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‘Free, fair and credible’ elections is not possible so long as these threats continue.

BEDDOES Millis M Beddoes MP, JP

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June 22nd 2014

Former Opposition Leader and SODELPA nominee Mick Beddoes today that the statement attributed to the unelected and unrepresentative Military Commander admitting to abuses in 2006 and threatening to overrule the yet to be elected democratic government of Fiji is the clearest reminder yet to the International community who eagerly ‘embraced’ the Dictator Bainimarama and ignored the ignored the well being of the people, that ‘free, fair and credible’ elections is not possible so long as these threats continue.

Former Opposition Leader and SODELPA nominee Mick Beddoes said today that the statement attributed to the unelected and unrepresentative Military Commander admitting to abuses in 2006 and threatening to overrule the yet to be elected democratic government of Fiji is the clearest reminder yet to the International community who eagerly ‘embraced’ the Dictator Bainimarama and ignored the well being of the people, that ‘free, fair and credible’ elections is not possible so long as these threats continue.

Beddoes said claims by the Commander that there were people trying to instigate violence and that there were militant groups is a figment of his imagination. The only instability in Fiji back in 2006 was the military and any act of militancy was by the military itself. Their target was of course innocent civilians courageous enough to demonstrate for democracy.

Beddoes said the people must stop being intimidated by these ‘bullying’ tactics and everyone must ‘cast aside’ the fear that has been systematically imposed on them over the past 8 years and dig deep and bring out the courage and determination that lay within each one of us and together the people can send a strong message to the oppressors of our freedom, our rights and our future that we are taking back control of our own destiny.

Beddoes said ‘intimidation and threats’ are the weapons of the fearful, not the strong. Ironically, the people who have committed the crimes against humanity and control the weapons and government seem to be the ones who feel most ‘threatened’ by our messages of hope and unity.

Beddoes said, our weapon of choice as a people must always be the ‘truth’, we don’t need arms, we have wisdom, we don’t need their threats, we need them to debate us and challenge our viewpoint intelligently, we don’t need some unelected, unrepresentative individual to tell us what to do, it will be up to the people in 2 months time to give their mandate to the 50 citizens they consider best placed to do that for them.

Mick Beddoes


24 thoughts on “‘Free, fair and credible’ elections is not possible so long as these threats continue.

  1. The fact remains that if you can understand English and do not try to ‘twist’ what was said there was no admittance or denial to abuses.

    More seriously was the statement that the army will not allow a change to the constitution.

  2. Vinaka Mick. The illegal regime has tried to shut two former democratically elected Prime Ministers – Laisenia Qarase and Mahen Chaudhry.This was plotted by Khayium to keep him in power.Khayium is the most wanted criminal for treason.Khayium is using Bai against his own people.
    Keep the fight Mr Chaudhry and Mr Mick to fight Khayium.

  3. It is common knowledge that their is no freedom of speech as people are intimidated by illegal government, police and military. .Ashwin Raj should investigate the lies spread by the regime on the state of the economy by regime’s mouth piece newspaper Fiji Sun. Raj is a puppet of Khayium and does what the master says. Such Indians have lost their moral values.
    This is an illegal regime who have put themselves into power. The illegal 2013 constitution has been pushed on the people.
    Atleast the people should be proud of these two academics to speak on behalf of the people of Fiji.
    Our academics the likes of Rajesh Chandra, Ganesh Chand should learn from these academics moral values if they have any and speak the truth.
    The people have NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH.
    We are staying under dictatorship like any other political torn Muslim country like Egypt, Syria,Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc.
    Thank you Patrick Craddock and Dr. Mathew Thompson for highlighting the plight of the Fijian people. Vinaka Mick and Mahen Chaudhry.

  4. Well done Mick. Well done Mr Waqavonovono.

    Qarase had to go. He has dirt on his hands for failing to deal with the Fiji Holdings corruption

    As for Mahen Chor, he jumped into bed with Khaiyum at the first opportunity. He is forever tainted. It is becoming more obvious that he supported the coup in exchange for a Ministerial portfolio. Don’t worry Mahen. You may be spending plenty of time with Khaiyum in the not too distant future.

    Well done for those standing up to be counted. We will remember your bravery in September. BRING IT ON.

  5. How convenient. Just as political parties get publicity over the naming of their candidates and their policies, the head of the RFMF is trotted out to remind everyone the army is ready to beat and torture citizens if they challenge the regime.
    RFMF commander, Mosese Tikoitgoa, has told the Sydney Morning Herald the army will respect the result of the September 17 election but will not tolerate an elected government rewriting the regime’s 2013 Constitution.

  6. @anonymous above – that is the irony of this self-styled election! You have it organised under a constitution that provides immunity for criminals who overthrow elected governments, gives goons the right to overthrow any government that is elected against their wishes and under an election decree that defies all logic for free, fair and open election! In all truth, the election is nothing more than a stage-managed process of the regime to forcefully earn its legitimacy. Even if it doesn’t work out for them, they will re-run the whole scheme which may possibly mean staging another coup with all the fictitious reasons of national security and order which is well known to be for themselves and not the nation. Fiji has been reduced to a pariah state in all its true sense because the whole country’s progress rests on the immunity of the few criminals that currently run the nation. Tikoitoga, Frank’s appointed commander is merely voicing the order that he along with Frank and shadowy figures that lend them legal, financial and human protection every day have forced on Fiji! It simply reflects the style of terrorists whereby ordinary people are held hostage and seen to be subjected to their demands! Now isn’t that what we are seeing here? Isn’t this what Fiji has been under since Bainmarama and thugs took over?

