militant groups.

“They were talking on the radio and so on … if you let them continue to have a voice, you create a potentially dangerous environment.

“So it was the lesser of two devils.”

The USP journalism department had also made a statement questioning Tikoitoga’s comments.

But when approached on the issue yesterday, Brig-Gen Tikoitoga said the comments were taken out of context.

“I did not admit to anything, let’s get that clear, what I told the journalist at the time was that I would not deny that some people were taken to task,” he said.

“I said I would not deny it because there were so many reports done and there were so many investigations carried out on that issue.

“One thing that I question is the timing of the reports in the Herald and The Age and how it has been taken totally out of context and how political parties are trying to make comments including the USP people.

“I stand by my statement to the public of Fiji that the Republic of the Fiji Military Forces is apolitical as we are here to do our job and that is what we will stand by.

He said military involvement or a push from other political parties or commentators to include the military in political discussions would not help the RFMF achieve their apolitical aspirations.

“What I question now is the timing of that paragraph to be put out as we near the elections, it’s very mischievous to a point that it has now questioned the integrity of the RFMF in a period where we have quite clearly told the public of Fiji that we want no part in political discussions.

“We do not support any political party and we are ready to accept any government that comes after election and we will respect the Constitution,” he said.

“I am sincerely asking political parties and commentators not to take those comments out of contexts.’

He said his full interview to the media organisations were not published.

In their statement questioning the beatings, USP journalism lecturer Dr Mathew Thompson said the new military chief’s endorsement of torture to silence critics was disgusting.


4 thoughts on “Government Lawyers force Mosese Tikoitoga to modify previous statement to avoid coup members being open to prosecution in the international arena.

  1. It is a serious mistake to take anything that comes out of the mouth of a Fijian military thug as true or honest. Tikitoggi is in so far consistent with what we have previously heard from the Rear Admiral.

  2. The moron thinks he can jump in and out if Fiji politics the way he chooses. It is characteristic of half-schooled gun trotting Fijian thugs who believe their training warrants them leadership in Fiji’s political life and who somehow believe they have all the answers to Fiji’s mess. Its the problem Fiji has been plagued with since the day of Rabuka! Ironically it has reduced the country to the model of governance we see today…..a malignant type of rule that is founded on the self-imposed right of thugs to (1) unlawfully overthrow democratically elected governments at their whim, (2) create their own constitution and impose it on the nation against citizen’s wishes, (3) give themselves amnesty from crimes they have committed, particularly treason, (4) abuse national wealth and resources for their own personal and family gain, and like we are seeing presently (5) run an election to ensure their unlawful rule remains. What ever remains of Fiji after the thugs are dished with the justice they deserve is hard to imagine at this stage because their work to destroy the country is still very much ongoing at this phase whilst we blog! Until Frank and goons including the shadowy figures that man the courts/police/civil service and other institutions, are made to exit for prison we will not really know the full damage they have done. There will be a hell of a clean up after all this Banana regime is over! Mind you the state of public accounts, let alone the financial abuse that occur without check on daily basis is too depressing to even mention at this juncture………..

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