  7. Tamai Miller…. Wrong. A vote for FFP is a vote for Dictatorship. Its scary to say the least.

  8. You are on the bull’s eye there Mr Beddoes. Right thinking citizens support you whole heartedly. We should all use our courage to voice our wants, our needs and one of them is to reject these unelected thugs from power.

    We should not cower down to Bainimarama’s bully and intimidation…we have had enough.

    We want to stop EyeArse and his muslim brotherhood invasion of our country using Bhai as their Trojan horse.

    Keep on strongly voicing the truth about what our country needs. God Bless you


  9. Mick 2013 constitution is illegal and needs to be replaced. This is Kahyium’s constitution and typically thrust on the people like they do in Muslim countries. MIDA is a regime mouthpiece.MIDA has failed to take any action on the regime mouthpiece Fiji Sun.The country has no freedom of speech. MIDA should investigate Fiji Sun and FBC.
    Why only these two singing the song of the illegal regime.
    FBC belongs to the Khaayium family.
    Fiji Sun is a typical Guji company making money from the regime from advertisement. Recently $260,000 of taxpayers money was paid to Fiji Sun for publishing names for FF.
    A vote to Bainimarma will see the worst in the history of the country.

  10. Mum’s letter to his Son

    Khaiyum why you in that room get out and organize your team for election..!!!.

    You must be smiling knowing that Bai is finished from the Military and come September he will be a simple civilian.

    Your networking has made those around you and relatives 1000% richer.

    The way you dumped Bai indicate that its millions and millions in your pocket right now and those around you.

    How you did that?

    You gave itaukei a lesson that they hardly swallow that is your disrespectful behaviuor towards who they are!!

    What you did will go down in their history book and the replica will be far worse than you imagine.

    Now since you mention a Ratu[7:47pm 24/6] came over to you for assistance or whatever, now read and swallow this :there was also a Ratu who once said that “Na kai Idia vinaka ga na kai India sa mate”

    Their Ratus word came alive the day you abolished their chiefly council.

    Today now you reading this 99 n 4.5% itaukei will vote SODELPA for them to restored their heritage,their roots,their history,their culture,their identity and tradition.

    Son its a disaster..!!

    Your Mummy.

  11. Sayed-Khaiyum as ‘ruthless, authoritarian, and vindictive’ who actually runs the country day-to-day while Mr Bainimarama ‘swans around the islands and hobnobs with new allies.’

  12. It will be hard to beat Fiji First no matter what.. and Beddoes need to read section 131 para 2 of the Constitution to understand what the Military stands for

  13. Mick, pls pay off your NBF debt which is outstanding for more than 15 years.

    While I agree with your comments, coming from you makes me wonder if there is one rule for others and one for you as you sound hypocrite.

  14. Mick does not owe anyone. It is the illegal P.M. and illegal A.G. who are earning over $1.3 million who are the real thieves.
    Where is the auditor general report since 2006 then only all the CORRUPTION of the illegal government will be revealed.

  15. i taukei and Hindus will not vote for FF.
    I taukei are voting for SODELPA.
    Hindus are voting for NFP and FLP.
    Muslims voting for FF.

  16. We should be thankful to the Military Commander for his clear words. They are being widely discussed around the water coolers in Suva’s foreign representations and aid agencies. They resonate across government offices in Canberra and Wellington and help to convince the gullible optimists what the regime in Fiji stands for: A human rights abusing kleptocracy that threatens all those with torture and abuse who dare to voice opposing views. The EU for instance has updated its assessment with regards to the election outcome being compatible with the Cotonou agreement and the results have not been promising. The legendary corruption of Khaiyum and his family echoes around the ADB offices and even the gullible and naive UNDP office seems to believe that not all is right in Fiji.

    Now none of these external players will trigger real change in Fiji, we should never assume that they hold enough stakes in Fiji returning to democracy. It will be the people of Fiji’s role to say no to military thugs trampling over them. And the time to say no is now when everyone watches.

  17. Congratulations Mick! I am truly impressed by your brave and sharp analysis. We need more statements like this to make absolutely clear what we are dealing with in Fiji!

  18. Fiji’s long term peace & stability is dependent on our ability as an oppressed people to abolish the country’s military forces. It’s not going pto come from outside but from within. The conditions are ripe though – never before have we witnessed this greater convergence of traditionally opposing factions of ethnonationalists and social democrats in their now shared experience of being victims of military power grabs. Remove Bainimarama & Tikoitoga today and amongst our uniformed tormentors will rise a new dictator tomorrow. Cut off its limbs now by demobilising the army and in 10 years time we can finally win back our freedom, our sanity and our common humanity. As Beddoes said in one of his radio interviews recently “irrespective of who wins the September elections, if we haven’t got the basics right then we’ll have coup #5 followed by #6, then coup #7 followed by #8. And as the song says “we are living on borrowed time” before we completely & utterly destroy our country to the point of no return. Mobilise, organise, protest & live!

  19. Yes the MILITARY MUST BE ABOLISHED to remove from our country the source of coups. Like the doctor cutting off the cancerous cells to heal cancer from the sick patient. We have to request the USA, British and NZ militaries to help us abolish the Fiji Military. A US modern Warship berthed at Suva Bay will supply all the bombs, planes, drones and guns to mince meat any local opposition from the corrupt Fiji Military.

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